Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 17 - The Healing Handprint Stone

I need to find Okhufa there was something he wanted to tell me before we were interrupted by the call I received,they have caught on my spy and captured him before he was able to tell me anything. Something is fishy here they were sending a message to keep me on my toes.


"Yeah what have you got for me?"

"Alpha King am sorry I got caught..."

"Shut it you filthy mutt you are a traitor to your own kind you disgust me". I can hear a voice spit with so much hatred in it,I can regrettably say my little birdie has been caught but I know they won't harm him...not in a lethal way of course.

"What do you want?" I spit

"Ahh! Now that we have your attention you listen and you listen good,bring the healing handprint stone to the location I just sent or I might not be able to stop myself from coming after all of you" what the what stone now?

"I don't know what you talking about right now you gonna have to walk me through that slowly"

"Don't patronize me King of the damned,I give you until the coronation after that I won't be responsible for what happens...tick tock tick tock" I don't know what the hell he's talking about, before I could press the matter further he hung up

End of Flashback.

I need to see my mother about this she's a witch afterall and this spells witchy business but I still can't wrap my head around this. It was already evening when I decided to go see my mom after I having late lunch alone,I haven't seen brother ever since our talk he wanted to tell me something and it seemed important but no biggie I'll just find him after meeting mom.

I peak inside her room and I immediately notice her sitting on her favourite chair knitting some sort of a jersey oh I hope it's not for me please please.

"Mom...?" I call out to her making my way in the room

"We no longer knocking now,are we?" She slightly pulls down her glasses to glare at me through them "Am sorry Mem" I clear my throat nervously,King or not when it comes to my mom am still a little boy.

I made my way out the door and knocked.

"Come in honey, now that's a well mannered child I lovingly raised. What can I do for you?" She asks taking off her glasses and gestures me to come sit with her.

I don't waste time "Mother what can you tell me about the healing handprint stone?"

My mom's face paled up and her eyes went wide with shock.I have a feeling I was not supposed to know or better yet no one was supposed to know about this stone,yep I told you witchy business.

I shake her softly and begin "Mom if you know anything about this please you have to tell me it's a matter of life and death" I try to reason "Oh my word,oh my word it's happening please please not again" If it wasn't for my enhanced hearing I would have missed that and I was now getting impatien

I try again "Mom!!"

"What did you do Mozokhi?" The hell? is that all she's gonna say? "I did not do anything and I only heard about the stone today...more like a threat" I whisper the last part to myself but I know she heard me though she's not a lycan she comes from the three most powerful royal covens namely,Wales kingdom, Zambezi Kingdom and Sage Kingdom.

My mom is from Sage Kingdom, according to the story she told me Zambezi was attacked by Rouge witches who went dark craving more power. They were looking for something I don't remember what because I was young when she recited the story to me,my guard tells me that the stone got something to do with it.

"Remember the story I told you about when you were young? Well am afraid it's happening again" bingo! That means war is coming because from the sound of my mom's voice she's not willing to give up the stone if she has it.

She continues "That stone cannot fall into the wrong hands,lives were lost trying to protect that stone hell a kingdom was lost and the king and queen were forced to go into hiding to protect that stone,where did you hear about this?" Realisation hits her "When I left at Slovakia I had placed a little birdie to report to me any funny activities that might be going on. I couldn't help but notice how those Alpha's seemed to be over confident like they didn't notice my presence that of a King,they did everything in their power to defy me"

"That's common behaviour especially when the king visits a place full of alpha's with ego's, nothing unusual there" I understand what my mom is saying but that was not it.

"No mother,they were edge-gy and unsettled like something had a hold on them like someone was controlling them" I saw as my mother sunked in this information.

It looked like something finally came to mind "They are controlled by a dark spells only one person in particular loves if that's who am thinking of than we gonna need the covens help" I am the king and a hybrid I am more than capable to protect my people.

"Mother I am more than-"

"Capable to protect your people yes I get that honey but this is bigger than us,this fight started way before you were born and your powers aren't enough to protect everyone we need help" I understand where she's coming from she doesn't want to let harm come our way she's being a parent but am a King but these people can't be working alone I have a right mind to believe that there's a mule in the kingdom.

"I need to go see to it that Lady Catherine is settled in the castle, goodnight mom" I kiss her,I see her tense and I know for a fact it's not about the former nor the latter because she knows that Catherine is here and she loves kissing me goodnight. Am I missing something here?

"What's wrong mom" she rise from the bed

"Oh nothing dear it's been a long day now you leave I have to prepare for tomorrow" okay I'll let this one slide but she'll eventually have to tell me they all been acting weird come to think of it I haven't seen Zethu in a while like she's avoiding bumping into me,I know when she's like that there's a secret they keeping from me. Zethulele is bad at keeping secrets "Okay mom safe travels,God and Selene be with you" I recite our kingdom's motto.

After exiting my mother's chambers it was already late at night and I had skipped dinner, Catherine is probably sleeping,I think to myself.

Wouldn't that be nice??

"Hello Maximus NICE of you to grace us with your presence this evening" he has been quite alot these days and it was getting on my nerves I can't have my close people or lycans not on my side.He ignored my sarcastic remark and continues.

Don't be such a baby you don't need me to hold your hand to go about your day to day challenges,you have to get rid of that Barbie man

"And how do you suggest I go about it huh?how without pissing of the damn council,for now we just gonna have to roll down and play dirt till I can come up with a plan"

And when is that dude this girl screams trouble I tell you

"Your Majesty where have you been,I have been waiting for you" Speak of the devil and she shall appear.

"You shouldn't have,you must be tired I'll take you to your room" she seems to be disappointed at this,did she really think she was going to sleep in my room hahaha funny girl.

She pouts eww I hate that "Only if you let me play a song for you as a goodnight gift"

*Alexa register Lady Catherine*

*Registering Lady Catherine, relationship status my king?*

Why must she always have to put me in awkward positions

Before I could answer she beats me to it

*The Queen*

*The king's wife it is*

World swallow me hole "What's the song you wanted to play for me?" I ask trying to rescue myself from this situation.

*Oh yes Alexa play You're still the one by Shania Twain*

*Shall I play it now or when go to sleep my king? it is a goodnight gift after all from the Queen*

I didn't miss the sarcasm in her tone *it would be useless now,play it when I come back

*Your wish is my command*

I cannot listen to her anymore,I took Catherine to her room she did try to kiss me the hell is this girl playing at but I politely declined,now am standing behind my door room contemplating on whether I should stand here or go inside,I chose the latter and the second I stepped inside alexa played.

*Looks like we made it look how far we've come my baby.....*

I rushed so fast out the door and I think I spotted a shadow,who might that be so late.

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