Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 15 - Have You Lost It?


"Hey hey hold up right there,what the hell was that all about? You were this close to fucking ruining our plan!"

"Fuck the plan Zethulele fuck it to oblivion, he's getting mated to a chosen a flipping chosen!" I cry holding my head in my hands, what's the use of a plan now when things are clearly going haywire.

"You need to calm down first you are midway shift Okhufa,we cannot tell Mozokhi yet not like this" I didn't even realise I had shifted midway till she pointed it out. I was thinking about my Pipsqueak and Ayakha I sacrificed alot for him so whether he likes it or not am going to stop this madness come what may.

"Fine give me some space Zethu, I'll come find you later I need to go say hi to Thoril"

"Okay see you later brother" I need to go see my friend I missed him and I heard that he's pissed at me little whinny.

*Knock* *knock* "Honey am home" I can hear foot steps and bickering on the other side,is that a girl that I hear, though Thoril never lets a girl sleep over she must be good.

"Am going to kill you Thoril if it's some floozie mini skirt rat behind that door"

"Aw!! Thabo I swear I haven't been messing around come on I've been away for Godsake" The hell is going on behind that door I was about to knock when the door flung open.

"Is this the bad time dude" I ask my best friend who's busy rubbing his head glaring at some short brunette with big blue eyes with beautiful body,she was wearing a flawing floral dress walking barefoot her face was covered with flour I guess she's been baking cookies by the aroma I smell in the house. Is that a baby bump I see Whoa!

"Okhufa man long time" I guess he finally saw its me

"My word a man Thoril"

"Aw!! Will you stop doing that babe,this is my best friend's brother of a King. Beta Okhufa this is my crazy mate and the love of my life etc etc Lethabo" I almost laughed but I had my share with short girls they are stubborn as ish.

"Am not crazy it's your fault that am like this!" Is she crying my word pregnancy hormones be playing with her hard right now.

"Am sorry your man here can be an idiot sometimes,need some help with that?" Though I was young when my parents died I used to help my mom alot around the kitchen.

"It's okay Beta Okhufa you are our guest, please come in and make yourself at home micasa sucasa. Will you be staying for dinner?"

"If that's no trouble and please call me Okhufa" she has earned that right anyone who can put this big guy to his knees it's an A good to me.

"Welcome home man" Thoril embraces me

We stayed and had the most amazing dinner ever the food was exquisite 'don't let mom find out about that' I mentally scold myself. We catched up on our old days, Lethabo had already retired to bed and left us alone,I need to tell him about all this he's my best friend after all.

"Dude there's a major thing I have to tell you and am counting on your total discretion on this" I start emphasizing the importancy of the matter clearly in my voice.

"Yeah man what's up you know I got you" That I know very well even when am in trouble he always bailed me out.

"I found my mate she's human,so is Mozokhi's mate and I can't bring myself to tell him knowing our rules" silence followed there in after making me ask myself whether I should continue or what...

"And you had to wait til after dinner to throw that at me? Dude that's huge bro am happy for you first thing first,now about the King WHAT!!???" Yeah we all had that reaction he's no exception we both know what it means and with Lady Catherine in the picture...

"There's more man she's not human as I thought according to my mother,she's a princess of witches coven Kingdom" Jaw dropped, I smirked at him and he knows why he looks way too funny I've been gunning for that jaw drop ever since I started breaking the news to him and by the look on his face he caught on.

"Hahaha idiot this is no time for jokes this is huge man,we have to stop that Luna ceremony and prevent that Barbie from becoming our Queen and we have to act carefully and smart" I know he means well but he's about to have a family of his own soon and I don't want to endanger their lives.

"Bro I know you always got my back and all but you are about to have baby I wouldn't want to endanger them in anyway"

"It's not up for discussion you guys are my family and family sticks together, fight together and die together,do not ask me to sit this one out " he cuts me off,put on your safety belts cause it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Now that all the heavy duty staff are out of the way, time for some questions like...

"Why the fuck didn't you tell me you found your mate even that traitor Mozokhi didn't say a word?"

"The same reason you didn't tell me that you coming am still mad at you for that" chicky pants shoots back

"Hey it was a surprise I would have came a bit earlier to see you but I got into an argument with the king when I found out about the chosen I just about lost it"

"You have to see it from his point of view he is a King and he loves his people dearly and respects those hags in the council like his elders what was he to do?" He's right now that I've calmed down I think I might have been inconsiderate a bit earlier.

"Yeah I know man I acted like such a hag also when he needed me the most I just went ape ish on him not once did I ever think about the battle he must be going through with his lycan" I declare honestly.

Our lycans are very sensitive and having a chosen it's risky rather than your actual mate alot has died due to this or they have lost their lycans, sometimes you find other lycans loves their chosen more than their mates when they find them they reject them some just whores around not wishing to have a mate and end up going crazy.

It's not all glitters and gold we are not controlled by the bond Selene has embedded on us we can always choose to ignore it but at a cost none of us can handle.

"It's been good man be sure to update me on your plans in detail so I can make plans for Lethabo"

"She's always welcome to stay with my mom am sure she'll be delighted to have her" she will be pampered rotten

"Problem solved but I need to let her in on this man don't worry I trust her with my life"

"Are you sure man this a sensitive matter" I know she's gonna have questions if she's supposed to leave her house and come stay at the castle with mom the less people know about this the better.

"Am sure bro, now move along my mate is waiting for me" eww mated mates are the worst

"Just wait for me to be eavesdrop away,will yah?" I yell rushing out,that will be me someday I think to myself.

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