Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 11-Sonia To The Rescue


"Excuse me?" I ask now back at our place.

"You heard me I don't have time to play fucking house with you" at this point am livid with anger.

"Take me home you peace of shit I thought you are a man of noble character,I had sacrificed alot for you and this is how you treat me? My word I was such an idiot to fall for you,take me home now!".

*Knock*knock* someone is at the door probably his sister to piss me off more,I swung the door open to meet eyes with none other than Sonia,to say I was happy and relieved in such a longtime will be an understatement.

"I hope it's not a bad time" I flung my hands to her giving her a tight hug,she doesn't waste time hugging me back and I whisper in her ear... "Take me home to my parents please..." She gave one look to Khalifa as he threw my bag of clothes at us spitting.

"Take her am done with her" my word I never learn.On the way I can see Sony wanted to say something "Spit it out" Sonia clears her throat before she beginnings.

"Khalifa is married Ayakha, Married to Khanna it's been 3 years,I came to your place today to tell you and if you weren't going to come with me I was going to take you by force" silence... complete and utter silence "I am pregnant Sonia..." She doesn't seem surprised at all like she already knew but who could have told her I just found out today myself.

"I know Aya in fact it was your mom who told me to come fetch you at once" I started to tear up, even when I was rude to them they never stopped caring "It's gonna be okay just you see,now go inside they are waiting for you" I waste no time running to the house I have missed them alot.

"Rocky!!" My dad yells with tears in his eyes now that's new but it is welcomed "Daddy... mommy..I am so sorry I missed you... I missed you so much" we are all now a crying mess and it is all my fault I let my stupidity do the thinking.

"Am pregnant mom but he doesn't want our baby" I cry "It's okay Ayakha we are here aren't we? he or she is going to become part of our family and we love and care about our family" my mom comforts me.

"Yes Rocky am gonna have a buddy to play with just you watch" my dad pushes me playfully and we laugh. It is is amazing coming back home,that night we had a feast it was sort of a welcome home party afterwards we bid each other goodnight and went to sleep.

My pregnancy was smooth no complications and as promised my parents were always there I even forgot about that coward.I was in my third trimester and all huge, tonight the moon was bright and it was so cool outside and quite...too quiet if you ask me but I didn't think much of it.

"Ayakha!! Get inside now" my dad runs to me from the garage before purple smoke invaded my nostrils and I started to cough up,I hear my mom in all that chanting in ancient language

"Hahaha Lance and Reba Royal idiots,for how long where you both thinking you can hide from me,see I orchestrated everything... my son Khalifa meeting your daughter was no coincidence and the idiot almost ruined the plan but everything played out in the end,now let it go!!" A man I just found out is Khalifa's father spits.

I am so in shock I don't know what is going on here,is this magic?? Or am just being hormonal and hallucinating "Leave right now and nobody will get hurt" my dad spits back "Oh Lance still a pain aren't you,look at her she doesn't even know what's going on poor soul,spare her the headache of the hierarchy ish and give up your powers"

"Powers?" I question my mom silently but she just smiles innocently at me,so these two are cool and they didn't bother letting me know about it,okay conversation for another day back to gargamel "We warned you... Phillies!!." And with that my parents started chanting spells right left and centre killing without mercy but some ran away as they saw a group of people coming from the west chanting spells,my parents had threw me in some sort of a bubble protection spell but that didn't stop Phillies from breaking it in an attempt to kill me too seeing his child dead.

"A child for a child" and with that he evaporated in the air "Mommy...daddy...I can't feel her heart beat" I am panicking am dying I was hit hard and I can't hear my baby's heart beat.

"Reba we have no choice it won't save the baby but she can live to fight another day" I hear my dad say..."She's gonna break without us Lance and hate us" my mom is sobbing still holding me in her arms.

"It's for her...it's for the best" my dad says kissing us and hugging us while chanting some spells little by little I can feel my life essence begin to come back but not of my baby's,after a while silence than darkness.I woke up to different figures holding me, instantly my hands flew to my stomach and I started to panic "Where is my baby" I ask jumping off their secure arms...I am going crazy now I am looking around like a mad woman till my eyes landed on three bodies beautiful wrapped.

"No no no no,what the fuck is going on MOMMY! DADDY!...my baby no no no,wake them up come on somebody,yes you" I go to an old man "Wake them up do that vodoo thing you guys did,come on Mom!! Dad! Baby come on its no longer funny" I am a mess right now going crazy broken to no extend,I went to sit just above their heads and spoke..

"Guys come on its no longer funny,mom please open your eyes speak Swahili with me I swear I'll listen and learn this time come on dad you not one for jokes don't let her trick you into this wake up guys" at this moment they all looking at me breaking apart with my dead baby in my hands "Guys please you promised,you promised I will never forgive you nooooo! it's painful make it stop please bring them back,how am I gonna live without them Soniaaaaa!!!".

I head to her falling on my knees in front of her shaking her "Talk to my mom tell her to stop playing such game...it hurts so bad" she just looked at me with sadness,I stood up again and went to sit just above their heads than a figure so powerful so warmly hugged me so tightly with so much love,who is that? than I passed out but not before I connected my eyes with Okhufa.
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