Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter-20 We Coming For You...

I don't know how long I've been out all that I remember was passing out from an extreme pain.It felt so real like my very own life essence was being sucked out of me,like a slow death but it also felt so foreign to my body and just like that my body shut down.I knew I was not dead because my lycan was very much alive at the background watching the whole scenery as it played out I couldn't reach him because I was comatose.

As I woke up I felt rejuvenated like I've been to a spa getting pampered,I opened my eyes and quickly regretted from the light impact,so I tried again adjusting my eyes to the light.My room was surrounded with sad expressions I started to lift my body up when I was suddenly scolded "What do you think you doing idiot?" Zethu guides me back to the pillow "you scared the ish out of us"

"How long have I been out and what happened?" My brother answered this time "It's been a long trying two weeks brother, don't you ever do that to me" I don't really know what happened myself where is mom anyway

"Mom is on the way,she should be arriving soon... your face said it all" Zethu answers my silent question,I hope is not something regarding my pipsqueak or Aya.

"Are you okay dude?" Thoril makes his presence known

My mom came rushing in through my door looking like she's been through something horrible and the look on her face said it all,it became more intense as she neared me tears falling down her face. I might have caused worry in them and also fear of losing me but this was something else...this was danger.

"Mom you back...are you alright you look like a mess what happened?" Mozokhi guides her to a nearby chair and she let's out an air she wasn't aware that she was holding " We have to prepare for war... he's coming... Phillies is coming but first Okhufa...son is time" what is she talking about? What time? And than it hit me...oh bloody hell.

"Mom maybe this is not a good time let's wait for the...." I try to reason but mom stops me raising her hand "There's no time...she died Okhufa losing her unborn baby along with her parents but not before they sacrificed their lives and saved her..." My mom was in tears as everyone was still confused I couldn't believe what my mom just said...a baby...death son of a holy ghost...

"What happened mom?" I just can't believe this I haven't spoken to Sonia like I've promised when I left due to the duties around the kingdom that needed my attention I had hardly time for myself "Phillies used his son to get closer to her and break her but she was strong but by the time she realised it was already late,the boy had obtained all the information on her parents"

"Can somebody explain what the hell is going on!" My brother is getting agitated now but mother doesn't pay him much attention as she continues "They came for them but we arrived late to stop the mess from happening...he fleed with his troops,he lost his child during battle and for that...we gonna all pay"

I should have told brother the moment I saw her I should have but no I decided to play God and mess with fate,he's so gonna kill and I can't even run am practically a patient here.Remember when I told you my brother was getting agitated? Well now he was half shifting he hates being ignored but I think mom has a motive.

"Honey keep still...it's gonna hurt a bit" I know what my mom was talking about,she was about to retrieve Ayakha's scent from still not caring about Mozokhi's temper.

As soon as she was done Mozokhi was on his knees trembling with fear as he was feeling everything I felt about Ayakha's death and the first time I met her it was like all my memories were being projected to him. "How...how mother...it cannot be!"

He was now trembling in fear,anger and frustration but something was more stronger than all...pain,I quickly regretted not telling him and as I looked around everyone had the same expression I had...regret...

"Mozokhi...honey you need to be strong she needs you more than ever" my mom was near him trying to console him but even I knew it was not gonna be easy " How mother?!...tell me how?...after everything she's been through...after the man she has ever fallen for betray her like that?...tell me how... brother how could you do that to me thought you had my back... thought you all had my back,Zethu...sister... Thoril..." He was breaking down talking between sobs it broke my heart

"Brother with all our traditions I had to choice...I tried many times to tell you but I couldn't I was a coward" is true i was I had feared the outcome of the situation,I did what I hated the most...I've hurt my brother

"I call bull on that...you even left your mate behind who does that? We supposed to fight the world for them,protect them... make them feel safe,loved and cherished because they are our treasure. Have you forgot father's teachings because of your fear of the unknown?" I had misjudged my brother on this one now I feel worse,I tried standing up from the bed not realising how weak I still to make my way to him but I fell, before I reached the ground he was next to me in a flash aiding me.

"What the hell are you doing you idiot you not well yet" Zethu scolds,Thoril had taken his mate to the guest chambers not wanting to endanger her as soon as Mozokhi went half ape-ish on us.

I hugged him as soon as he was holding me " I am truly sorry brother I only wanted to keep them safe,I am truly sorry" he hugged me back mirror my affection " I know and I guess I would have done the same if I was in your shoes"

"We don't have much time...you have to fly to South Africa by dawn and come back before the coronation" What am I gonna tell Sonia oh my God I screwed up big time

*Flash Back*

"Okhufa!! Okhufa wait!" I hear someone yelling my name at the airport terminals and the way my lycan is stirring inside me it can only be one person. "So you just gonna leave like that no goodbyes no nothing huh? really? And am just gonna let you?"

I sealed her shoutings with a kiss at first she was shocked but she quickly recovered from it and kissed me back with so much intensity,my lycan purr at the back...eww we in a public place control.Tears were rolling down her face as soon as I broke the kiss because well it was getting out of control really fast,it pained me to see her like that it broke me more knowing I was the cause of it. I just wanted to throw her on my shoulders and board the plane with her,she was not making this any easier.

"Come on Pipsqueak,you not a cry baby are you? and who told you I was here...never mind that I promise I'll come back for and I'll call every chance I get"

"You sure about that...you not just trying to get rid of me right? You will come back for us yes?" Of course I'll come back for her if it's the last thing I do "I'll come back for us my Pipsqueak I promise you that...now don't do me like that quit crying okay please just hold on for me I swear am worth it"

Her tears are gonna be the end of me " I will...hurry back okay?" She let's go of me and I turn to leave but not before I kissed her forehead and promised "I will no matter what Pipsqueak"

*End Of Flash Back*

"Are you both ready for this?" Zethu voice out her concern I have to agree it's going to hard for us especially in such circumstances "They are going to be fine,they are my boys" mom reassures us.

"Thoril please take care of the ladies and the kingdom,mom is here to help if you need anything" Mozokhi wants to make sure that the kingdom is in good hands but he knows it is...he's leaving it in a capable hands "Don't worry go get your girls brothers"

"We ready to leave" we both say in unison making our way to the private jet, Pipsqueak...Aya we coming.
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