Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 14- Why Is Everyone On Edge?

The flight back home was long and as expected Thoril bombarded me with questions about Okhufa, I swear to God am going to kill him.

"Dude how many times do I have to tell you,he said that he wanted to surprise you and I shouldn't utter a word about it and I did just that till I had a slip of a tongue and am blaming you on that one"

"I am his best friend not his mate that idiot is tripping I tell you" at this point I can't contain my laughter their relationship is beautiful though am thankful that he was there for Okhufa when I wasn't because of the Kings mandatory training.

"How am I supposed to understand your relationship huh? Maybe y'all used to date who knows really" I say fake gagging

"Y'all messing with me now Lethabo will kill me and leave me you bloody royal idiots" hahaha got him oh he's so easy to play with,I was on my knees laughing poor guy.

I must say his mate has really straighten him up although there are still some wrinkles only noticable by us his close friends,I was happy for him when he finally met her now its only me and my brother. Which brings me to a realisation that he hasn't said a word about a mate during our calls back when he was in South Africa,I think we have a lot catching up to do.

At the airport Wolverine Kingdom came in numbers to welcome home their King and Lady Catherine my chosen by the council,fucky fuck I had totally forgotten about her. She's too tall for my liking, and she loves wearing short clothes I bet she's shopping at kiddies section poor soul.

"My King,Gamma welcome home" I grit my teeth internally,I hate her with all my heart she doesn't have any ounce of shame in her and that always screams trouble.

"Lady Catherine..." He says fake bowing to her and smirking at me oh little punk I'll get you for that.

"Let's head home it's been a long flight,Lady Catherine see you later" the driver drove off without even giving her a chance to reply arg!! Where the hell is the one meant for me.

Why did my father have to leave me with such ignorant old hags,he should have fired them all,the time they waged war against my mother's coven. To think that they could have killed her render me hopeless,I mean they have the numbers and support of the kingdom in regards of our people's rules to not mate outside of our specie with an exception of wolves of course.

I can't shake what my lycan said earlier just what if she's not of our specie that could cause an uproar in my Kingdom, something I have been avoiding for a long time. Our kingdom is known to be the peaceful one,my people follow the rules. It is beautiful with seven cities in it but the one that stands out is Magalies city.

It has a big golden statue of my father in his lycan form with my father of course,a beautiful enchanting lake with creatures like ducks on it. There were boats to sail around for picnic dates and whatever new mated lycans do these days.

There were various shops to get just about anything you need and few restaurants and a bakery. Apparently that's where my parents met,my mom loved gingerbread from that bakery so much that she risked her life using magic to come to our kingdom. That's where they met and my dad took her to the boat and they mated ewww!!.

"We are here, your Majesty" Vicksie informs me pulling infront of my humble abode,oh I miss it so much.

"Yeah home sweetie homie Vicksie" he laughs at me as I make my way to the door but before I could step in....

"Zethu!!" I almost fell faceflat to the ground as my baby sister threw herself on my back,I forgot how crazy she is.

"Brother oh my God what is this that am hearing you have a chosen?" Arg!! Man not this again who could have possibly informed her.

"Will you relax and keep your voice down I don't want Okhufa to hear this" I reply walking inside the house

"Oh too little too late you bloody fluffy idiot, I was with him when Lord Donavan announced during the council meeting" fucky fuck hell this was not supposed to happen until the lunah ceremony.

"Where is he?"

"Right here brother" I turn to come face to face with my brother,I embraced him with so much brotherly love and he reciprocated. I didn't realise how much I missed him and needed him,a tear dropped and he caught it with his thumb.

"Dude I really missed you,damn man I fucking needed you so much am so tired man" I drop down to my knees holding my now teary face with my hands. I am so tired of all this the weight that I've been carrying on my shoulders trying to keep everyone happy I even forgot about my own happiness.

"Am here brother am sorry man,get up am not going anywhere. Now what is it that am hearing about your chosen? Damn man you're the king you can't just chose a mate" he's right about that but am doing this for my people and to keep peace.

"And that is why I am doing this brother for the fact that am a King and my duty is to my people first" I say walking away I can't listen to him anymore.

"What about your mate? What will you say to her when you meet her huh?!!" I can see he's getting agitated but there was something else in his voice that I can't decipher.

"Than I will just have to reject her for taking so long that I had to take a chosen!!" I shoot back

"You such a bloody idiot how dare you say that after all I've been..."

"Okhufa! Stop it mom is looking for you this is not the time please brother" Zethu cuts him off making me more suspicious to their behaviour they are so on edge,but right now am too pissed of to even care.

I left them standing there with brother trying to control his lycan,he dared challenged me. Hell am also having a hard time trying to process all this I didn't want all this but what was my choice in the matter? All I wanted was to hang out with my brother but someone had to go ahead and ruin it.

We gonna have to have a little talk with Lord Donavan

"That we do..."

"My King am here..." Catherine enters my room swaying her hips the nerve,now any man would take her right here right now with a body like a Barbie but am not just any man "Get the hell out before I rip you into shreds" I state coldly I don't have time for this now. Tomorrow I'll be meeting that darn council heads will roll.

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