How She Should Make Love - The Witches Of Demeter

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Queen Of The Night, Blue Nilgiri, Hedione Overdose.

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“I’m gonna go have a shower and come right back. Don’t go anywhere.” ‘*’ yelled at them, once again over her shoulder as was very apparently, her standard mode of moving around and communicating with people.

Adriaan nodded a quick ‘bye’ to them and a ‘thumb’s up’ to the kung fu man as he took off after ‘*.’

When the girl had taken off, kung fu man touched Liz’s arm. “About that parcel I have for you. It’s something from your friend, Sara. She wanted you to have it, and whatsername to have it. When she comes back I’ll get it out and give it you all with the proper instructions.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“I’m not staying long, by the way.” He said to her. “I’ll be going back to my own place where I live, which is across the river on the other side.”

“Would you like to use the shower here?” Liz asked.

“Nah I think I’ll survive. I’m not planning to change back really anyway right now. I’ll just take off in these threads. My car is outside.”

“Oh. Okay. Then I will go and have a shower and put something half decent on before that miss loud-noisy returns.”

He nodded.

After a good long time, ‘*’ returned, wearing a mid-length white linen skirt with a taupe-coloured blouse. Around just about the same good long time too, Liz McNeil also came back out to the living room in an oversized drawstring style maxi-length dress with ruched-gathered neckline top and balloon gathered long sleeve cuffs – the whole thing in a ‘warm tone jewel’ lapis colour.

They both had a little bit of lipstick and eye-liner and mascara on.

“Well -? You have something for me. I know you do.” The young girl said.

“For us,” Liz corrected.

“Yes.” He said. “I do have something for the both of you. This is just for playing around. Which is what you have been doing so far. ...Now when they get all serious up there – you both know where I’m talking about – things get a bit different to what you know about so far.”

He addressed himself directly to Elizabeth at that juncture. “I have one particular instruction from your friend to give to you for right now before anything else. Whatever you do try not to order the Xan to kill anyone. Because he can and he will do if you instruct him to. But there is a process where that sort of thing happens and it is what you will find out about in due course. As I said, when they all get into their serious phases up there. It does happen. It happens.

“However first things first. This is not that sort of moment for either of you. Not right now.

“This is a time for fun and enjoyment.”

“Yeah. That’s what I want. ...Also - I know who you are. And what I want, is a solution to my own problem for right now.”

“You’ll have it.”

He placed a hand down onto a small plain white card-paper cover box that lay at his feet next to the chair that he was sitting in.

“And here it is, what I promised you both.”

He proceeded to remove the white card-paper sleeve off what appeared to be a dark reddish-brown lacquered box with gold clasps. He opened the clasps and the box top hissed upwards, on small pistons. Inside, were two crystal glass phials seated in impressed channels in billowed black silk beds.

“Now these are secrets beyond secrets.”

He hesitated.

“If you go outside of here. Go step out of here with nothing at all... No name, no money, no friends, no power, no... ...nothing. Go outside of here like that - and there is just sunshine and blue sky. Is this all we get for living here? You may well ask yourself.

“The system structure, the political process, the economics, is all already laid out and you are inside of it. Ordinarily you are just a tiny part of a huge complicated thing and you really have no power. What’s more, no one is going to give you any power unless you exchange something for whatever little trinkets they have on offer. For your blood and for your soul.

“What attracts money and those who believe they are expert in it – is the power to exhilarate. And both of you have it and not many other people do, even though they think they may do or might do, let’s say, if they work hard enough at it, they think. Politicians haven’t got it. Hollywood producers and writers seldom have it. Agents never have it themselves but they want it and some of them know what it is, so they try to deal in it. So all of them cheat.

“Angels are beings – real beings – with a bubble of power around them, and the dynamic force they generate is in the form of a gyre. Exhilaration never comes downwards from above. Awe descends from above and fills you. Exhilaration bears you up, on wings. Both are made dynamic as vortexes. And all vortexes have a thing called chirality – which just means they are left-handed or right handed. In time you will know these things in great depth and you will attain a complete detailed technical understanding and you will have a full comprehension about them.”

He was giving a lecture and wagging his finger at them theatrically as he spoke. So they decided to shut up and just listen. Also, the endorphins from the earlier episode outside was helping to make them be like that too.

“The bubble of power and energy around an angelic being is huge. It is very vast. But it may be concentrated too as of something being forced into a spiral or vortex. There is basic electromagnetic force involved – at a level. So once you gyre upwards, as in, have some powerful force literally moving into you from beneath, it will push you upwards, and it will cause a massive wave of magnetic attraction to propagate at right angles to the direction of the centri-linear, that is the spiral upwards direction of the base force. Depending on the rate of the upwards force, there is angular momentum applying to the attraction. Those far from you are attracted marginally towards you, and those close to you are pulled powerfully into you.

“External malicious agents can do deliberate things to upset what is going on, and those natural relationships of force and matter around you. If you are completely ignorant of the whole thing. But not if you are fully knowledgeable about it.

“Which means that, even if you know exactly how to introduce powerfully exhilarating fields into your being, and into everything that you do, you still have to be self-protective and on your guard against outside malice. And there is malice and there will be malice – until other forces greater than those malicious ones step in and take a hand.

“Which is what we are doing for you now. And there will be killing and there will be slaughter. But you are not to do it. And you are not to encourage any of the Xans to do it – because despite what they say and what they mostly all claim, they love doing it. They are the single most bloodthirsty creatures in the whole entire Universe and they go up in grades to these extreme beings right at the top. They are the people inside those white flying ‘Tic Tacs’ the US Navy has had some play-alongs with recently. One of them, just one of them on its own – can take out the whole of the United States in an afternoon. It will zip across and zig-zag at such impossible speeds, with such amazing actually planned grid patterns, and have so much power augmenting through its equipment, that it will actually generate heat in the air above cities and suburbs and the countryside, in fact over the whole place - while it wipes out divisions, armaments, nuclear facilities and weapons and every sort of strategic system there is.

“Which is all nothing really that either of you need know about too much or be concerned about.

“These things here,” he tapped the phials. “Are what you need to know about. These haven’t been made yet in your natural time. They are from the future, but from here. From this planet.”

He took one of the phials out. And removed its solid golden cap.

“What is it?” Liz asked him.

“This is called ‘Cyrus Takes Croesus.’”

He handed it across to Elizabeth McNeil’s waiting open hands.

“So let me explain what you are holding there...

“You -.” He was speaking to ‘*’ now. “Why does you girlfriend love you? It’s a natural attraction, right? And it’s working for right now. But you can’t force her. You cannot make her feel anything simply on command - on your command at will.”

“Maybe she doesn’t want to.” Liz proposed to him.

“I mean for instance, if she gets angry with you, let’s say. If you do something that irritates her, or makes her angry with you. Or even let’s say, not her, but someone who doesn’t even know you but that you decide for whatever reason... ...that you desire them. You can’t really make them suddenly reciprocate without even saying too much to them.”

“I can though. I just twirl my hair with my finger, and then look at them smoulderingly, up and down, and just say, ‘Hi, I’m ‘*.’ What’s your name?’”

“No. That actually never happens. Because as you know, there are ‘no sweat pants’ where that all takes place. And besides, you have a personal stylist who has worked on you for hours, and special cosmetics and make-up, and a full script, and lighting. And then, even then, you have paid script writers who specialise in comedy to write funny lines for the fall-guys around you -, like: ‘Hey babe, where’s the Totinos?’”

“Well yeah. That is true.”

“And then, even then, after you have carefully seduced someone – or they have seduced you - neither you nor they are guaranteed to be ‘meadows of gold and mines of gems’ either in daily life or in the bedroom. In fact, you might all be – ‘ages to seduce, rubbish in bed.’”

“Well I am not that rubbish in bed. I can tell you that!” she scoffed.

“And you’ve been told that by a man, yes?” He countered.

“Okay, no, I have not. But so what? ...Okay, actually wait. Never mind. Just tell me the rest of what is going on here with this stuff.”

“Sensible girl.” He said, softly.

Liz was listening to the banter and the challenges from the relatively conceited person who was speaking from the stand-point and the luxury of her youth. Liz turned it all over in her mind, and yes, ‘*’ was only being mildly conceited, because after all, youth is power and has a certain amount of authentic entitlement in those particular matters.

“Right well okay. Let’s get on with it. So a person might think they are going to be immune to this. That they will be able to control themselves, and keep a tight grip. But they will not. They will be in fact quickly swept away, and it is virtually instantly addictive though only for as long as it takes to procure the necessary effects in question – and then, after a few hours it will all die down, so to speak, and things will revert to a normal state of affairs, except the individual will have accurate and precise memory of the exhilaration.

“But then, afterwards, they won’t go seeking the feelings of exhilaration from just anyone, but from that specific person and only those others they might have, and would have, in any case under more ‘ordinary’ conditions sought out.

“Because -, if you go back to your exposure to the personality masks that you both have been shown, these chemicals here act to break down all the barriers that you yourself have between those various masks, and, they accentuate the sensations you will have from seeing the deep personality of the other person, and they do it through electron spin polarity within your own specific personal body chemistry. These electrons engage with neurotransmitter energy and frequencies in your own brain and nervous system.

“This is not just ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it,’ but ‘I suddenly was neurologically drawn’ to being skin close, and then olfactive close, and then you kissed whoever it is, and they are at the same time having all the same things go on inside of their own brain, and these chemicals are all linking up inside the both of you with sensations of pure orgasm.

“It is effectively like being mildly electrocuted. There is a strong magnetic force that pulls you together while you are being electrocuted!” He laughed.

“Do I want to be electrocuted?” ‘*’ asked rhetorically.

“Yes, you do.” Liz said. “It might calm you down.”

The man uptilted his head in the direction of Liz, and said to her: “Why don’t you... You know. Go ahead and try it.”

“Okay.” She placed her index finger on the nozzle sprayer. “What do I do? Spray it? Where?”

“Just roll up one sleeve and spray a bit onto your outer forearm there.”


“What it is... ...I’ll tell you what it is. It is mainly a composition of Blue Nilgiri flowers – these bloom by the way, only once in twelve years – and Queen of the Night flower, which blooms only one time and only for one night. That’s an epiphytic cactus flower from the rainforests. And then there is Himalayan Jatamansi -, plus Hedione overdosing. And some other very advanced synthetics – galaxolid and exaltolid and euphorianoid.”

Liz was sniffing her own forearm and ‘*’ got a slight sense of it.

“Here. Me too. Let me try.” ...She really forced herself to say ‘please’ then. “Please.”

Liz spray some onto the back of ’*’s′ extended out hand.

It wasn’t like they felt a rush.

But it was like something that built up pretty quickly though, at the same time. There was this haze, this golden-amber aura just right around where the sprays had been directed. It wasn’t anything visual, but there was a clear impression they both had that a quite luminous scent concentration was there, focusing around a small discrete area.

Then ideas entered into their brains. Specific ideas combined with feelings of warmth, feelings of interpersonal consideration, feelings of empathy and mutual understanding – and all of these felt completely real and authentic. ...What ideas though?

The golden glow was growing, and active as if actually moving through their bodies.

First ‘*’ leaned forward and took Liz’s arm and sniffed at it completely unselfconsciously. “That is something nice in there, though.” She murmured. “What is that? It’s like salt. Hot grains of burning flavoured salt. It’s like, really nice. I think that’s actually you. Mixed up with a flower syrup. This golden glowing flower syrup with melted sugar and butter and, and... ...your skin is making me think like it has melted butter flowing out of it. I just want to lick it all up.”

But there were concrete ideas, too.

Actual, triggering thoughts about certain very highly specific things, intimate things.

Somehow there seemed to be a continuum forming between the two people, via which each of their previously separate individual egos were joining up now and blending into one another: every flaw was a perfection, every idiosyncratic element of one person a joy to the other and a celebration to be experienced; to every previous social constraint there was now found an opened door in its theoretical wall. They were imaginary walls in these circumstances. The glowing golden syrup was flowing in both directions, the responding flows conveying blessings and the individual personal benedictions of the other person being given out to the receiving person. All sins forgiven, all thoughts accepted, all desires to be fulfilled – with grace and wondrously. Everything previously hidden deep within exposed, and seen.

The recipient was exalted. The transmitter freely gushing. The receiver opening their innermost sanctuary, both of them worshipping at the shrine. The sender also the receiver. Each moving grain of personal flavours containing practical worlds of meaning. Each particle being consumed and imbibed, each imbiber going back for more. The world becoming incandescent.

But another thing Liz could see now was the whole sheer utter vulnerability of the girl. And also how that could be so easily exploited by the unscrupulous. And she wanted to protect her from that.

There was absolutely no one else in the room now, no one else in the place. Warm UV-filtered sunlight was showering in.

Those chemicals were turning everything into an art form of easy persuasion -, the position of the recipient was just simply to give way at every turn. Without resistance.

The front door was shut, and locked.

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