Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 19- Am I missing something here?

After my meeting with the guys I headed inside my chambers to prepare for dinner with Catherine,if am going to get something from her I needed to make an effort nomatter how disgusting it makes me.I believe she's up to something,something even she can't handle she's very naive I think she's being used as a pawn because of the close approximity we share.

*Alexa play my messages please*

*Yes my King, you have 3 messages and one missed call from an unknown number.

Message1 "Hey honey my family along with our people have agreed to aid us and they will be talking with the king of Wales kingdom. I'll be heading home this afternoon after getting a

Message2 "King of the mutts, ignoring my calls are we, well that's a big mistake now I will be
hitting where are it...oh pardon me...you don't know anything but you will soon...toddles".

Message3 "Honey I won't be back this afternoon something came up at South Africa...I don't have enough time to explain now..."

End of messages*

*Alexa run ID check on message number two and see if you can't track the unknown number*

*Yes my King right away*

I know who might that be but what did he mean by his words in the message,I really do need to get to the
bottom of all this something smells fishy here.Without wasting anytime change into a white t-shirt leaving two bottoms open revealing my muscular chest,slim fit black ripped jean and
my black combat boots.I didn't have to do much to my hair just ran my hands through it as I've noticed that turns her on.

I make my way to the dinning table it was already set,I made it there first which gave me enough time to prep miss Maggie about my plan.

"Yes my King it shall be done in a way that she will never notice"

"Thank you miss Maggie I really appreciate it" I really do she's the pillar of my castle nothing goes through her without noticing it,she is the greatest person I've ever known and this castle
has ever seen and we are more than grateful for her.Miss Maggie is the only human being in our kingdom my father rescued her from her abusive husband and likely she didn't have kids of her own so she took us as her kids and she's very close to our mother.

"Your Majesty..."Catherine purrs in my ear leaving a sloppy peck on my cheek making my insides crawl,she is wearing a revealing night gown that flows to her feet with a wide slit on the side revealing her barbie legs in light brown stilletos.It fitted like a glove to her body,nude in colour and it sparkled as she walked it was beautiful...she was beautiful.She had her hair in a messy bun,she didn't take much effort on make up but she was stunning if I have to say so myself.If only her intentions were good too...well pity.

"Hey...come on take a sit"I say pulling a chair for her to sit.I was not that hungry as I've had a big lunch and apparently she wasn't as hungry too,so we settled for chicken salad and OJ to
hope miss Maggie has come through for me right on cue

"That was a good meal,I can't help but feel sleepy all of the sudden.."bingo miss Maggie came through seems like the drug is taking effect,she won't remember a thing about this in the morning thank goodness.

"Don't worry I'll get you to bed,you must have overworked yourself"
I carried her bridal style to her chambers so that I can start with my plan."Your Majesty are you
going to spend the night with me?"I have to make her believe that I'll be spending the night with her.

"Of course babe I am I owe it to you" we reached her chambers and I layed her on bed. "So were did you go this afternoon we had missed you at our braai?" I start trying to ease to
difficult questions I have in-store for her

"I had went out to meet with my uncle he wants to overthrow you, you know?" She states casually like she isn't reporting treason to me and her uncle who might that be?I keep getting more questions than answers here.

"Baby you not gonna make me fish out an information out from you now are you?" Silence...until she spoke again "
no not at all I know you not like that but I want to tell you.My uncle Lord Donavan brought me
here to mate with you just to spy on you and weaken you as am not your true mate I had to give upon on finding my mate but I don't know about a bigger plan as he's always talking to some man and he sounds dangerous"

my word what might that be?...I need to get more information on this but
without endangering anyone this time.I should head back to my chambers before everyone get a
wrong idea Catherine won't remember when she wakes up about our conversation but I need to be weary of her more she might not realize it but this task is gonna put her in danger.I'll have to protect everyone but first we need to see how far has that council have been infiltrated and take it from there.

*Alexa what do you have for me?*

*My King I couldn't get anything on those numbers but am still searching my King give it time*

*You got jokes I see...but please do find out soon time is of the essence*


I can feel her bowing to me clever device,let me take a rest I am gonna need it.

*My King wake up wake up I got something*

*Alexa I swear...*

*You gonna love me for this wake up you idiot*

*Ohk okay what is it,did you find my mate?*

* Oh I wish,it's about the unknown number my King,it's from Slovakia*

*Good job Alexa, I'll take it from here*

*My King*

I don't want them to harm my annoying speaker putting a virus on her I now know which direction to take I just need to meet with the guys

"Ahhhhhh brother help! Ahhh!!" That sounds like Okhufa and he's in a lot of pain let me rush to him

"Brother what's going on?" I found him bend over the couch in his room pale as hell,Zethu and the couple were already there aiding him. I bend over trying to get to his face "brother were does it hurt please tell me how to help you" we all panicking right now mom is not even here.

"Everywhere it hurts everywhere it's like my heart is been taken out of me brother help me...."

"Okhufa!! Okhufa! Brother wake up come on man wake up!! Zethu!" Zethu ran to call the kingdom healer to come and assist us "My King I came as soon as I could let me check him"

We backed away to let him do the work I can't lose my brother I can't. Moments later the healer came to call us back to the room to explain the situation.

" My King this is a weird case for me,it's like he is feeling someone else's emotions and as you can see now he's in a coma state meaning that person must be fading." What the hell??come on now who,he hasn't found his mate yet " Healer my brother hasn't found his mate yet so what are you talking about?"

"Where is your mother my King?" He ask suddenly shocking us " my mother has gone to visit her parents,what's the matter healer"

"Only your mother can explain this My King" he declares looking at Zethulele,am I missing something here?
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