Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 23-I Want You


What the what?!! "Yes honey,it's been a while now we also found out recently about them. I know you want to scold them but leave that for another time now you need to pack and go with them,Phillies is wagging war against all of us and you will be better off with Mozokhi so please honey listen just this once" I guess I need to go with them if we going to win this war we need to be together but as for us being mates...I really don't know.

"I will grandmother"

*Phooofff* the door fell down Sonia and Okhufa followed suit,I swear this two were a match made in circus "So now who's idea was it" they both pointed to Mozokhi as he came by holding a tray with food in his hands and the poor guy looked cute confused as to what was going on "Hey what did I do now?" We all bursted with laughter leaving him more confused but he smiled when he saw me laughing rendering me shy instantly.

"Oh that's cute won't you look at that you idiot" Sonia cooess "if isn't my Pipsqueak asking for punishment" Okhufa slaps her bums and my granny glares at him and I can see him looking for a whole to jump in we all laughed at him.

"Am just messing with you boy I know how it is my Poppop couldn't keep his hands of me" I also want that,a happy forever with the love of my life but I need time.

"I didn't know what you'd like so I made samp and beef stew hope you like it" I looked at Okhufa with a smile and nods his head with a smile of his own and I knew it "You taught him right? Our African cuisine?" I love this,I could live like this.

"You know it" he answers with a smirk on his face and his brother rolls his eyes at his braggy ish "Thank you Mozokhi that's actually my favourite meal" I finished eating my food while listening to Okhufa and Sonia bickering like little kids and Mr Glitters teasing Okhufa here and there when he's not looking at me.We would occasionally laugh at their stories my granny had already left so it was just us.

"So what's the plan with Phillies?" I ask getting serious now it was time for an action plan "What's your plan,has he made any contact?" I was shooting questions now I wanted in I needed to know what we dealing with.

"Hold on Junior" he laughs "breathe...he has made contact,we believe he's working with one of the council member and few alphas in Russia and other countries nearby are under his control" a woman walked in looking so beautiful she reminded me of my barbie doll from childhood.

"Your majesty you mindlinked?" What's that now? "Yes Catherine...this is Ayakha my mate and Junior this is Catherine she's a niece to that council member I mentioned earlier" The way he said her name got me all bothered and not in a nice way so to get my mind of inflicting pain to both of them for absolutely no reason I asked:

"What is mindlinking?"Sonia answered this time shocking me "mindlinking is their form of communication in their mind" I guess she's been spending a lot of time with Okhufa.

"Wow cool" I raised my hand subconsciously giving mr Glitters a high five and he responded to the gesture,at this point I was red with embarrassment and they all laughed at me but he did the unexpected he hugged me and I melted in his arms.

"Do you guys need a room" I quickly recovered from what was happening and I let go of him so fast like he burned me,get a grip Aya "Actually your mother had called and said that we shouldn't delay any longer" Catherine informs the Magnus men.

"Thank you Catherine" he turns to me and ask "Junior you can take as much time as you can to fall for me or even give me a chance it's okay...see baby I have died everyday waiting for you so darling don't be afraid cause I have loved you for a thousand years and I'll love you for a thousand more" did he just...

"Did you just quote a 'thousand years by Christina Perri?" Hahaha it was cute as hell though.

"I know am bad but I couldn't find better words to explain myself to you other than using those words... I'll give you time but please don't make me leave you behind" I no longer want to stay behind too "Yes Aya don't turn him into someone I know" Sonia says shooting daggers of glare in Okhufa's direction.

"I said am sorry Pipsqueak and I'll live my life making it up to you I promise baby,by the way I know this may sound inappropriate but where is Khanna?" This idiot

"So am not enough for you Okhufa is that it!?" Here it goes again "No Sonia that's not what I meant... Pipsqueak come on Pipsqueak!" Sonia rushed out of my room and Okhufa followed her "Pipsqueak!" I hear Okhufa yelling her name from afar.

It was only me, Catherine and Mozokhi,an uncomfortable silence fell between us "So..." I start "Yeah...am gonna go hit the sack I'll see you guys tomorrow...uhm goodnight"

"Goodnight" we say in unison,so it was just us two now "Mozokhi uhm...am gonna need time for us to be together,I've been in a bad relationship recently which I had invested my all into, I'll go with you guys tomorrow and hopefully become your queen some day" he smiled at me and kissed my cheek.

"Junior... I'll take that any day and you'll find that am a very patient man" we both laughed because we both knew that he was not patient at all his face gave him away as soon as he said that "you should work on your poker face" we continued laughing like that.

"We need to make a stop on our way to the airport" I need to go to my parents house to retrieve some of my belongings and say goodbye "I don't see a problem with that rest now little one we have a long way to go starting tomorrow you gonna need your strength" he didn't have to tell me twice because I was already falling asleep,he kissed my lips slightly "sleep".


"Now where have you been I wonder" I tease my brother ofcouse I know where he was I can smell it all over him he is mated if we were home I would congratulate him openly but pity we are not so I'll settle for teasing "Cut it out you idiot you want to wake the whole damn house?" I laughed at him oh he is making this too easy for me.

"Now why would I do that am happy,my brother is mated and reeking sex so early in the morning at the breakfast table no less" I whisper the last part and laugh as he paled up.

"Wow couldn't you guys keep it down atleast 'ahhh Okhufa ahhh' I curse these powers if it means having this enhanced hearing" Junior makes her way to the kitchen yawning I guess she didn't get that much sleep either "Oh my word am screwed" he plopps down holding his head in his hands, Junior looks at me and we burst in to fits of laughter.

"Relax I doubt anyone heard you guys and by the way congratulations you two and where is she anyway" Junior asks

"She's taking a shower I wanted to surprise her with breakfast but I didn't know I'll find this idiot here" I laughed at him holding my stomach if we were home he'd be bragging "you should have mind linked me to stay clear ya know" I tell him waving a slice of toast at him.

"Oh poor Aya see what you going to deal with...I feel for you" he grabs my toast and heads upstairs "hey!" He's easy to tease.

"Are you ready to go to your parent's house?" I thought it was best to go now so that she may have enough time to gather her things and say goodbye without worrying about getting us late to the airport,our jet left because it was too small for all of us and the luggage "What?...now now?" She's too cute.

"Yes now I figured you might need some time to get your things and say your goodbyes"

"Give me two minutes I'll be back" she didn't waste time running back to her room probably to freshen up. After some time she came back, everyone had come down to breakfast by now we were listening to granny and grandpa stories "Am ready to go if you are" look at her... beautiful as ever she's not even trying in her sweat pants and hoodie what I call couch outfit but she was still stunning.

"Where are you going? Your flight is not yet til 3hours what's the hurry honey?" After all this we visiting her grandparents they have alot of time to make up for "I am just going back at the house to get some of my things and for...for closure gran" I held her hand tightly for reassurance I'll always be there for her.

Her granny just smiled at her,we made our way to her house driving her Suzuki Jimny it was so like her and it suited her very well. We pulled at the drive way of her house and she exhaled the breath she didn't know she was holding. "Wait here I won't be long" Okay... weird "Are you sure,I can always help you carry heavy stuff" what kind of a mate would I be if I let her carry heavy things while am here.

"Just wait here" so I did as I was commanded,I've never been commanded by anyone other than my parents or grandparents "See I didn't take that long now,did I?" She came back out all dusty and dirty.

"Where you digging gold in there?....and what's that you holding?" She just smiled at me before answering "It's the famous healing handprint stone my parents gifted me when I was 12 years old and I treasured the stone kept it safe little did I know that this was the root of all this" this stone looks magnificent and it's so powerful and overwhelming but Junior doesn't seem bothered by it...and than it hit me how did I not see it the powers of the stone resides in her now she's the stone...you know what I mean.

"Yes it's true the powers are in me rendering this stone nothing but an ornament of course my parents made me forget about them but now that they died everything came back,so what say you we go say hello to our dear Phillies hmm?" My Queen is the bomb...

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