Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 16- Lord Donavan the instigator


*wake up King Mozoq*

*Wake up King Mozoq*

Oh my word I curse the day I decided to get this smart speaker,talk about a nagging wife.

Like we don't have a nagging woman in our lives already

"Someone is grumpy super early in the morning,done sulking I presume?"

*I am always happy to serve arrogant beings my King* Alexa spits sarcastically at me and I wasn't even refering to her

*That was not meant for you Alexa and it is Mozokhi not the other way round*

*Same same difference My King*

*I swear...for the love of God just play dead*

*It's been a pleasure,till next time*

I am this close to throwing away this device out the window,was it that necessary for them to program it to be so obnoxious?.

Are you ladies done? We have more pressing matters to attend to like that bimbo and I couldn't help but notice how confident those Alpha's were like someone is fueling them

My lycan had a point how could I have missed it "you are right,now that I think of it but who? I mean who could possibly risk going head to head with me?"

I don't know either but we have to be weary of the council something doesn't feel right

The council? No they wouldn't dare risk it,am not like my father am a hybrid and the most powerful and feared King they should never take my respect for them as weakness.

"I doubt they would do anything but I'll keep my ears and tail up from here onwards" if my lycan senses something than there's definitely something brewing in the horizon.

"Now that's out of the way,why have you been ghosting me?"

You mating with a chosen a chosen you idiot you know what that means?

"It is our duty to our people and will be fine we hybrid" why is everyone acting like I also want this or am happy with it, it's starting to get on my nerves. I switch him off I can't do this with him now I have a meeting to get to.

"My King I hear beta Okhufa has returned yet I don't see him by your side" Lord Donavan interrupts waving his hands around making my dull morning even worse I guess I might kill him sooner than later.

"He will be here shortly not that he is needed in this matter" I spit trying so hard to reign in my anger with no success,it was quite evident in my tone and he realised this,it was like he was gunning for it.

"He's part and parcel of this council what do you mean he's not needed in this matter your Majesty" Can't we have a peaceful meeting atleast? I should have known Lord Kevin will join in on whatever Lord Donavan is trying to do...bloody fossils.

"There wouldn't have been a meeting needed if one of you hadn't made it their business to play gossip blogger and I am not going to explain myself to you" I say glaring at that instigator.

"Speak of the devil and he appears,beta Okhufa you late" Lord Kevin yells staring at the door as my brother walks in lazily like he was forced to come to this meeting,well I know he was because he hates these silly meetings.

"Late morning snack I presume?" Lord Donavan asks tilting his head to the side.

"The best, would you like me to update your harem those ladies look tired you must be wearing them off. Struggling to keep in control are we Lord Donavan or shall I say Donny?" Okhufa shoots back I can see the smirk playing on his lips,the asshat looks pale now like blood have been drained from his body.

He clears his throat "Well I don't know what you talking about beta but we here for an entirely different business".

"Oh I thought that was on the agenda since you brought 'snacks' up when I walked in my apologies mi Lord" he fakes bows with a smirk,he knows he won this round now in an occasion I would enjoy this but I want to get these old hags out of my castle.

"Gentlemen please,shall we start now?" I was met with the 'yes My King'

Lord Alec starts "My King I would like to apologise in behalf of my council members about the premature announcement of Lady Catherine" he glares at Lord Donavan,Lord Alec was the only man in the council I could pardon tall muscular with soft brown eyes and unkept beard with brown hair that resembles his eyes. Let's just say he was the brains in this group.

"The date has been set a month after the lunah ceremony during the full red Moon because you are an hybrid,Lady Catherine shall be crown Queen of Wolverine Kingdom" my lycan kept whimpering in my head frustrating me more,God if there's anything I can do to stop this and still keep the peace within the kingdom please now is the time.

"I know that Lord Lorenzo,is that all you wanted to say" I ask not even sparing them a glance

"Actually no my King there is one left on the agenda,Lady Catherine will have to move in the castle with you as your chosen" This bastard had a nerve to smirk after saying such a thing, he's poking me he's trying to push me to the edge and am afraid am fading right in the dark shadow he's pushing me into.

Okhufa remained quiet during the meeting I couldn't even read his thoughts he's has blocked me from them ever since I arrived home which makes me more curious of his behaviour. I couldn't even read his facial expressions because he remained stoic through out.

"Beta Okhufa do you have a question or anything to add?" Lord Donavan asks

He still remained stoic "I'll sure to never miss it for the world it is my King's big day after all, he'll be welcoming his Queen." He turns to look at me at his last sentence,was it pain that I saw in his eyes,am not sure cause it disappeared as soon as it appeared.

"Very well than,I think that is all my king for now" Lord Alec rise and bows to me

I tilt my head down slightly "The meeting is adjourned"

Everyone left and Okhufa was the last one to exit the door but before he could.

"Brother!! Wait" we need to iron this out mom will be devastated if she were to find out we not talking to each other and I also missed my brother

"What's this about My King" I guess I need a hotter iron for this.

"Look am sorry for last night I should have told you first, thought by now I would have a plan for this but I don't my hands are tight I also don't want this man. I still remember our dream of having our own mates and never choosing one" it was a little pact we did while growing up and now I feel as though am breaking it.

"I know brother,it just came as a shock to me.Mozokhi I think I have a plan to help you with this" what is he talking about what could possibly help me? Unless my mate comes strolling through the front door singing honey am home.

"What could possibly help brother?" I ask honestly

"Brother you need to listen to me carefully,back when I was at South Africa...."

*Ring ring* * ring ring*

"Oh am sorry brother I have to take this, it's from my spy at Slovakia will continue this conversation later" this might answer the questions my lycan instilled in my head this morning.

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