How She Should Make Love - The Witches Of Demeter

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'Close The Doors, You Unitiated.'

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Liz was roused by the HUD flashing suddenly into her mind’s optic centre, even palpably actually into her head it seemed. She awoke and quickly got up, leaving the sleeping figure next to her, who had a shawl covering around her closed eyes so that the light of the day wasn’t interfering with her heavy slumber.

Sara was there, beckoning her away into another room; a kind of a study room. Liz followed her there and she closed the door behind them.

The other woman just stood there, hands clasped down below her navel, not saying anything.

Liz found that her head and mind were very clear, despite all of what had just now transpired.

And a single thought was in there, which she enunciated.

“I am uncertain.” She said.


“I am troubled.”

“No doubt.”

“Does not all of this, fly in the face of everything that we are told in every religion, through every sacred book?”

Sara turned slightly to the side, unclasping her hands and opening her left hand, pointing a finger to the ground almost as a rhetorical gesture of some sort. “There is a time and a place for everything.

“Everything that has happened to you was arranged. For a reason.”

She turned her palm then back downwards, as if to pat down objections, if they were to come.

“No doubt, no doubt, and you can see that there is more fluidity to so many more things than you had previously ever even imagined before – yet, this parallel consideration that goes along with it too is also a certainty: which is that when you yourself deliberately banish away one thing altogether from its own natural position inside all things, you are entirely repudiating how all things are balanced. And for what genuine good reason would you do that?

“And for what reason has it already happened to the girl in her own life though?”

Liz did not know any of that kind of detail, certainly. She could have speculated of course, but what would have been the point here of her just speculating.

“I don’t know the answers to that and I also have difficulty believing you want to or intend to simply take joy away from people because of some arbitrary moral codes either by the same token. I know what I experienced. I remember what I experienced. So now I am confused!”

“My dear. In the first place the world – this world – is not the place you assume it to be. And there are many more hunters in the forest here than just you. There are... may I put it so that you will understand it? ...Many more species here than just yours.

“You don’t even rule in this place. You should do but you don’t do. People such as your young friend, despite all of their real in-born and natural talents and gifts, are lifted up,” She raised a hand theatrically. “ order to be used and to be manipulated, and then they are brought down as easily in the end and callously discarded – by those who rule, in order to assert and to maintain their rule. That is why she is destined, on that one path, to kill herself at the end of a great sadness. It happens... such people... ...all the time.

“And do not think that those who would do it to her have any lesser drugs and chemicals than what you yourself just now experienced from us.

“You yourself have noted how that she is innocent in one way, and so terribly vulnerable.”

Sara crossed a leg as she stood there now, one neatly placed peep-toe navy blue high heeled shoe in front of the other. ...There was that hand-on-the-hip thing again. There were a couple of people around here who had that insouciant mannerism of superiority and clearly liked to do it a lot, Liz McNeil mused.

“Let me describe to you, the moral and political position of the Xans. You order them around. You give them instructions and they carry those out. If not for the fact that they have seen your misery at depth over countless years, they would resent you.

“And so now you have experience, at depth. Yet still they might resent you. So let us make a compromise with them. You will always seek their view and their advice, and you will tell them that you respect them equivalently – that is, on an equal footing with yourself - and then you gain a consensus, and then only, will you issue a destructive order for them to carry it out. Do you agree?”

“I do agree.”

Sara waved a hand around in the air again. “As for how things really go on, how they are meant to go on – these things are all done in an orderly fashion with us.”

“What do you mean ‘how things go on?’ What things?”

“Girls with girls, boys with women, women with men, you know what I mean.” She seemed quite dismissive about it.

How? How ‘orderly fashion?’” Liz pressed for a better answer.

“Orderly means organised and systematic and also – organised means nobody gets hurt. When people really are soft, and gentle, and caring, and friendly, and loving, and considerate, and thoughtful – then the wisest thing to do about a mania or a frenzy – is to organise it!”

“Well then we all want to be like those things and do like that way. So why can’t the world be like that then?”

“Do we? My dear not all want to be like that. Some figure that these things are weaknesses, that they are signs of weakness, which dis-entitles such from positions of power. And that is exactly how things have played out on this planet. Or is that not the case?”

Liz thought about it but she only needed to very briefly. “It is the case.” Liz affirmed.

“And why is it the case? Because, you are here to gain experience at depth, and over a long time, and so here is the only place for someone to be prey to this kind of mischief, which mischief views reasonable yielding as weakness.

“Nevertheless, but now it has been decided that you have reached an adequate threshold of experience. So now you will rule. And you will be opposed. Especially if you were to rule out in the clear open. So to begin with it must be in secret. If only for a time. And still though you will be opposed very quickly when a certain realisation takes hold in the enemy’s mind. Because you will destroy. You are bound to destroy. Relentlessly, and ruthlessly.

“I will be always here with you at every step along the way. But first, see to it that your young friend does not become prey to very sinister and wicked forces. And you can ‘cut your teeth’ on that as a first exercise. How do you say to this plan?”

“Where does that whole ‘a new thing from me’ come into it? I didn’t come up with anything new here?!”

“Oh I dunno. I rather thought some of your moves over there just now were new. I’ve never seen or heard of them before and I have particularly granular vision.” She laughed softly. “I can see a grain of sand in an oyster and tickle it by the moonlight so that it grows a pearl in there after a while when the oyster works hard to protect itself from the itching.

“Knowledge my dear, is a single large body of water that covers the whole of the sea. Some people play in the shallows of the beach, and they have a lot of fun there too, but no human knows what it is like in the truly greatest depths. Yet you can ‘see’ it there with your mind and see it all down there down to even far below the distances of the spaces between the atoms.

“Right now you are not very sure what that means.

“...We will have a certain amount of fun together, you and I. When we are used to the pressures. Together.”

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