Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 21- You Cannot Run Away From Who You Are

We made it safely to South Africa though the flight was a bit long it was also comfortable but we were so antsy about all this and hoped for the best.

"Brother I need to call up Sonia,she's her best friend and apparently a niece to Ayakha's father" Ayakha...I test the name and I instantly love the way it roll out of my tongue even my d** agrees

*Dude not now*

*Bugger of Maximus,am not alone in this it's also your fault that I get so much worked up...she's our mate our better half I can't help myself*

*Yeah and please don't screw this up please if anything just let me handle this*

I disregard his comment and push him at the back of my mind I don't need this right now "are you two ladies done gossiping we need to go" I swear he never shuts up poor voice is being over used with this guy "Catherine!! Let's go"

"What the fuck man, Catherine!? have you gone bonkers how did she even pass by me ?" I know what it looks like but she wanted to help and I couldn't exactly compel her not to come she made a strong case.


"My King I am coming with you" What? was she eavesdropping on us earlier " Coming with me where,you traitor did you think I was gonna sit by and let a stranger into my home and not do a little bit of digging?" I was pinning her to the wall now let all of my rage show.

"I am sorry please...I just want to help I never wanted...to ...to do all this I am against choosing of a mate too my king... please...give me a chance" I was squeezing her neck tightly now watching as her face turned red than I dropped her to the floor

"Get out and you not coming with me or so help me God" she was still not moving ohh this girl is choosing a wrong day to get on my nerves " I am not going my King kill me if you want is better than being labelled a traitor at young age I never wanted this you have to believe me,let me come with you"

"I SAID NO!!" my eyes was glowing now if she doesn't get out of my chambers right this instant I won't be held accountable for what will happen next " Mozokhi!! Control yourself,she's going with you I've gifted you my magic but you still can't see through people because of that temper"

"You can't be serious about this, that's madness she's busy conspiring against us with her uncle!" I don't understand my mother sometimes "watch your tone boy am not one of your friends am your mother and you ought to respect me,now let go of that anger see through her"

I don't even know what's there to see "My King" she held my hand and I instantly saw through her heart and mind one of the gifts I possess,I saw everything and when I say everything I mean from childhood. This woman has had it rough but thanks to Lord Donavan her family pulled through all that poverty I guess that's why she felt like she owes him everything "But still this doesn't explain why the sudden change of heart mother"

Catherine spoke this time for my mom "it's for my mate...I am doing this for my mate...I had to leave him for my uncle's plans so please let me help" my word what's going on with people these days,they got so fortunate in life to meet their mates but yet they leave them look at my brother "Her heart is in the right place honey,let her come with you"

"Okay...but if you dare try anything or I find out that this is another conspiracy of you and your uncle's... you'll face my wrath"

"Yes my King" she bows.

*End Of Flashback*

"Mom insisted that she come with us and besides she's not a danger to us anymore if anything she's more of a help to us,Sir Peter is on leave we needed a pilot ASAP" I understand why he's boiling right now but he got nothing to worry about "She flee us here!? Oh my God do you have death wish Mozokhi because I don't...and you...you are a pilot?" Was he even listening to anything I was saying

"We here now aren't we?" He's sitting down now with hands on his head running them in his hair with frustration "just roll with it and stop being such a drama queen asking silly questions. Come on Catherine...are you coming Okhufa?"

"I swear sometimes you don't value your life but atleast think about me there was always an option of brooms" I hear him following us out of the jet whining to himself I bit my insides to stop me from laughing who the hell uses brooms I don't have that kind of magic he can be crazy at times.

We checked in a hotel,freshened up Okhufa had already hired a car and he wi be driving since he knows the ins and outs."We almost there guys"

"That's a lot of people" It was time for the burial I guess I made it in time "It's a burial today Catherine,they do things more different here than at our castle" I remember when Okhufa explained some things that seemed out of the ordinary for him when he got here, funerals was part of the list.

"Oh I see,we better get in now" at our kingdom when a lycan dies,the body is kept in a see through fridge for a year during this time families are allowed to go see their deceased until it's time for the burial.This gives them enough time to heal "brother are you ready for this" Okhufa asks cutting me from my train of thoughts

"No am not ready brother" I am scared of might happen in there am scared of rejection "good come let's go" without wasting time he dragged me inside the house and there she was sparkling like she was adorned with gold dust for us king's a scent wasn't how we recognised our mates nope our mates sparkles but only we can see that.

All that joy came to a halt when I felt her pain I needed to ease it or she might succumb to it,as if he heard my thoughts "brother you need to go calm her please" he didn't need to tell me twice

She was on her knees crying above the heads of her family I just walked up to her getting glances along the way because they knew who I was but not to her yet.I placed my hand on her should in a comforting way and she instantly calmed down,sparks where there but faint and I know why...she has closed her heart.This is going to be a tough one,she fainted after I touched her because of my healing effects it won't make the pain go away but it will make it bearable right now she needs to rest before we bury her parents.

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