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Alvis, Eira and Ifrit the three Alpha zerg with equal strength and ranking. This was also the reason why none want to yield to the other, dividing themselves into three faction living and governing in different planet.

Although hostile to each other, none interfere each other living and minding their own faction. Well, that was until the day when they receive the signal that their Zerg race bore a Queen.

The short moment they received the spiritual connection must be the moment when the three Alpha zerg felt the most intense emotion in their ever-existing life. Worship, submission, loyalty, reverence, fanatism, all kind of complicated emotion they had never felt before.

The only kind of emotion most of the zerg ever felt was violent, desire of destruction, irritation, cold-indifference. They could never understand the human aesthetic of happiness, nostalgic, sadness and such kind. That kind of novel feeling was the first time for the zerg. The three alpha zerg does not abhor the feelings of submission, instead they fervently wish to meet the queen and be the best service at her disposal. Serving her with all their life.

If the zerg know the meaning of a brain-dead fan, they would surely agree that they were suffering from a brain-dead fan disease, though their kind of brain dead fan mentality was much more intense. Utter obedience, loyalty, obsession and submission.

Right now, the three alphas sat together, discussing on how to connect their queen and track her whereabout. Although eagerness to meet their queen was prominent, they were mostly filled with distress and worry. That short spiritual link in which they perceive the pain of their queen distressed their heart violently. Although they want to vent their turbulent violent emotion, they know that at this time they have to stay calm and try to track the whereabout of their queen as soon as possible.

Though that might be the case, when the zerg first received the spiritual link, all the zerg race went utterly berserk nearly destroying two or three inter-galaxy Planet. Scaring the other races because it was a fact that they could never completely defeat a zerg race if a full-war was to happened.

In the past era, a war has always ensued between the other races and the zerg. even though the zerg are always filled with malevolent energy, most of the zerg race other than the gamma or the lowest zerg have a sentient. So, as a sentient being the zerg race also know that war was not the best for their race as well. In the current era, a war so far has not been happened for a long period of time but that does not mean that other races would dare provoke the zerg. As the Zerg race would slaughtered any other ethnic race that dare provoked them. They are not so eager to seek their own death.

The zerg race are now like a dormant beast that would instantly kill any being that dare disturbed their slumber.

Most of the race has formed an alliance which was then called the Capital Star Alliance. It consisted of varied ethnic race that has signed a peace treaty forming a formal alliance. Of course, the zerg race was not included. No other race dare approach it.

One would think that with such an alliance, why not work together and eradicate the zerg race? That was simply because the outcome could most only lead to a tie if all the other races worked as one, well that’s what the other ethnic race thought so. Not to mention, other races does not have a strict hierarchy system where they follow the superior order blindly. The infighting and power struggle do not help it either.


Alvis, Eira and Ifrit were working hard on the quantam holographic computer trying to deduce the whereabout of their queen. Its already been three weeks and the violent energy in them grow more and more turbulent with their increasing distressed and irritation.

Suddenly, a soft beautiful silken like voice echoed in their conscious making them daze for half a minute.

“Can you track my whereabout and escort me?”

It took another half a minute to finally able to give an affirmative answer. Even after the spiritual link was over, the three alphas zerg could still hear their rapid loud heartbeat. If the first short spiritual link make them yearn and eager to meet their queen then the second spiritual connection intensified the yearning and eagerness by hundredfold. Intensifying the obsession they have towards their queen.

With a longer spiritual connection it was not hard to pinpoint the exact location of their queen. The three alpha zerg and the other high rank zerg quickly board the delta warship. The delta warship which was also a zerg species that could travel though the turbulent space and can transform in any warship type with high lethal ray that could emit out from the red diamond like stone that covered all over its body.

JYN pinch her nose bridge. Her nervousness was really uncalled for especially when she perceived such a strong fanatism and submissive emotion from the three alphas.

*cough* it even made her old face embarrassed to be the receiving end of such emotion.

After three weeks of continuous meditating and practice of controlling her spiritual energy, JYN could be said to have a full control of her spiritual ability.

As usual, she thought of going out and strolling the vicinity of the cave. Three Tak zerg went out in searched of food and the remaining accompanied her, always in vigilant state protecting her safety where even a fly nor mosquito could pass through the defense of the tak zerg. really really really thorough on their protecting from any harm

About an hour had passed when JYN decided to head back hom..err..cave.

Although that’s what she thought but seeing some flying-object crashing where not even a single being seem to be alive with such an earth-shattering crush, the ever curious JYN hurriedly make her way through the crashing side.

It was exactly as she expected. The spaceship was utterly wreck, the debris and broken pieces lying everywhere. Smoke and fire lingering around the vicinity, the main body part cannot even be differentiated as it was wreck into pieces through and through. Though that was not what attracted JYN. The thing that attracted JYN was the white capsule that was lying at a metre away from all the wreck spaceship.

Even if the curiosity was knawing on her, JYN was by far not an impulsive person. Layering herself with her spiritual barrier heck! As the Queen of ZERG her (self-proclaimed) strong spiritual power would surely be enough to ensure her safety from any surprise attack …..right?, JYN carefully proceed near the capsule. The TAK Zerg was ordered to stand-by, if something really dangerous sprang out from the capsule, JYN could not bear seeing any danger befall on her tak zerg. even if the tak zerg has a strong battle prowess and an innate born armour, JYN does not want them to bear the brunt of her impulsive action of provoking a tough foe. She is confidence at maintaining her own safety.

Just as she extended her hand the capsule had opened up suddenly catching her off-guard. A white smoke emitted out of the capsule. When JYN was finally able to see what was inside the capsule, it was a human but not exactly so because the ‘human’ inside the capsule has a coal-black dragon tail and two domineering horn. He really resembled the devil. The man has silver hair, a thin red lip, a thick brow and his height seem to be about 6’5. His forehead and the side of his eyes covered with a paper gold inlaid. A strong body filled with drooled worthy muscle *cough*… ok the man was very beautiful. Oozing out a seductive hormone even when he was asleep.

JYN with a cold face stretch out her sinful paw towards the tight muscle, she was only going to check whether he is alive. JYN express rightfully. Who are you trying to fool young lad! If you really want to check whether he is still alive or not, You have to check the breathing or the heartbeat or the pulse! not the belly!.

Before JYN could touch the mouth-watering abdominal muscle, her hand was seized by the man. JYN quickly look up but found that the man still has his eyes closed. Before JYN could breathe a sigh of relief she suddenly felt a strong spiritual berserk. It was coming from inside the man. His core has been shattered and he was about to self-explode from a spiritual rampage.

JYN furrowed her brows, the tak zerg hiss menacingly trying to kill the man immediately before he blew up. Their queen hand was still grab by the man which induce the tak zerg to cut off the hand of the man. JYN hurriedly raise her hand to stop such action, the tak zerg although unwilling still obey her and retrieve their action, their queen was in danger and they are extremely irritated and anxious.

JYN slowly inject her spiritual energy inside the man, as the man was already very weak so he has no means of resisting the energy that pass through his body (thought naively by JYN).

No broken core can be mend. But JYN was different, she has a cheat level like healing ability as a flora ability user. Who would have though that the violent zerg would have a QUEEN with an all-encompassing healing ability. When JYN first learn that she has such ability from the inheritance, she felt incredulous, a malevolent zerg race have a queen who has a strong healing ablity that could heal particularly anything as long as she has sufficient spiritual energy.

Her flora ability was as the name suggest, flora. She can control any plant type. Much like the plant ability user that has been seen on many movie.

The man whimpered quietly which if not because JYN was close to him she herself won’t hear it.

The spiritual energy wreaked havok through his meridians and arteries not to mention the broken core, the extreme pain that could not be described with word was currently felt by the unconscious man.

“shhhh….. its’ okay, everything will be alright”

JYN whisper softly while still mending the spiritual rampage and the broken core.

Look at her, such a good upright citizen! Helping the helpless.

Just from probing the incubu- unconscious person core and inner body structure, JYN was sure that the unconscious handsome man is strong definitely strong. He could defeat 1000 of her TAK ZERG at one full sweep.

Is he stronger than her? She don’t know.

He is stronger than her in battle prowess that’s for sure but when it comes to spiritual fight she is stronger.

Mending the inner core was not an easy feat even for JYN she nearly used up all her spiritual energy which almost make her lose consciousness.

With all her remaining spiritual strength JYN pry away the hand that tightly clung to her arm.

JYN let her TAK ZERG carry her and the unconscious man back to the cave.


Yuyu: Well the ML show himself earlier then expected.

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