Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 9- Home Sweet Home


"Break his neck,break his hands off our mate let me out now so that I can show him!"

I am trying to keep my lycan from taking control,I had just found out the minute I set foot in that building being hit by the most aromatic scent ever with cherries on top,it couldn't have been Khanna we have established that a long time ago,my lycan kept pacing up and down chanting *mate*mate*mate* I didn't even bother with Khanna as I made my way to the boardroom where they were holding Sonia's birthday.

As I was about to turn we collided head on with electricuting sensation after that followed by that aroma *mate* we locked eyes and I felt as my life being whole.I found her,that little Pipsqueak is mine but than I had to tell them that am leaving I cannot neglect my duties any longer my heart broke thousand times watching her run to the toilet crying,my word am already making her cry.

It's for her own good along with our Queen,we need to change those old hags rules and bring about change. Back to reality Sonia is dancing with Eric that pushed me to growl absentmindedly at him realising what I did,I just stormed out of the building I needed a run.

16:00pm time to get home I never went back to the office,I had already booked a flight for this evening to Sweden all paper work for my business have been taken cared of by my other partner he's a witch and a very powerful one at that married to a princess of Wales kingdom now that's pure power,that coven rules all coven they have only one child I wonder where is she now she was a cute little strong thing.

Sir Lance will be managing everything from now on I trust him,he'll do a good job.00:00am I'll be departing,my lycan has been fighting me for control so he can go claim our pipsqueak rules be damned but I am the voice of reason in the matter.

Brother I'll be arriving in hours we have so much to talk about.

I texted my brother the King,I have alot of explaining to do,I hope after all that my head will still be attached with my body but I don't have a choice am also making some sacrifices here. *Ding*ding*

I cannot wait my brother I'll tell Zethu to await your arrival am down here at Slovakia for some treaty dispute

Oh I don't miss that one bit, playing referee between hot headed ego controlled alpha's but Mozokhi is another breed ruthless unmerciful he takes no ish from them,now you might think he would want such matter be handled by his second or third command no...and those idiots of alpha's tend to do that mistake of thinking that too.

He loves an element of surprise catching his preys trembling with fear only he can instill in them how I wish to be a fly in that room. Enough daydreaming time to head out so no one can catch me here for goodbyes I don't do those,I called a cab earlier on to take me to the airport *pip pip* pip pip* that must be the cab.

Bye South Africa you've been good to me...with one last glance I took off but not before I grabbed a photo of work fun day.

Sonia has been blowing my phone and I couldn't bring myself to answer the phone 'its for her own good,I kept repeating those words in my head until I could believe them. My phone has been on airplane mode during this long exhausting flight as I make my way out of the airport after landing I exhale the air in nooope! I think to myself nothing beats the South earthy smell.


Now that you don't get everyday the joy in my sister's face and tears streaming down her cheeks,yes she's dramatic like that she knows how to make an entrance.

"Oh My Zethu" I meet her with the same excitement,I haven't seen her in 100 years but she's still as beautiful it's like the years stood still while she aged like wine.

Zethulele is a younger sister of the King and am her adopted brother but I never felt so,they never made me feel like that. She was short, coffee coloured with milk completion she shared silver eyes that I guess they have inherited from their family,an average body,she's very beautiful with dark short hair and she was well mannered unlike someone I know.

"Jag saknar dig bror" which means I miss you brother in English,I haven't spoke my home language in a while but I could never forget my roots.

"Jag saknar dig också kanin" I say to her mirroring her emotions in a tight hug.

"You have been gone for so long one might think you have forgotten all about our roots and language my dear brother,are you still a womanizer?" She asks with a brow raised "Hey don't hate the player,hate the game am sure you know the saying little one"

"Arg! fuckoff that's bulldoze ish and you know it what's gonna happen when you find your mate and she realise you haven't been saving yourself for her huh?" She scolds like she's an elder here but I must admit she hit a nerve there,I've been banging someone close to Sonia and openly being a jerk and I left her behind...man I screw up "Hey hey hey I didn't mean anything by it,am sorry dude I know she's there somewhere you'll find her but for heaven's sake give that poor d** a break you gonna...." She suddenly starts to sniff me and her eyes went wide with realisation oh fuckie fuck Ayakha's scent still lingers on my clothes.

"The queen..." Am screwed!!.

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