Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 12-I Got Your Back


"The queen!"

I saw as Zethu gasp with shock after sniffing me,for a while there I had forgotten about Ayakha scent,it was gonna take a while for it to come off. I really didn't think my ignorant of a sister will catch on it but what am I saying she a royal lycan of course she'll sniff her on me.

"...Uhm yeah the queen..." I start scratching the back of my neck not really sure how to go about this "Am waiting Okhufa,what the hell man how could you sleep with your bothers mate and..." I cut her off,is she crazy of course she will think that but really now? that's low even for me.

"No no no hold up,I didn't sleep with her maybe a hug.She was my colleague okay and we started being friends and all,I would never do that man.Look,she's human and you know the rules,I say screw them but you know your brother his family comes first and his people before his happiness I didn't know what to do...hell I still don't know what to do"

I answer her throwing my hands in the air,this has been a weight on my shoulders for quite a while,I left my own mate behind too for fuck sake.

"There's more, isn't it?" She asks nearing me, because she had stepped back a moment ago to go all dramatic on me catching me off guard,she may have sensed my lycan at peace of which that can only happen when a lycan has found and accepted their mate.

"Yes" I answered running my hands on my face my word this is draining "Spill dude, don't be waiting for me to bombast you with questions first".

"Okay I also found my mate a day before I came here and she's also a human,and she's so fiesty, beautiful and kind-hearted. She's a friend of Mozokhi's mate our Queen,I had to leave her behind and it is painful as hell but I had too for her sake I had to atleast just until we change everything here" I say so low knowing well that she can hear me,I didn't even realise I was tearing up till she engulfed me in a hug.

"Hush now brother everything is gonna be okay,hey hey look at me we got this. Let's meet mom first to help us with this whole thing and figure out our next move,we will have to use the back entrance so she can seal of that scent from you,come now you must be hungry."

"Wait wait Zethu you can't tell anyone about this but mom not even brother if we want this whole thing to yield ripe fruits,I mean no one Zethulele" I scold because I know her,I call her a chipping bird for a reason but seeing this is a serious issue I trust she'll keep it to herself "Relax will you,I got this jeez".

I didn't say a word as we made our way to her sports car,man I miss my pipsqueak my lycan has been in one of his moods more like mourning her.

"She's not dead you idiot you very well know why we had to leave her behind"

Silence...okay fine am not gonna beg him anymore one of us has to be strong, can't wait to see mom.Our lovely mother is a hybrid, halfwitch-halflycan the only child who took her witches traits is Mozokhi making him stronger than he already is.

"And here we are brother, welcome home" my sister wakes me from my thoughts as I roll down the window to be met with a huge yard and mansions all over,they each had their magnificent colour that reels you in...that's so inviting yep! am home alright am happy... slightly.

"Oh my baby is home,look at you all thin and bones,you promised to take care of yourself now look at you. Come on I cooked all your favourites and I cannot wait to hear what's your excuse for leaving those girls behind" Oho Ohoo here comes trouble.After lunch we stayed back with our mom while she was busy working her magic on me and me letting her in,onto the situation I find myself in.

"I spoke so many times with your father to change the rules regarding mates,as I have foreseen this kind of thing happening but he kept telling me that he's not a King without his people and his people have layed those rules thousands of years ago"

"Mom we can still change those rules as they are affecting us the future generation of Wolverines Kingdom,we really do have to change it even if it means going to war with our own kind" my sister declares

"Ayakha the queen..." My mom says out of nowhere surprising us both because I haven't told her Aya's name yet. I can see her eyes dancing with happiness I couldn't quite decipher,it was officially my mom knew more than she's letting on.

"Mom.." I start but she cuts me off with a raise of her hand "This is not as easy as we thought it would be..." She trails off not finishing what she was saying,of course we know it's not gonna be easy but I have a feeling that she's not talking about the council.

"Mother you have to tell us what's going on why did you call her a queen" my sister asks reading my own thoughts "That's because....dear children she's the only hier to Zambezi Kingdom of coven of witches" shock...mouth gape open...now that wasn't expected at all this changes everything.

"This changes everything..." I mumble under my breath

"Oh no no no dear child it doesn't,it took a while for the Wolverine kingdom to accept me it was your father that fought tooth and nail for me. Don't get your hopes up even witches are a still no no but I trust you all to change it but you need to sway your brother to your side because with him by your side nothing can stand in your way" my Mom says cupping my face with tenderly mother care.

It is going to be a hard journey ahead of us but for the future queen of Wolverine kingdom and my Pipsqueak I am willing to die trying.My mom had let us in on Ayakha's parents history, apparently her mom and dad were the rulers of their kingdom until a group of witches that went dark attacked the kingdom killing woman and children and everyone who dared to help them,they fought hard to save their people but they lost forcing them to go into hiding for 400 years.

Zambezi Kingdom according to my mom,burned down to non existence and the witches that survived transferred their powers to the king and queen. But no one knows when they will attack again.Upon the king and queen's death those powers will automatically go back to their people,this was a way of protecting them.

Wow this is a lot to take in, fighting arrogant lycans easy peasy but crazy old dark rouge witches not so much. Mozokhi is not yet back from Russia which gave me enough time to plan on how to approach that hot headed idiot.
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