Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 18- Following The Shadow

Being a curious King that I am,I decided to follow the shadow,it must be better than getting tortured by technology. I made my way out the garden and into the bushes following the shadow the more I got closer the faster it got,it was like magic I even used mine to make myself invisible but still.

I went further in the dark bushes but thanks to my lycan I can see clearly am closer to the shadow and I felt myself bump into something...rather someone.

"What the hell!!!?" He groans from the impact.Yep it was definitely someone I think I found who that shadow belonged to.

I make myself visible again and I ask using my Alpha King voice "Who are you and what are you doing in my castle?" I roar

"Oh will you give it a rest you bloody idiot you made me lose my trail"

"Okhufa? What are you doing in the bush so late at night" I should have known

"Same thing you doing apparently" he responds dusting himself off thorns

"You saw it too?"

"Yes I did and you made me lose him I was this close to catching him but he was using some sort of magic" Yeah I felt it too.

"Any Idea who might it be? because he was in the castle"

"I was about to find that out before you disturbed me fantastic four lady" I swear he's such a pain sometimes

"You no better than Alexa" he should get hired to be next to Alexa

"I guess that smart speaker is the reason you wondering about,look at the bright side you have not only one but two female voices to nag and keep you on your toes,some of us don't even have one" I can see that it painted him to say that but he perfectly musked it with a dry laugh walking pass me.

"Wait up man we need to talk about something"

"What is it now,you want threesome?"

"Hey! Will you be serious just for a minute, something is happening in the kingdom and we have to stop it from happening I only know the bits and pieces of it" I declare honestly I don't know the depth of the situation or how it has escalated and the parties involved.

"Than we need to have a meeting with Thoril you know he wouldn't want to sit this one out,and I am suspecting that Catherine of yours is involved somehow on whatever is going on" I did not tell him about the stone nor the threats I received will talk about it tomorrow.

"We meet here tomorrow when everyone is sleeping, advice him to convince his mate to come spend few days here with Zethu that way we know she's safe." I don't want to put her in any danger while we device a plan and I know my sister will protect her with her life.

"No problem,let's head to sleep before someone becomes suspicious...and am not sleeping with you" bloody cow,he knew I'd ask him

"Oh come on man you kicking a dog when it is down here"

"Actually it's a lycan and don't make it my fault that you can't take care of your affairs. You taking the couch" he yells walking away from me,I guess that's better than nothing guest rooms needs preparing and it will be inconsiderate of me to wake the Omega to prepare it so late.

"Beggars can't be choosers" we made our way to his room and I took the couch and he handed me a blanket and a pillow,we silently went to sleep but not before he spoke

"You should wait for her man she's worth it... I know she is" he whispered the last part more to himself couldn't hear it guess it was not for me to hear.

"Mozokhi come on wake up man you've been sleeping in a while now Catherine is starting to get on my nerves wake up" I turn groaning

"Alexa drop dead now!" I swear am throwing it out the window the moment I wake up here

"Sorry to disappoint you honey,it's me Catherine" I jumped out of the bed only to hit the floor hard,aww! I forgot I slept on the couch in this idiot's room. I can hear people's voices in the room what time is it?

"You heartless dude did you see how fast he got out of that couch hahaha" Thoril laughs at my little embarrassing moment holding his stomach "I would also run if that Barbie came on me like that" Zethu joins in the commotion of laughter,I turn to face the person responsible for this.

"You dead!!" In seconds he was out the door running and I followed him suit he very well knows he cannot outrun me but he can try I love a good challenge "Mom is gonna kill you two!" I can hear worry in Zethu's voice as we stepped on my mom's garden breaking some lillie's and her favourite white roses well we blaming that one on goats hahaha. After 10mins I had finally caught him more like tripped him over.

"Zethu bring that bucket of water hurry!" I yell still pinning him down panting heavily for air he is not escaping "Here!" She hands me a bucket full of crushed ice laughing.

"Oh come on brother don't do this am I not your favourite little brother no no no Zethu! Thoril man don't just stand Ohhh damn damn mom....!" He screamed as I poured the ice inside his pants take that sucker thank God mom is not here but he doesn't know that hahahaha,we watched as he ran around like a headless chicken trying to take out the ice it was a very funny scene. We all laughed hysterics.

"Don't mess with the pro dude know your place" Thoril coughed a little.

"What's up man you okay?" I ask Thoril at his sudden behaviour and he gestures me to look at his pregnant mate angry looking pale face.

"I know that look,am telling you she's hungry and angry that she doesn't know what to eat and guess who's fault it is. Save me man" we laughed at him so hard even Okhufa had forgotten about that ice when he saw his face screaming for help am gonna enjoy this talk about karma.

"Thoril son of Theodore !" Lethabo yells at him as she approachs us and we take a step back to leave him alone standing there but before I could he grabs my shirt at the back I almost fell.

"Honey calm down the King had invited me...I mean us to a braai and I was about to come pick you guys up I swear" I struggled to contain my laughter when I realised that he tugged my shirt slightly for me to support his lie.

I say inbetween laughs "yes Lethabo I was just teaching my little brother a lesson,Zethu please go with Lethabo to prepare some snacks so long while we braai the meat will you?"

"Yes brother,come here you two I have something to show you first" Zethu gestures for her to come with.

"Wait what is a braai?" Lethabo asks looking worried, Okhufa answers this time since he was the one who came with this idea from South Africa.

"A braai my dear is a sort of barbeque,with boereworse (sausage) pork or steak,pap (porridge) and chakalaka" first time he introduced this I was a bit sceptical about it but once I had it I never went back it was the best meal ever we buy boereworse at South Africa.

"How do we make that salad brother?"

"We don't have ingredients for it, just make a salad ( onion, green paper, cucumber,pekko vegetable achar,sweet chillies and baked beans) please dice them well" there goes my brother the cook he knows his way around the kitchen.

"Yes I know" Zethu yells back at him,we make our way to braai the meat with my brother's guidance of course,after we were done the ladies were also done with the task given to them we set the table and went to sit but before we could dig in we said grace than asked Lethabo to have a first bite because it was her first time having this meal with us. She took a bite and saw as her eyes went wide,yep I know I remember when we had that bite for the first time.

"That good huh?" Okhufa brags

"This is the best,baby you so forgiven mhhmmm" Thoril fist pump Okhufa I guess is safe to say never to mess with a pregnant lady. After eating we relaxed and engaged in conversations laughing here and there as we remembered our childhood days. The sun was already setting in and I had asked Zethu to house Lethabo for few days.

"But why brother what's going on and where is mom I haven't seen her since yesterday?" I can't tell her yet what is going on because we don't even know what's going on ourselves.

"Mom went to visit grandma and grandpa and no there's nothing wrong with them, just do this for me I'll tell you when the time is right. Where is Catherine I thought I had asked you to get her to join us?" Even though we don't like her we don't have to show her if we gonna win this fight we gonna have to act smart.

"She said she has something to do this afternoon but you can make it up to her by having dinner with her" arg! Crap guess I don't have a choice I can't keep avoiding her.

Zethu took Lethabo inside,she didn't protest fortunately and we made our way to the bushes to our spot "Okay guys I'll get straight to the point,Thoril remember I had placed that omega on watch for me when we came back from Slovakia? Well he got caught and I had received a call with a dark voice of a man threatening me"

"What does he want brother?" Thoril had informed me that he updated Okhufa about our trip thankfully this meeting won't take long.

"Healing handprint stone that can enhance powers tremendously"

"Sounds like witchy ish there,is the Omega okay man?" I don't think they will kill him that man didn't sound like he had time to waste on killing spies.

"I don't think he will kill him and yes we have a witchy problem coming our way, mom has already went to gather help from her family we gonna have to wait for her to come back,for now let's keep guard we have until the coronation and again keep eyes on Lady Catherine" I am starting to get unsettled with her also.

"This is bad man....WITCHES??? why do you always have to go poke at the bees" He yells at me turning to leave as we were done with our discussion for now,Thoril is sleeping over

"No fair man it's not my fault I was born this way."

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