I'm A Very Really Hardworking Queen

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JYN was feeling awkward.

Her palms also get sweaty a little bit.

Ze undivided attention was killing her, madafaka!

It was a meeting, and she was sitting at the top position of the floating long table and seat. There are the three alphas and their respective chief minister. All eyes with a sparkling gaze were set on her, even the guards standing around the meeting room. JYN was sure that they did not move their gaze one bit since entering the meeting room.

JYN understand the love and respect the zerg race would have for their queen but QAQ this much of fervent attention is too much.

Really, as (self-proclaimed) an otaku, she could not adapt and comply under such gazes.


“My Queen, are you alright? Does your throat hurt? Please, drink some water”

Ifrit hurriedly questioned and offered a cup of water worriedly holding the cup in his dark hand timidly, the eyes of the others inside the room flash with worry, their nerve taught.

JYN was just trying to clear her throat and speak some proposal, who would’ve thought that even a slight cough would bring forth such intense reaction, but looking at Ifrit worried gaze and his timidly offering water, JYN suddenly felt uncomfortable declining such a kind gesture.

So, she took the water and take a small sip and try to say a few words of thank you but her word stuck on her throat while looking at the delighted expression on Ifrit good looking dark face and his next word.

“Thank You, my Queen for accepting this one humble service.”

JYN sigh internally, from the moment she interacted with the alphas, they had been referring themselves as ‘this one’ ‘your subordinate’ ‘your loyal servant’.

She asked! Ok! She literally questioned and request them to not address themselves as such but they were adamant on not changing it as it was an act of them showing their respect.

They even serve her themselves because they thought that others are too weak and that they are not worthy of her noble status.

JYN just smile slightly at Ifrit, she was not going to struggle more and act all white lotus like treat me as your equal shit and all, since they like so, she’s just going to let things be. A free service from strong individual, an alpha to boot, that’s pretty savage! Anyway, she had always been a great adaptor. When the world suddenly descended into chaos because of the unlimited flow world, didn’t she adapt well, fighting hard for survival and when the world gets backs right on track, she adapted well. Chaos or peaceful time, she’s pretty much a chameleon.

“I think that our race should register to the trade and market galactical bureau and also do some official announcement to the galactical ethnic race about the emergence of the Queen of Zerg”

JYN express her opinion and she was waiting for the question of her subject the reason why she suggested registering on the market bureau.

As expected, no one voice any inquiry on what the reason might be. They just take it as if it was a mandate ordeal that should be accomplished even if there was no reason. Sigh… but, she does not hate this obedience. No need for long wording and such, all she has to do is give some opinion and live a comfortable life.

Money was not a problem for her now and she does not need to work overnight writing a novel about how to defeat this and that monsters and the adventure of Kiera. She does not need to go to the unlimited flow world every Saturday and do a deadly mission.

She’s a queen now and had a really competent underlings who are fierce and strong and does not need to work her assess off guiding a weak kingdom. She after all has a fucking savage and strong kingdom and people. Hahaha..

“Alvis, by the way, can you send me on the information about human”

“Yes, My Queen”

Alvis replied respectfully and solemnly as if receiving a knight ordeal. His scholarly face match his solemn voice though.

But Dude, I was only asking for information, no need to be so uptight.

JYN felt that as a fellow human, albeit her past life, she has the obligation to know about what happened to the human race especially in this interstellar time. Although the human here may not be her fellow human of the same dimension. Human are still human even in diverse dimension, that’s a fact that will not change.

After discussing (only listening and nodding) JYN finally conclude for the meeting to be adjourned.



A weak race.

Although weak, the marvel of the human race was their tenacity to survive.

Survive through the invasion of ‘Drosedra’

Survive through the invasion of broken star…”

JYN was sleeping in her green and white fluffy bed reading the past deed of human beings in her holographic projector.


It was the sound of a room bell, which means that someone was standing outside waiting for her reply.

“Come in”


The door automatically opened revealing Eira with her usual cold looking beautiful face.

“My Queen, the Mithioga race you brought back have woken up”

Oh right, JYN totally forgot about that man. Should she see him and farewell him herself or should she instruct her subordinate to do the deed?

Well, he was a really beautiful species and seeing him one last time would be good.

She has nothing to do… so…maybe visit him and check out the ‘palace’ she lived in as well?

This palace was built for the queen, it was recently built, as the ZERG does not have a queen in the past, there was no such thing as palace, this palace was built on her week journey back from that desolate planet to here.

“hmm… take me there”

JYN was ready to follow Eira but this time, instead of showing the way immediately JYN could feel that Eira was hesitating.

“Eira what is it?”

JYN asked with a stoic expression.

“My Queen, can you instead instruct us what to be done to the Mithioga race”

Eira replied with a stiff expression slightly lowering her head.

“Why? And look into my eyes when you speak to me, if not I will think that you do not deem me as someone who is worth your attention.”

JYN state bluntly.

Eira stiffen up, hurriedly looking up at JYN.

“No. staring directly at you, your subject thought that you would feel offended”

Eira instead very much wanted to stare at her all the time. Her queen is really unlike other monarchy, she allowed them to stare at her all the time( hello, how did you come to such a conclusion?, she only state to lookt at her in the eyes when speaking), Eira felt an emotion she could not understand… but what she knows is this emotion make her want to worship her even more and that she like it very much.

“My Queen, the Mithiogia race has a chrysalis inlaid on his skin, in the mithiogia race, this individual were known as the harbinger of misfortune. My queen I was afraid that the mithioga man would affect you negatively”

Harbinger of Misfortune, JYN felt a slight displeasure when she heard such word. Not towards Eira but the word.

“Its alright, take me there”

“As you wish, My Queen”

This time Eira docilely brought her while blatantly staring at her the whole way.

When she appeals that she must stare at her doesn’t mean she should look at her 24/7 ok hun.


JYN sigh for the nth time again.

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