Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 22-The Funeral


I woke up from a very bad dream only to find that I was still in that dream,my parents and baby had died and it's their funeral today,tears rolled down my cheeks but I quickly wipped them away,it was time to pull myself together they are gone and there's nothing I can do to bring them back. I got up from bed and started to prepare myself for the funeral my black dress was already there and some of my stuff,perhaps Sonia went to fetch them for me but no matter I wasn't ready to go down our place yet.

*Knock knock* "Aya it's Sonia may I come in?" I was not in the mood for their sympathetic or remorseful words I was taught to be strong no matter the circumstances "Yeah...come on in Sonia" I try to sound normal..key word 'try'

"See who just flew in" but before I could see who came by with her my whole world stopped,all I could see was glitters of gold and diamonds I tried to rub my eyes to get that hallucination out of my mind but it did not go away. I heard a baritone sweet short laugh coming from this glitters and than it hit me it was that person with a magic touch that calmed down "Hi my name is Mozokhi Magnus,my sincere apologies for your loss"

"Thank you uhm... Mozokhi" those glitters were now gone and now standing before was a huge bulgy man with short hair so messy like he's been running his hands all day through,he was wearing a black t-shirt and beige suit with black shoes he was so handsome and so not making it hard for me not to fall head over hills for him I was taken...smitten by him but looking back at my past relationship I quickly recovered "Are you okay...is it something I've said?" I didn't realize I was crying by now.

"No no no am sorry it's okay you not at fault...hey stranger" I went to hug Okhufa "Oh now she sees me" I laughed at that a genuine laugh and it felt good,from my peripheral vision I saw the glitter man I mean Mozokhi face turn sour from jealousy as I hugged Okhufa but it was gone as fast as it appeared.

"This is my brother Aya and we here to offer our support during this difficult time" I thought I'll be mad at hearing those words but surprisingly they were most welcomed "Yeah we get it butter face will catch up later,Aya is time..ready?" Was I though,was I ready to say goodbye to my family no I don't think I'll ever be ready for that infact no one can ever be ready for that,so I just nodded.

It was a beautiful ceremony the witches performed their ritual and apparently my parents were royalty. They chanted a spell and their eyes glowed green,blue and brown, that's when I saw it...my family evaporating and turning into a purple dust and rose so beautiful to the sky like dust to dust..ash to ashes.Mr glitters held me close to him tightly in a comforting way and I released a breath I didn't know I was holding with sobs.

"Hush now little one...they in a better place and also right here in your heart" I wipped my tears I shouldn't be crying anymore it was time for payback it was time to find my parents and baby's killer "Princess Ayakha Lance Junior Jacqueline I now crown you the Queen of Zambezi Kingdom,do you have any words you'd like to say my queen?" I knew this was going to happen,before I went to have a shower this morning my aunt Sonia's mother,my grandmother and grandfather from my mother's side whom I know now as the king and queen of Wales Kingdom walked me through the whole process.

Sonia's mother was the only relative my daddy had so I can imagen how hard it must have been for her to stay away from him to protect us and how hard it was for my grandparents to stay away from my mom their daughter but it was a sacrifice they all had to make to protect me and now am going to protect them no more staying away from each other.

"I would firstly like say thank you to every single one of you for the sacrifice you had made for us and again being here in our time of need.I promise you today as your queen we shall never stay in fear and separate from our families" my aunt squeezed my arm in a assuring manner for strength I took a deep breath and continued "My family...your family's death will be avenged, and I will make sure of it" with a new determination I raised my hand in a fist and said "To our fallen Zambezi's,Wales and sages power!!"

"Power!!" They all said in unison and I left the place to heard to my temporary room I needed to let it out "Junior! Wait up please I need to talk to you" I knew who is was before I could turn that unsettling but beautiful feeling I get when he's near me gave him away.

"Not now Mr Glitters I need to be alone" I don't think he was hearing anything I was saying to him because he was still hot on my tail.

"Am afraid it can't wait...hey hey hold up" he blocked the door with huge hairy hand I can just imagen him squeezing my butt with it oh come on Ayakha snap out of it don't put yourself through that again "Make it fast" I let him in "sit...please" I do take a sit reluctantly I might add.

"Uhm...I'll get straight to the point eh...am actually the King of Wolverine kingdom and the reason am here is not only for your parents funeral...you the other reason" what the hell is he on about now I really didn't have time for this I needed to think of a strategy "You not making sense" he inhaled and exhaled like what he was about to say was tragic or whatever.

"I need you to come with me you are my...uhm...you" and someone badged into the room or rather sometwo...see what I did there hahaha.

"Oh you are terrible at this hearing this behind the door was horrible to my soul" Okhufa teases him "So you two were eavesdropping? that's bad manners"

Sonia answered this time "It was his idea" she says pointing towards Okhufa's direction "And you Pipsqueak...are a snitch and you know what they say about snitches...ouch!" I love them but I just need a moment to myself.

"Guys I know you mean well but I just want to be alone" I was getting agitated "I know Ayakha but what my idiot brother here was trying to say is that you are his predestined mate,his queen and love of his life and you have to go back to the kingdom with him..." I was shock I mean I only read about that in my father's old books and I thought to myself that's crap.

"Look I know it's a lot to take in and am sure he'll give you time to process all of this but now we have to go back to Sweden to protect you"

"Get out" I can't deal with this "get out all of you get the fuck out go go get out" I was starting to scream now who the hell do they think they are...he's going to hurt me like he did he's going to break me even further no no I can't let it happen I just can't.

"Okay calm down Aya we going calm down you hurting them" I didn't even realize I was glowing green my eyes red Okhufa and his brother were bending down seething in pain.I calmed myself down the glow was beginning to fade as they made their way out of the room still in pain leaving me to my own shock.I cannot believe I did that,I cried myself to sleep.I woke up to the sound of my stomach growling I can't remember when last I had a proper meal.

*Knock knock* "Honey is it safe to come in" I've been a pain today I get it "Yes granny" I need my family right now and I also need to understand what Okhufa and his brother were yepping about and why did they feel pain to my powers earlier on this is too much.

"Honey listen... about what the King I mean Mozokhi was saying this afternoon..." on point good "yes granny I don't understand any of it I thought all that was just a myth... children's fairy tale you know,now a King is here claiming me to be his mate crazy" I can't even begin to comprehend all of this.

"Honey when you saw him for the first time what did you see?" Could it be? I thought is was all in my head you know a little crush of girl over some handsome boy "Granny.... wasn't it all in my head?" Am gonna need a therapy after all of this man.

"No it was not... only kings and queens recognize their better half's like that so I can guarantee you that it is all real and honey he has been waiting for you all his life.I know you've been hurt but give him a chance" I fear so much to be in the matters of the heart again "I don't know granny it's too soon too sudden,what is he anyway...king of what?" I didn't even give him a chance to explain.

My granny sat beside me in bed holding my hand "He's the King of the werewolves and lycans honey and I promise you he will love you more than anything in the world but that's not important now,what's important now is that you go with him and what's there to worry about Sonia will be there with you" Why would Sonia be there with me and leave her family behind "What do you mean grandmother,why would she come with me I know she's my sister and all but I don't expect her to up and leave her life behind to babysit me"

"Of course you don't honey... always putting everyone first you gonna make a good Queen but that's not it...see that little birdie is Okhufa's mate" what the what?!!

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