Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 13- Stubborn alpha's


It has been two months since I've been here,these hot-headed alpha's can't seem to be wanting to reach an agreement. I miss home I miss my family am exhausted of this endless bickering if it was up to me I would have long detached their heads from their bodies,I couldn't even welcome my brother properly back home 'I need to make up for that' I make a mental note to myself.

It's the last day today I've left the kingdom for far too long without a ruler thank goodness Okhufa showed up when he did I had to take my third in command Thoril in case something goes ape-ish he's good in combat not that I need a sitter but even the greatest needs help sometimes.

Thoril is like family I know he'll guard me like his life depended on it,he's a handsome man more like a ladies man,they used to cause chaos in the kingdom before Okhufa left for his 'training' but it was more of a 'go grow up and be a man' sort of thing.

My mom had had enough of his ways as she was afraid his mate might be around and reject him when he meets her because of his behaviour.Well Thoril on the other hand was almost rejected by his mate it took a lot of begging,grovelling before she finally gave in hahaha that's why am saving myself for my Queen...where ever she is.

She's not where we are or where we have travelled to,we need to deal with the fact that she might be of a different specie

"Or she hasn't come of age yet" I cut my lycan off,someone is a negative Nancy,anywho we can't have a human or witch as a mate our people would flip we don't need such an uproar. We have been living in peace after the rouge war and witches regarding my mom.I heard my dad lost it to pieces,these old hags will not bend the rules again for anyone. But I can't help wondering what if....

"My King,the meeting is about to start" Thoril appears cutting me off my train of thoughts it's the last meeting today hopefully these twats will come to an agreement before they lose their sorry lives.They have been at it for a while now according to my mom there has been disputes upon disputes,my father would come here for months to resolve only for the war to begin a few months after his departure.

Well I won't have it and I am going to make it absolutely clear when I step out of these lands,am not to be played with I don't believe in people asking for mercy after doing a wrong thing aware that it is wrong.

"My King.... anything the matter? you just went AWOL" Thoril speaks again bringing me back from my trail of thoughts I must say I've been doing that alot lately.

"No Thoril nothing is the matter, just this thing with these alpha's has taken a toll on my peace of mind. Come let's go and see if we can't end this as quickly and peaceful as possible"

"Oh and miss all the fun?" He pouts making his long eyelashes flicker,what a drama queen "You are insufferable,that will take us longer than necessary I don't know about you but I miss my Kingdom" I say smacking his head

"Aw!! Dude...come on I know you always down for some action and I saw how your lycan have been pushing to come out and teach them a lesson especially that arrogant Alpha Kappa and his army of arrogance, I swear I was this close to feeding him his teeth" Thoril lashes out

"Now now man calm down we here to solve not to escalate the matter worse no matter how royally pain they are we just have to endure" I state as a matter of fact,we are Royals and we are the rulers of both lycans and wolves as such we need to maintain a certain degree of behaviour.

"Yes your majesty..." He wanted to say more but he knew my word is final,I understand where's he's coming from us lycans especially Royals,we do not tolerate disrespect and these idiots have been anything but..."Look at the bright side,we finish here fast we get to go home and you'll shake all that energy in sparing with Okhufa.

His eyes went wide open than they already were,I got him there I mentally high five myself. He didn't know he was back Okhufa wanted to surprise him I guess he really missed him.

"What the what?!!"

"Gamma questions later,we gonna be late for a meeting" I cut him off we need to rap up this and head home will have that q&a on our way back.

"Ahh! Yes your highness....What?!!" Oh my word it's gonna be a long flight back home, what have that idiot of my brother got me into haaa! "But my King those two lands have been shared amongst us people of the east as it was unclaimed!"

"You dare raise your voice on me Alpha Kappa?!! Didn't your mother teach you how to share?!! The lands that you claim are shared are the very same darn lands that took me from the comfort of my castle to this cold place,yes they are shared so why the hell on earth are you raging war on other alpha's for that very same 'supposedly shared lands' huh?"

"Your majesty that's not tru...-"

"Oh shut it now,Alpha Kappa you will stop your nonsense or I swear to God the next time I come here I won't be this calm!!" I cut him off using my Alpha King's voice,I can see everyone wincing from the pain of its effect.I was done playing Mr cool.

Thoril stood up,I've always preferred him to such meetings than my brother though we are not of the same parents but you wouldn't say without being told. We are so similar in so many ways,he would have long killed Alpha Kappa for his disrespect and I would have landed him a hand.He's not really a patient guy when it comes to such matters,Imagen all the drama that would have occurred that could have been easily avoided.

"Alpha Kappa, Alpha Juhi, Alpha Aloha,Alpha Oleg and Alpha Igor I will send each one of you an agreement as soon as My King is done with it you all need to sign it and send it back via email and gentlemen... let's not meet again over petty issues find a hobby" I smirk at that Thoril just knows what to say

"Y'all heard my Gamma ,this meeting is adjourned....and Alpha's you start this war again y'all not only will lose your pack but your lives too and this time I will be bringing Beta Okhufa" I smirk I know they fear that lunatic after me.

I was followed by 'Yes your majesty' 'yes my king' blah blah blah I didn't bother staying and listening to their fake praises, luckily when we headed to the meeting earlier we had already packed

Let's get out of this dump place

My lycan makes his presence known "you don't have to ask me twice" Come to think of it I haven't heard a word from home ever since Okhufa's return and I have a feeling I can't shake,that something is up. Nonetheless, Wolverine Kingdom your King is coming.

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