Cursed love

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The fantasy story of a girl landing in a different world and how she comes out from there.

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Episode 2

She kept staring at him as they both walked in the forest. She was just thinking who is he why did he saved me where am I going and suddenly she decided to ask him about everything and when she was about to just then there was a sound .....both of them stopped and she realised it was from her empty stomach, she was completely embarrassed. The boy then told that there's a river nearby on thebank of which there are fruit trees you can have some. Lily just nodded her head and follwed him quietly. Shortly they reached the river bank the boy plucked her some fruit and asked her to sit under ghe tree eat and if she wants she can rest here we can halt here for sometime. And then he turned away , lily just sat under the tree ate the fruits and fall asleep. But after a while she realised as if something is climbing on her and she opened her eyes. She screamed and was shocked to see a little blue greyish creature with big nose and eyes staring at her while standing on her lap. The creature then introduced himself as ebby and that he is completely harmless and was just keeping an eye upon him. He also told her that he is the friend of hooded beast. Lily was surprised and confused also. She ask him that who is hooded beast ? To this ebby replied "Oh god you don't know him Ah!! It's not your fault lady I know him he haven't introduced himself to you....the guy with whom you are roaming is hooded beast". Listening this Lily was in terror she was thinking that means he will kill me and eat me as he is a beast,now how can I escape from here. Ebby noticed the fear in her eyes and told that don't worry little girl if he has brought you here that means he is trying to help you and will not harm you....u can trust him. Lily asked " Can u tell me ebby where am I now...and what's this place is?" Ebby replied that little lady u are in the middle world a place where people are neither dead nor living, a place where the cursed one lives ruled by the monster king. Lily was going to ask him something more only when the beast called ebby and asked him that they have to live now they don't have time to talk. Ebby asked Lily that they have to live the place now as beast is calling and that if she wants to return to her own world then she have to follow and obey whatever beast says. They both walked away on there way ebby was sitting on lily shoulder and singing song. Lily then asked we have been walking for so long now can anyone tell me where am I taken to? Ebby told her that we walking towards the sacred Omio River then they will push her into it and she will return to her world but the thing is I don't think we can reach there today as it's getting darker and looking you I don't think you will be able to walk further. Listening there conversation beast said there's is free space few steps ahead we can halt there and can leave next morning. "Do she have any problem?",the beast asked . Lily replied that it's completely fine.

The beast than moved his scith and recited a few words and there was tent infront of lily. He asked him to stay inside. When lily asked where will he stay. Beast told it's none of her business and he doesn't need any tent to stay. And even warned her don't come outside of your ⛺ without my permission.
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