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Ari was staring blankly at the ceiling.

When he turned his head, he could see a zerg guarding the ward.

'where is she?'

'how did he end up here?'

'Did she abandon him in the end?'

Ari felt really cold and despair.

In this life, Ari, you are bound to not have anyone precious to you, Ari you were born to not be loved.

His mother word might be true...


Just when Ari was reasoning dully with his pessimistic thought the mechanical door slide open.

The moment he turned his head to look at the one who enter the ward Ari froze. His limbs and muscle stiff.

"Your awake, do you have any uncomfortableness in your body?"

Unaware of the stiffness or the jumbled emotion of the person sitting on the bed, JYN naturally sat down on the chair near the bed.

"I have prepared a spaceship so, you can leave whenever you feel like it, no need thanks, jus take it as a stranger wanting to help other, but this is all I could help you with though"

JYN smile warmly while on the other hand Ari pupils shake and flashed a trace of distress from the moment he heard the word 'leave'.

"In the end you also choose to abandon me... I get it, ho-how can you like the unlucky star who brought endless misfortune? ....Thank you, for even saving me. I'll leave immediately and will ne-never appear at your sight, live well and I wish for you to live happily and found someone you l-love"

Ari said with shaking voice and filled with despair. An ironic smile grace on his lips.

The voice was really nice to listen to and he used a language she can understand but why did JYN didn't understand anything he said? She understood every word but when it formed into a sentence she could not understand the meaning of it.

Her English teacher died early, please explain what he said.

"Whoa whoa whoa, what leaving, what not wanting, what never be at my sight?"

JYN hurriedly said while pulling down Ari who tried to get up and leave.

Why does what he said so much like it comes straight out of Soap opera movie and why did she sound so much like a scumbag, leaving her lover because he is filled with misfortune.

The script is completely wrong.

While JYN was having an internal strife Ari on the other hand feel a current running through his body when JYN touch her.

It was electrifying and felt very good but he forced himself to snap out of it and answer him.

"You don't have to feel bad, having me as your soulmate is just a lifetime curse"

What? What soulmate? What lifetime curse?

The more he spoke, the more JYN was confused, when she look at him, he smile back painfully, a force calm smile.

All the despair and negative emotion brew under his eyes was not something that can be fake. She was after all very sensitive to real or fake emotion. And seeing the sad but try to be strong façade of the man in front of her make her feel uncomfortable, very uncomfortable.

Not able to bear the confusion anymore JYN just snap.

"Sit tight, you are not going anywhere until you explain what soulmate, what leaving and such crap is clearly! And what's with your delusion? When did I say about leaving me alone and never appear in front of my face? And what the hell is this soulmate about? Are we like a mate? The other half thing? Explain clearly from the beginning"

Ari was flabbergasted at JYN outburst and deducting her question, did she mean that she did not know that he is her soulmate? Ari was starting to have a small hope but snub it immediately when he thought about explaining about his origin. At that time, he will really be able to see the disgust and fear he was always searching on her expression.

"I am a person of Mithioga race and our race are one of the races that could perceive our soulmate. Similar to how the human werewolf race could feel their soulmate" because JYN appear more like human, Ari thought that JYN was human " I was aware that we are soulmate when you help me calm my spiritual berserk, my name is Ari, the unlucky star of the Mithioga race. I bring disaster and already cause the dead of my brother and the branch of my family,......

So, I bring disaster to whoever is near to me. If you don't want me and reject our connection, I am obliged to whatever you choose"

Ari feigned calmness and nonchalantly turn his head but his hand ball into a fist tighter.

"I see..."

Ari flinched while JYN calmly nodded her head.

But her consciousness was roaring wildly...

Holy fuck! Holy Fuck! Holy Fuck!

She has such a beautiful man as her soulmate? Such a fine man is hers? Is she dreaming?

JYN silently pinch herself, nope, it hurts, she is not dreaming.

Although the man in front of her has the smell of blood and dead, JYN know that he is an innocent good person. Although he acts stiff and stoic he is literally wearing his emotion on his sleeves. He looked like a lamb, oh my, JYN has the impulse to drag him in a bed and bully him. Aiss , what a quandary!.. you know, taint him with sin.

Aooo...she is not going to let him go, he said he is her soulmate. Letting such a beautiful person go is a sin worthy of ten lifetime execution!

Darling, what misfortune? What disaster? She is even willing to tread on fire and mountains of knife for him ah..

Ari felt more and more cold with each ticking silent. His eyes dimming, slowly starting to lose the luster.

"I don't know or can feel the connection like you do"

As expected, Ari try to smile calmly, his eyes getting colder, he really is an abandoned unable to be loved.

"So, why don't we start by dating and get to know each other? Accumulate feelings"


Ari could feel his heartbeat slowly starting and gradually beat at a rapid speed. He was startled so much.

"A date like human did.. or. .. do you not like it?"


Ari hurriedly exclaim out.

"Then its settled"

JYN said while clapping her hand.



"Don't you also not like a person who will bring you disaster?"

Ari asked timidly.

"What disaster, what misfortune, don't worry, I am amazing, I won't let anything hurt you".

JYN consoled with a reassuring smile, thinking that her man was scared. Pitiful him, she won't let him get hurt again.

Ari dazedly stare at JYN, lost in her warm smile.

Ari really believed in his heart that JYN really does not know the severity of the meaning behind 'Unlucky Star'.

He knows that as an unlucky star he should not stay with her to not let her get hurt, but the moment he saw her, he just too much crave for her warmth and love.

He will leave her when he see a sign of disaster.


Looking at the warmth around Ari and JYN, for the first time, Eira had a frown on her face.

A displeasure flashing in her eyes, the emotion she was familiar with whenever she saw something annoying and whenever she felt irritation and want to cause destruction.

Of course, JYN was too busy ogling the beauty before her eyes, failing to perceive the emotion of Eira.



Author cosmos owl here;

I am envious of JYN.

If a beautiful male fall on my lap, I would never let him go as well.

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