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I'm A Very Really Hardworking Queen

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Jyn transmigirated. She transmigrated as the Queen of Zerg The most savage races in the universe.

Fantasy / Romance
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JYN started to stretch her tired limbs after she’s done with her work, she grabbed the apple juice on her working table and started to take a sip. It was already midnight and JYN was in no mood to take a bath even with her oily hair and body that has not been bathed for three consecutive days.

Anyway, she hasn’t gone out that much and always spend her time coop up in her home. As a web novel author, with a laptop at her disposal all her work can be done at home, not to mention as a 22years old single dog she didn’t need to dress up for anyone. She should really thank the heaven for her always able to look neat and tidy face even when she dressed up shabbily like her shabby dress right now.

JYN got up and walked towards her bed and immediately slump on her bed.


Suffocation….. a stifling suffocation of being enclosed in a narrow room, that’s what JYN currently felt right now. Did she suffocate herself with her blanket again? JYN lowly curse trying to pry open the blanket but when she stretched her hand she came in contact with a tangible liquid … no her whole body was in contact with that mucus like thing.

Alarmed JYN quickly opened her eyes but what met her was not the bed lamp that she always let it on but a complete darkness. Utter darkness. With such darkness JYN senses heightened.
she could clearly feel the tangible liquid enveloping her. Where is she? Is she still dreaming? JYN quickly pinch herself QAQ it hurts!

Its not a dream! With such mucus-like surrounding her coupled with the complete darkness and the narrow spaced, a worse possible case submerged from JYN mind. H-has she been swallowed by some monster!?
(T o T) she must be one of the most pitiful transmigrator among fellow transmigrator. Actually JYN was so traumatised that she failed to think on why she could still breathe even when she is surrounded or submerged in a mucus.

Some people transmigrate to a TIANXIA or something like that, even if they transmigrate to a waste body though it was actually a very OP body as the life of the transmigrator goes on… that’s not the point! The main point is at least they transmigrate in an open space albeit in a shabby hut. But she….. JYN want to express that she does not want to think further. Comparision just add salt to her already wounded heart.

Toughening her mind JYN want to express that she cannot die like this.
(,o D o),

She started pushing the ‘monster’ inside wall with a great amount of force but unexpectantly JYN found out that the ‘wall’ seem to be a weak ‘wall’ because a crack started to appear. Through the crack a light sprinkle in and JYN started to push even harder. When JYN finally able to escape the ‘wall’ she realised that she was not at all stuck in a monster stomach but inside an EGG. JYN want to express that she was 3 part shock and 7 part glad.
She quickly started to check herself whether she is in an animal form. To her much relief JYN found that she was in a ‘human’ body, there was a small pond near the egg and JYN quickly make her way to check her appearance.

She looks like a sixteen to eighteen years old teenager, her facial feature does not change at all just that she look much younger than her 22 years old self.

After much contemplation and a round of serious checking on whether she has any animal feature in her body like a tail, horn etc… JYN was finally able to come into a conclusion that she does not has any. Quite a pity though, at least a tail would be alright so that she won't need to used her hand but just used her tail to grab things.

After a serious of check up JYN finally realize that she was in Adam and Eve suit.

Just as she was about to look around for things that could cover her up a splitting headache slam on her, the pain was too much so much so that she fainted directly. Because of the severe mind impact a short spiritual link established throughout the entire zerg race announcing clearly to the countless zerg in different galaxy that their Queen was born and now that their Queen was in pain.

When JYN finally opened her eyes, she found herself being surrounded by countless giant insect like creature. Sharp spike and armour like scale covering the insect like creature body accompanied by menacing scarlet eyes.

If it was before she was assaulted with an inheritance memory, JYN want to express that she would be scared stiff causing her to faint directly before she could even scream. But now…

JYN found out that she was a ZERG Queen. A ZERG QUEEN!

AS a person who watched a lot of sci-fi movie. The word ‘ZERG’ never represent anything good. JYN rub her throbbing head when she thought of being a queen of such creature.

Right now, she was surrounded by the lowest level ZERG. The TAK ZERG. About twenty to thirty of them was surrounding her, each standing in a guard like posture as if guarding something that was more important than their life from any possessed danger and she was obviously that ‘thing’ that is being protected. All the thirty ZERG emitting a ruthless bloodthirsty aura. It was no doubt that they would immediately eliminate anything that dare threaten their QUEEN. She was at the centre inside her ‘EGG’ still completely stark naked.

JYN pointed at one of the TAK which make the latter came towards her immediately and kneeling down before her. JYN could perceive the strong emotion of elated and honoured displayed by the TAK who is kneeling down.

The TAK Zerg cannot speak nor does it understand many thing, it has only its instinct to act like many other animal. The TAK ZERG are the best disposable item for the higher level ZERG. Strong, loyal and blindly follow the instruction of the higher level zerg. A zerg always have a strong sense of hierarchy.

A zerg are didvided into many sub species depending on their ability much like how human divide themselves in different races.

There is the lowest level TAK zerg. The full brawns but no brain and apart from this tak zerg there are also many different ethnic group of low level zerg.
There are also as seen in the many sci-fi movie, there are zerg that could parasite, control and many other kind of zerg.

JYN instruct the TAK zerg that was kneeling in front of her to go and search for something that could be worn. Although the tak zerg could not speak nor does it understand any language, as a queen she has her means of instructing the tak zerg; provided from her inheritance of course.

After finally being able to wear a ‘clothes’ JYN want to express that she felt relieved. (^ U ^)’

The ‘clothes’ that she wear could be described more as the leaf clothes of tinker bell.

JYN felt a hunger panging on her tummy, she bregudgingly turn towards the egg shell. From her inheritance she know that as a ‘baby’, right now, she could only feel full when she eat finished her own ‘egg’ shell.

JYN want to express that she does not want to QAQ. But with the hunger striking on her stomach as well as the always nagging feeling of spiritual exhaustion, JYN has no choice but to eat the eggshell.

Surprisingly the eggshell was sweet with a kind of comfortable crunchiness and unknowingly JYN has finished eating her whole ‘egg’ shell which then only make her stomach and spirit satiated. Unlike other creature, as a queen, her intake of food was large even when she was still a ‘baby’. Other baby creature would consume their egg finished after one month or two month time.

After her hunger was satiated JYN then started to re-consider her situation.

First and foremost, she has to find a way to get information of the current faring of the zerg and call over the zerg on different galaxy to her side. She does not even know who are the higher level zerg or the alpha of the current zerg. The alpha zerg have a sentient like human beings unlike the tak zerg. In fact except the tak zerg all other zerg have sentient though their EQ are considered to be nill. The zerg are a race with ruthless disposition, always filled with a violent energy that make them want to plunder and conquered every galaxy. They bring chaos and destruction wherever they go. Like a ruthless emotionless machine that only knows how to conquer and kill.

In human term they can be simply said to be an emotionless and ruthless psychopath.

Right now, JYN does not know which era she was in. was she in an interstellar era or the 21st era with a slightly twist sci-fi version.

As a former human being, a peace loving and upright citizen JYN want to express that she does not want the whole zerg to be the enemy of human beings and other alien races. Also as a ‘QUEEN’ she does not want to be a ruthless ruler that love conquering country…… err.. planet.

JYN was always a person who accept things or adapt to things or circumstances rather fast so she accept the fact that she was a QUEEN of ZERG rather quick. There was no point in thinking too much, all she can do now was to take one step at a time.

She has to first contact those alphas she didn’t know, although she knows how to do the spiritual contact that zerg queen can do to all her zerg through her inheritance, her control of spiritual power was too noob (^>^). She would need at least three weeks to gain full control of her spiritual power. For now, she has to live in this small planet where weather was unpredictable and the quantity of food is rather sparse.


A bit of intro from the author.

This is YU, YU as in COSMOS.

Cosmos Owl = Yu Fukurō

I am a kind of person who cannot stand some rotten comment.

Please, be kind to me throughout this novel.

Yes, I cannot stand criticism not when I already felt that my work were not good enough or when at the middle of the night I would feel ashame of my work. And discouraged myself. I don’t need another discouraging word. If you feel that my work is not to your liking, please, just leave.

I am also trying my level best.

Of course, you could complain on my laziness when I don’t update on a regular time basis. I know I’m lazy. Sloth is my deadly sin and I admit of my guilty. But when I do write a chapter I always try my level best!
Heed this word, I cannot stand it when my work are criticized.

Ok that’s it for now. I hope we can all maintain a healthy author and reader relationship and no sun-spot or some toxic reader.
‘I am an author and an artist so I am not sane!
I live in a perverse fantasy with unrealistic expectation, thank you for understanding!’

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