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The unconscious man still hasn’t regained his consciousness even though three days have already passed, JYN would frequently check on him, afraid that he would suddenly die quietly after such a hard work of treating his wound and care from her, it would indeed be a pity. JYN only felt reassured after repeatedly probing his body with her spiritual consciousness.

From time to time JYN would stretch her sinful paw towards the eye-catching horn and tail, rubbing here and there. It was just too much of a marvel thing for her, the unconscious male was just too much like the fantasy male lead with horn or tail that countless girls and gays used to see on a movie or read in novel and go crazily in love with such 2D character, well she was also one of those ⊙_⊙ . Right now, a 3D version was in front of her, how can she not touch and feel the covetous horn and tail. She even still lamented on the fact that she does not has a tail when she cracked out of her egg.

Of course, JYN does not realize that the unconscious man that she shamelessly molested have his consciousness already awakened although his physical body still hasn’t.

Ari consciousness has been flickered between wakened and dormant for the past few days, he has never craved so much to be awakened, never felt as much as the craving he felt in the past few days, he was afraid that once he loses conscious, the person next to him would leave.

Only when he felt her presence would he be able to calm down his anxious heart. He cannot bear to lose her, cannot let her be at a place he cannot perceive her presence.

He has never seen his woman, nor does he know what she is like but just her mere presence alone has already become a poisonous addictive drug. She was his soulmate after all.

He could feel it at that moment when she dives her spirit into his body and conscious. As a race that live the longest apart from zerg race, he has been waiting for his soulmate for 200 years. As an unlucky star who was hated and unloved even by his parent, his soulmate has already been an obsession.

‘mother what is a soulmate?’

Although that woman does not love him, she did not hate him either.

‘a soulmate is your fated person who will love you no matter who or what you are’

She answered, looking at him with a complicated eye.
It’s clear with such a gaze, she was mulling over the fact that if it is him, his soulmate will not love.
Why will he not be loved? No one will be as clear as him, who will dare love such an unlucky star. Or rather, would such an unlucky star have a soulmate?

His heart is not made of iron, of course he craved for love even if only it’s only a tiny bit. The only person who can do such that is his alone soulmate, made just only for him. Though an unlucky star like him will likely not have, he imagined of his soulmate countless times, of course his heart is not in a messy state like now because it was just his fantasy where everything is to his desire and craved.

But, finally meeting his ‘real’ soulmate, his heart has always been in a state of anxiety, nervous, fear and all sort of such emotion. She…she has not leave him for three days, she even…even touch his horn and tail very softly, she seems to li-like it? She does not hate him, right? She…she touched his horn, clea-clearly touch his horn.

Ari felt his breath short, he was in a state of speechlessness from all the up and down emotion.

It would all be better if she just leaves him directly and he would not feel any heartbreak or disappointment because he was numb to it.
But this woman now traces his face inlaid of chrysos. The unlucky star symbols.

No one has ever touch him, much less his chrysos. Is she not afraid? No, impossible! maybe she didn’t know that’s why she touch it out of curiosity and will soon found out it’s a symbol of unlucky star and then she will leave immediately and hate him.

Ari heart tightened, like being fiercely tug into a knot.

She should not have saved him in the first place, giving him false tiny hope.

Quickly, scream in fear, hatred and leave immediately so that he can soon crush this bud of hope and longing forever.

JYN, fondly tracing the paper gold inlaid that make the unconscious man already beautiful face even more enchanting and without giving any unscrupulous in the world mutter ‘’so beautiful, making him even more attractive”

Ari “…….’’

Ari conscious flickered, his awakened conscious directly went into dormant mode.

On the fifth day ifrit and the other alpha zerg arrived, taking their queen back to their prosperous planet leaving behind the deserted barren planet which make the alphas heartbreak for a long time because their queen was born on such a place.

Of course, JYN does not forget to bring the unconscious man.

The ZERG main planet was not like how JYN imagined, she thought the place would be full of black and grey, tall high black steel building but…

Turn out she thought too dark, the ZERG main planet unexpectantly look like a forest and flower garden. Full of flora and fauna but after much deliberation JYN thought that it makes sense because the ZERG have an insect attribute so some might take bee attribute that like to collect pollen, some caterpillar attribute that like to eat leaf. So, all in all insect dwell much more in forest.

Mushroom shape like high end building, apple house, banana house, flower shape space car, leaf space car and all the exceptionally good-looking humanoid form ZERG, though most of the humanoid zerg look like half insect half human, the human part are very sexy and good looking and the insecct part gave them a feeling of oddly enchanting and ethereal beauty.

JYN felt that her worldview of ZERG has been refreshed.


JYN was quickly led to her supposed to be royal bedroom, very large, spacious, with a big fluffy bed with green curtains and bedding everywhere, oh, there was also a hint of white apart from green. She was brought here because she wanted to rest first before sorting out her queen position and officially meeting her zerg subject.

While riding on gamma, JYN has already gathered enough information on the current faring of the galaxy and also her ZERG race. She was not surprised that her ZERG race was not dwelling that well with other races but JYN will not try to change that either.

She wanted to keep the relationship as it is, no interfering with other races and also, she will take control of some small wars happening from time to time. Its not like she will back down when fighting for planet resources, as a queen she has the responsibility of feeding her entire races and she need resources more than ever though the zerg has countless planetary resources that could last them for thousand years, having more is not bad. But she will not let her ZERG fight a war and lose lives, she will first try to make a negotiation with other races though most of the time when a ZERG discover a resource planet other races rarely fought them for possession because it’s the ZERG that always win with their undefeatable powerful fighting prowess and strength.

JYN has no desire of taking over official work, she’ll let the official work as how the alphas have always done. She has no political merits, she was just a shut in Otaku who is also a shut-in web novel author. So, those tedious political affairs are not for her, she will just be a pretty vase strolling her ZERG planet and do some waving and smiling to her ZERG race who are blindly in love with her to make them feel the emotion of happiness.

Err… the only thing she will change will be registering the ZERG race at the trade and commerce bureau. Her ZERG race also need other races goods and commodities oh~

The reason why JYN didn’t thought of signing a peace treaty was because other races will be sceptical and will not trust them. Not to mention with all the previous war and the many lost life of other races family and friend in the hand of ZERG, the civilian hatred is deep moreover even if they do sign it will be shallow with no deep trust and the other races might even demand a compensation for the loss the ZERG has caused them, though she don’t really believe they would dare with the ZERG race dominance.

All in all, the current ZERG races and other races are in a stable mode. No full-scale war and an odd state of peace with each other, if she suddenly proposed signing a peace treaty it’s too fishy and was not in character with the ZERG nature. Plus, she does not plan to hide her existence at all and she does not want to show herself as someone ‘soft’ and easy to approached, amiable character which might led to some scheming races to take advantage of her. Although the emergence of ZERG queen will raise the other races vigilance to high heavens…

Aiss…. Too many profound thinking is hurting her head. She should sleep and rest first.


Although this lord heart hurt for this lord son Ari but as its creator, I have to.


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