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Sleepers can be anyone, they are everywhere, in our own families, work places. You can never tell if it's you. Until you sleep. They've existed for years and Natasha is one of those who slept a thousand years ago and till date, she has never woken.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1


We couldn't survive, not in this time. She was too special to be accepted by this world.

The unique gift that made us different was the same thing that gave her away to the very last day.

When a human meets something extraordinary and unexplainable. They always believe there is more to it. If not that then everyone can possibly become part of it.

Humans are persistent and Merciless. They only care about there own needs. They always thought there was more to us. It was so convincing that I myself believed that there were more like us. More around the world like her and me.

I had dedicated myself to finding others that I left my other her lying helpless on that drenched bed. Helpless. Next thing I knew, she was buried sound asleep.

Thousands of years had passed. generations I lived on my own. from feet to carriages to cars then planes. I was alone in my world with no sleeper for myself. so alone to even find the her from the ground.

In these loner suns and moons, I had discovered something else. Something different like I am. A spotter. Since the fifteen hundreds where I watched the very death of the only spotter on earth Jeremy Verne. Not again had I met one despite knowing that they existed in a large number and were hidden somewhere far from the hungry humans.

It was at the very moment as I decide to tell my story and everything that I meet this lady. She stood at the entrance of a cafeteria and her eyes spotted me passing by her.

"Have we met before?" She stated having me look back at her.

I did look around but evidently she was talking to me.

"You can see me?" I asked intensely walking back towards her.

"What? Are you supposed to be like invisible or something?"

"Yeah. Of course I'm invisible. You can't be seeing me."
I just knew it was reckless of me to go talk to her but I had to be sure.

"You're kidding me right?" Chuckled she.

"No. I'm not. Just ask any other person if they see me."

"I will pass the drama. Your smell is super bad. Have a good day."

I wasn't going to let her go. I needed someone's help. Someone who could see me so I followed her in beats to not draw her attention towards me.

As I walked on following her inside the building, my instincts started switching faster like my sleeper was just inside the very building.

She was summoning me. The strongest and sweetest feeling that I had not felt in years and centuries. I walked briskly to were the blue waves came from and my eyes couldn't believe it.

Gloria was right infront of me standing frozen in that machine. It was in the insane surprise when someone turned the nob.

Like I would be seen, I rushed in and ingressed into my supposed sleeper.

Brief meaning

The body of someone laying asleep.

Sleeper Soul:
The moving human when the person is sleeping.

Someone who can see the sleeper soul.
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