How She Should Make Love - The Witches Of Demeter

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The Smile I've Learned To Fear.

“I can’t stop.”

“You’ve made my dress wet.”

“I’m sorry... I can’t seem to stop...”

“I can make you stop. ...So -, you think you can seduce the Xan?”

“Why do you call him the Xan?”

“Aargh, they’re all the same. It’s you humans who are different. Yes they are beautiful, of course. And we love them too. ...They’re such pushovers. ...You’ll see. Come on now. We’d best get you into bed. I’m sure there is a bed in here somewhere.” She smiled at saying that. “And I’ll have to change now. Now that you’ve soaked my dress with all of your tears.”

They both stood up, and with Sara behind and pushing her forward, they managed to find one of the bedroom suites. The main one -, with a simple and ordinary regular king-sized bed in it, all neatly made up, with plain Nile cotton sheets and pillow-slips.

The last things Liz McNeil remembered seeing were the walk-in wardrobe’s bright radiant down-lights, and Sara -, as she watched Sara moving calmly and taking off her dress, and laying it over a chair back, and then selecting some silk short pyjama bottoms, and a silk kimono top. The young-looking woman threw a look over at Liz lying in the bed, and she mouthed, ‘close your eyes’ and Liz obeyed. And she sensed Sara still in the room, as the lights were all turned off, with the shining city night-scape’s glim seeping through around the drapes of the bedroom suits windows. And she felt the warm body lie down in the bed next to her. The warm skin-scent reminded her of...

...But then she was asleep.

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