Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 10-Am An Idiot


Sonia was never the same ever since Okhufa left, I had tried everything in my power to make her forget about that jerk.Talking about men,one in particular has been blowing my phone non stop ever since he came back and I don't even know how he got my new numbers.Khalifa thinks he can waltz back into my life like he didn't break my heart when he left here...you know what today it's not about him. We throwing my mom a birthday party but it will only be us.

"Heri katika siku

yako ya kuzaliwa

Afya njema na furaha

Afya njema na furaha

Afya njema na furaha mpendwa wetu Reba

Afya njema na furaha mpendwa wetu Reba

Maisha bora marefu

Maisha bora marefu

Maisha bora na marefu mpendwa wetu Reba

Maisha bora na marefu mpendwa wetu Reba"

We sang a happy birthday for my mom in her mother's tongue Swahili which am still not trying to learn til now,but for today I made an effort just to see her happy "Oh my word you guys are making me shy and you mister,you making me shy" she says looking at my dad with those bedroom eyes "Ew! guys am still in the room,do you mind?" I say making sick faces and they both laughed at me.

"Thank you very much guys this means alot"

"Time for gifts now" I yell getting up to get her my gift and the rest of the night went on with us celebrating my mom's birthday *ding* ding*

Ayakha please come outside it won't take long I promise you please

I groan getting up it's now or never as I make my way outside,my parents had already called it a day after cutting the cake.

"Make it fast I would like to get back to bed early tonight,what is it?" I ask a bit too harsh but who cares he broke my heart "I know I messed up really bad and even 'am sorry' won't cut it. I never deserved you to begin with but you gave me a chance and just like an idiot I am I screw it up,I won't tell you am sorry but I need a chance to show you how sorry I am for breaking us and breaking your heart because baby believe it or not I love you so much" at this point am tearing up and he's also tearing up holding me in his arms.

"You really did screw up,didn't you? oh you damn idiot you better not make me regret my decision" I say with a passionate kiss I could master "I won't ever let you go..."

It is a fun day at work today and am the host this year meaning I have to see to it that everyone is fed and people are safe and not feeding the animals and oversee the adoption of domestic animals. Sonia has been helping me alot mostly to try take off her mind from Okhufa "Ayakha dude...are you sure about this Khalifa character I don't mean to be rude or anything but there's something unsettling about him he seems to good to be true" I know she's trying to look out for me and all but am a grown ass woman and Khalifa loves me "Can we not talk about Khalifa right now cause it's quite clear you hate him without no reason,not every man is like Okhufa" I regretted saying those words as soon as they left my mouth.

Sonia stormed off without saying a word to me "Sony!! wait up am sorry I didn't mean any of that,Sony!" Now that didn't help...am such an idiot.I may aswell lost the only friend I had and now I have no one to help me clean up this mess arg! I groan at my stupidity and face slap myself 'nice going Aya'.Sonia is my friend,she has been there for me and what did I do the first chance I got to be there for her? I pushed her back to self pity state.

"You thinking about that friend of yours?" Khali questions cutting me off my train of thoughts after our heated session we just had,for some unknown reasons he hates her too now this should alarm me but hey am an idiot when it comes to him "She didn't deserve such treatment from me,she was just looking out for me and I went all ape ish on her,I feel so bad".

he lifts my chin up with his finger and said "forget about her she was trying to instigate you against me what kind of a friend is that? Forget her you have me now my sugar dingding" he declares capturing my lips leading us back to our steamy session...round twooo.Like an idiot I was I fell hard and fast for Khali,my parents hated him and that caused a drift between us,we were constantly fighting something we hardly do. He kept telling me I don't need anyone else I have him now and like an idiot I was I believed him.

I moved out from home and went to live with him in a small cottage,living my parents house.My mom tried to reason with me but my dad told her to let me go. One morning I woke up with unsettling feeling and I was puking everything out.Khalifa rushed me to the doctor even when I insisted that am okay "I took the test to the lab miss Jacqueline they should be back shortly" thanks doctor.Khalifa didn't tell my parents saying that I don't need them,I even left my job so that I can spend time with him.

"Miss Jacqueline,the doctor will see you now" I nod my head and quickly went to the doctors office "Congratulations miss Jacqueline you are pregnant" I was not surprised,I was so happy knowing my mom will be thrilled with the news but what hurt me was what Khali said "Damn woman haven't you ever heard of contraceptives,you getting an abortion"


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