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Ayakha the Queen

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They say Kings and Queens are born but I say,they are made.Through tears,joy, sorrow and hardships they go through.Our little Ayakha grew up in a warm loving home surrounded by her parents with no siblings or extended family...or so she thought.After losing her parents her world became a rollercoaster,she felt like Alice lost in wonderland. She made good friends along the way but will that be enough for her to keep in control and what happens when an handsome looking gentleman comes knocking in her heart? Will she open up or remain in the dark tunnel she finds herself in?.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


"Ayakha!" "Ayakha!" yells my mom at the top of her lungs.See,I am the only child at home living with my dad and mom.Oh I so loved them so much. "I am coming mommy" I yell back just so she could stop with her yelling. My mom was a very beautiful woman,tall with dark complexion,eyes so green you'd swear she is some kind of an alian,where else my dad was build strong with muscular body and bald.Now that is a scary old man but he means well in his own way.

I make my way to my bathroom and have a quick shower,we wouldn't want to be all smelly so early in the morning now...would we? I laugh at that thought.I love my room so much,it is simple yet elegant,build in cream white wardrobe that matches with the bedding and en-suit which is my second favourite place.Unlike my creamy room,my bathroom was dark with a touch of grey,a small gym where I do my workouts.Our house is small because well...we are a small family.

After I was done with everything.I made my way to the kitchen to be welcomed by a smell of oat meal which is my favourite "Swidy, tomorrow it's your first day at work you should train that lazy ass of yours to wake up early" my mom scolds hitting my forehead playfully "Ouch! mom, I am now a grown ass woman,stop flicking my head.And besides... I have you to wake me up,no alarm can beat that scratchy loud voice even the birds have given up singing in the morning" I say running away from my mom as she starts chasing me around in the house.

My mom is playful and I can talk to her just about anything we are close like that,she is like my twin but fraternal because my body is nowhere like my mom's.I am tall and bit lighter incomplexion than her because of my father,abs to die for...I work out baby that's kinda of my hobby really.I inherited my mom's family green eyes,my family is very comfortable they were even surprised that I was looking for work right after varsity but just like my father I am a hustler.

Speaking of fathers,I haven't seen him today but my mom told me that,he arrived late yesternight from his business trip.I have a lunch date with Khalifa my boyfriend of two years,he is a simple guy still trying to make ends meet but I don't mind because I am well taken cared of at home and I would sometimes boost him.He lives only with his little sister,their father apparently left them after their mother's death.I love being with him although his sister despises me for silly reasons but I don't really care much about that,I am raised to be a strong woman and fend for myself.Anyway,she wanted Khalifa for her best friend who apparently had a crush on him,oh look at that so young and already playing cupid.

After breakfast I helped my mom around the house with chores.Looking at the wall clock it is already time for to get ready,so I headed to my room to get ready for my lunch date.The weather is all sunny with a little breeze good enough for a loose long floral yellow dress with brown gladiators and a light brown strawhead,I did not bother with makeup.After double checking myself in the mirror,I took my car keys and headed out but before I do,I bumped into my dad's and hugged him immediately.

I missed him alot since he went away "It's only been few hours kiddo and you already like this" says my dad smilling and holding me tight with just as much love "I know daddy I just missed you" I say letting go and head out because I was starting to get late.

"Leaving already?" Asks my mom.

"Yes mom am late for lunch,I love you guys" bye dad.I say running to my car before he bombast me with questions.Now I wonder what's with this sudden lunch invite after our fight...

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