Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 24-Bringing War To Our Door Step.


We were already in the flight back home that Catherine had booked for us,she was a great help to us making my life easy she was like Alexa in a human form.We bid everyone farewells promising to visit them when the dust settles,mom called while I was out with Junior to inform us that our Kingdom is in chaos so I told her to keep calm we on the way she should just hold on,Thoril won't let any harm come to them.

"Brother we show no mercy" Okhufa declares reading my thoughts and Maximus was agreeing with him "no mercy shall be shown to them" and smirks wickedly at me,the girls were sleeping now it's been a long a flight but we are here now.

"Guys wake up we need to go" I gently shake them to wake them up,we gonna have to take the secret route to the castle only I, Okhufa,Thoril and Zethu knows "Mozokhi look there it's Zethu,she's waiting for us did you call her here?" She must have known we will use this route back to the castle.

"Come on guys hurry up the secret route is compromised" what does she mean by that it's only us who knows about this place and Thoril can never rat us out what are we missing here? We made it safely back to the castle thank God "Mom we here" my Mom came rushing to us giving us a hug each.

"My daughter's in-law I'll welcome you all later now it's time for war" I guess we doing this now "brothers am glad you all here I can't find Lethabo anywhere" Thoril hugs us tightly.

"We will find her brother I promise,are the Warriors ready and prepared?" It's happening tonight I guess he changed his mind about giving me time but no matter I knew something like this might happen so I am prepared "Yes brother we are just waiting for your go ahead" Phillies and his men where standing at the far back while the controlled wolves were acting as a shield for him,next to him I saw Lord Donavan that sly bastard but I wasn't surprised no not at all what surprised me was who was standing with him holding hands and not so pregnant.

"Lethabo!..." I hear Thoril say her name with disgust "It wasn't real,was it?" They played us really well a very well thought out plan.

"It's gone brother...I don't feel her anymore the bond it's gone...the baby..." I saw a tear run down his face oh they gonna pay for this,my Mom answers this time "It was all not real my child am sorry I couldn't see it Phillies is very powerful dark witch he fooled us".

"It's not your fault Mrs Magnus please don't dare apologies it's not your fault" my mom felt like a failure for not noticing anything and I was also deep in my own affairs and did not pay attention "Oh hello...King of the mutts who's that next to you...Argh...hello mother of my late late grandson,so I see you finally found her? Very hard to die this one I must say" Junior was shaking with anger and should she release her power now without a guide we all gonna get hurt.

"Control yourself Ayakha he is testing you don't fall in that trap" I whisper yell at her and she shoots back "Don't tell me what to do,you are not a king of mine" is she serious right now am trying to help her and all of us here.

"Oh sweedy you'll find that right now you in my Kingdom so you shall do as I say calm down" okay maybe I used wrong words in this conversation "cut it out you two this is not the time" Okhufa scolds.

Ayakha was now shooting glares at me "My King sorry it had to be done see it was almost impossible but thanks to my daughter here it is possible today" so Catherine was just a destruction oh wicked you old man wicked I say "Don't look so troubled Thoril...just look behind..." We all turned behind to see Catherine crying and Thoril watched her in sorrow she was his true mate.

"How could you do that to me am your niece and didn't you say your family died you scheming conniving ishhole" Catherine transformed into her brown lycan and started to attack "Catherine nooo!!!" She was thrown to the side like she was nothing I heard her growling in pain that didn't sit well with Thoril and just like that war broke out.

"Mom and Sonia help Catherine to safety and tend to her wounds,the rest of us let's go!" Everyone did as instructed we all transformed into our lycans, Aya stayed back waiting on the three covens, we wanted them to feel victories like they outnumbered us "whatever you do,do not harm the wolves they under a spell as for the lycans...kill those traitors" I was met with 'yes my King'.

So far nobody had died but man we were beginning to get tired from fighting so many people and trying not to kill the wolves was proving to be a difficult task "Mozokhi now!!" I hear Ayakha yelling at the far back,it was time they are here the coven of witches glowing blue,brown and green. Now that Ayakha holds the power of the stone she was now Queen of all the witches covens but they are all yet to discover for no one but me knew about them "You are being ruled by this pathetic girl who didn't even know she was a witch? goes to show how you all don't deserve those powers"

"Oh Phillies you'll find that my granddaughter is more than cable" granny comes to her defence "Our granddaughter is more than able" grandpa joins in chanting a spell in a foreign language and I saw the wolves fall to sleep to my relief.

"The Wales always ruins things for me you never learn do you?" And with that he waved his hand and Ayakha's grandparents flew to the nearby tree but before they could collide with it Ayakha glowed with her purple colour saving them in just a nick of time. "Nooo no no it can't be this is not possible"

"What is going on Phillies what is this?" Even Lord Donavan can clearly see and feel the power radiating from her "shut the hell up you old fool" we stared in shock as Lord Donavan's body fell down and his head rolling on the ground.

"Daddy!!!" She didn't get to scream long as she also met with the same fate,to say this man is cruel would be an understatement of the year "She was getting on my nerves too" he's drunk with power.

"You killed my parents...you killed my unborn baby and now you want to kill my grandparents...not on my watch. I don't see your son and your true daughter in-law he must have fled after the death of his baby sister...he was always a coward that one but no matter I'll just start with you" she smirks and started to glow brown I saw as his followers evaporates into black dust burning down one by one,me,my brothers and my men were fighting the lycans making sure to kill them and sending a clear message to everyone trying to go down this road.

"How are you possessing those powers you should be dead by now you Jacqueline weakling?" Phillies was now being held by Aya with her powers "I long since had them when I was 12years old so I was not possessing them...they chose me now break!!" We all watched and heard the sound of his bones breaking in thousand peaces and he screamed in agony I even flinched at that.Ayakha made sure to keep his brain alive to register the pain in him she was not yet ready to let him die,she rebuild the bones and repeated the same thing over and over again he was no longer the same Phillies we knew minutes ago he was now deformed.

"Ayakha honey let him go baby please let him go ahhh... please honey" granny was trying to get her to stop but she was too powerful burning her as she came closer,it was up to me now to try and end her pain "Junior he's gone come on sweetheart let him go think of your parents" I tried

"I am thinking of them he needs to pay and am making him,do not interfere King" she answers in a voice that was clearly not hers "No that's just your anger talking,control it Junior I know you can I know look at your granny just look at the pain you just inflicted on her" she turned and looked at her, I saw worry in her eyes she dropped to her knees crying besides her granny healing her burned wounds but not before ripping Phillies to shreds with just a snap of her fingers...told you my Queen is a badass.

We provided shelter for everyone the wolves had woken up and briefed about what had happened. We all retired to our room to rest,the other matters will be attended tomorrow.

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