Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 2-Am Strong Enough

I got in to my Suzuki Jimmy latest model all back because that colour screamed me.Khalifa was a simple guy he opted for a simple diner,he was already waiting for me when I pulled up.Now don't get me wrong he's not the guy I would usually go for but he's the best one I've ever been with,he cares so much for me and loves me...sometimes it's a bit overwhelming though.
Well that's exactly what he wanted,his exact words were 'I am going to love you until I bore you with my affection' first time he started courting me,okay now am all pink blushing alone as I make my way to my sugar ding ding.

"Hello sweets" I greet him with a smooch.

"Hey baby" with a smile that didn't meet his eyes,call it a hunch but while I was home contemplating on whether I should come meet him after our silly argument regarding that kid with a crush on him called Nelisa,a friend of his little devil sister a week ago.He has been ignoring me for voicing my insecurities...silly of me I know,than suddenly he sends me a text to come meet him for lunch.....okay not alarming at all.

We headed inside the diner and ordered some drinks before finding a spot to sit. Just as I was about to ask him why he has been ignoring me,he starts "Ayakha..." he never calls me by my name so this must be serious "We have to talk" he continues,I didn't say a word because I was waiting on him to finish what he was about to say.

"I found a job and it's a very good opportunity for me and I'll be able to take better care of Khanyi.There's also a bursary available for her to go to varsity,so I'll be taking my family with me and we will be going next weekend" he pauses... "The job it is out of South Africa am afraid".

I took a moment to process everything he said and not forgetting that he said all of that without an ounce of sadness that he'll be living me behind..us behind,a tear dropped down eye.For what felt like hours but it was only minutes I didn't utter a word to him,yes I was happy for him the poor guy has been having it rough it was his time to get a breakthrough.

"I am not hearing you say anything about us,do we continue with this or what" I watch him fight an inner battle,he had already decided all alone about our relationship's fate it was evident in his eyes "I don't think it will be fair..." I cut him right there.

"Don't give me that...I can see it in your eyes that you have already decided how you wanna play this out so cut the crap" at this point am a mess tearing up like crazy,I didn't even see our drinks being served "You know what am happy for you but you didn't have to be a jerk about it" and with that I took my car keys and left.I sat a bit in the car and played Freeze by Jordan Sparks to ease the pain I was feeling and letting my emotions take control,I was going mental laughing and crying at the same time.I started asking myself questions after after questions and trying to find ways to make this work you, just trying to come up with a solution but nothing came up.

I had to pull myself together,clean up my face before I reach home,my dad is all loving,protective and supportive like any dad should be but he hated weaklings.He taught me to be strong,you can go as far as saying that my dad taught me to handle things manly, which is why I am so skilled in every aspects like boxing,karate,workouts,game of life I mean the whole enchilada but thanks to my mom I was taught how to behave like a woman...balance, that's what they call it.

I pulled up at the driveway and went inside with that jolliness I left with,by now I knew very well how to musk my feelings courtesy of yours truly,my dad "Oh you back early honey,did you bore him that fast?" My mom teases while cooking in the kitchen "oh poor guy stuck with the daughter of king of seriousness" I laughed at that,my mom always knew how to lighten my mood.

"You always know what to say mom" I shot back laughing on the way to my room "Never mind her kiddo you gonna turn out great just you see...but this Queen of mine wants to be reminded how playful I can be in the bedroom later" my dad whispers the last part to my mom playfully slapping her bums in the process.

"Ewww! come on dad she's rubbing off on you" My poor eyes,I ran to my room I didn't want to hear nor see more of that.I heard them laughing at me as I ran to my room clearly proud of their acts.Now that am in the comfort of my room,I went to my gym,yes I do have a private gym that I spend alot of time with my dad in.

I put on my sports bra and leggings cause tonight is the night I break that sack.I kicked and punched at it using all that my dad has taught me.Sir Lance Jacqueline that's my father,I continued to hit with all my might to rid of the pain that was throbbing in my chest.I am all done now planning on taking a shower and preparing for tomorrow,it is my first day at Xolo Agricultural institute and I'll be working as a Vet.

I cannot wait now that all the pain have been locked away,I start with my plans for a new job tomorrow,after I was done I went to bed but not before I went to bid my parents a goodnight.My mom had come earlier while I was busy in the gym to give me my food,man how did I get so lucky with a mother so caring and thoughtful Mrs Rebaone Jacqueline.I love my parents so much and I'll be lost without them,I layed on bed listening to music until sleep claimed me.
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