Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 25- Queen Of All Witches And Lycans


"How is she Mozokhi?" Granny asks as I make my way to a grand breakfast,the wolves were leaving after having breakfast and the witches...well I don't know yet "She's still asleep granny and I don't think she likes me very much right now" granny became sad at that.

"That's a pity because we have to crown her before we leave" what noo that will just put her in pressure to be with me "I don't think that's a good idea granny I agreed to give her some time to process all of this so time is what she's gonna get"

"But Mozokhi things are different right now we have to crown her" maybe I should use my Alpha kings voice "I said no mother I rather wait for her than have her resenting me for the rest of her life,she's been through hell that poor girl all I want is to see her happy and I want to make her happy even if she makes me wait for another 100 years I will wait mother so no" with that I left to go bid farewell to the wolves.

"Alphas" they all turn to face me and quickly bow "My King" they respond in unison with respect this time.

"I would like to apologise to you all that you got dragged into our matters placing your packs in danger" a king doesn't have to apologise but am that King that does apologise "It's Okay my King you do not have to apologise to us we are honoured to be part of this even though the circumstances didn't favour us and I speak for all of us when I say thank you for saving our lives" what's the king for if not for his people,we sat there and I had breakfast with them,Okhufa and Sonia were with me.

"Have you seen Thoril man am worried about him" I haven't seen him ever since yesternight's events he hasn't even come by to check on Catherine I mean what's the poor girl's fault in this she was also a victim "No brother but we went to check on him this morning to invite him to breakfast but he just told us to go away this thing hit him hard brother if it wasn't for Sonia's presence I would have kicked that door down" he's not lying I've seen him do it to my mom and dad and he was just a pup.

"No let him be brother he needs time and space to process all of this but I hope he doesn't take that long, Catherine deserves better" she's a sweet girl with a pure heart he shouldn't hold her accountable for this "Any breakthrough with my sister?" Oh that's another crack head she almost boiled my brain last night when I forced her to talk to me.

"Oh oh I know that look" these two makes me sick "Yes am paired with a crack head hahahah jokes on me" I stood up and went to my room I heard them laughing at me.

*Alexa make me laugh*

*As you command my king* she clears her throat *I got nothing my king*

*You hopeless,drop dead*

*Knock knock* "brother are you in there?" Can't I just get few minutes to myself "What is it Zethu!" I ask yelling irritated that people can't leave me be.

"It's okay brother I'll come by later on" now I feel bad for yelling at her like it's her fault that my mate is trying to send me to cocoo town "Come in Zethu you already here so you may as well" she came squealing with joy pulling someone in with her and I jumped out of my bed when I noticed who he was,it was him the boy I had ask to spy for me.

"Zethu...?" I wanted to understand why is she here with him "Oh yes brother meet Ranjit again he's my mate" my word I endangered my sister's mate can't my day get any worse,I hugged both of them telling them I was happy for them. Ranjit exhaled breath he didn't know he was holding.

"See I told you he won't have a problem with this" I guess he got worried because he was an omega "Thank you my King and I was honoured to serve you" I wanted to apologise to him but I knew he understood me by the expression I held on my face.

"Call me Mozokhi we are a family now" and with that they excused themselves leaving me to my thoughts.

*Alexa advise me than*

*I am all speakers my king fire away*

*Hahaha speakers...ears you idiot but I see what you did there, anyway am having trouble approaching my broken hearted girl*

*What's her name my king?*

*Ayakha Lance Junior Jacqueline, she's my mate*

*Okay I see...my king remember what works for the other person might not work for you,so in this case trust and follow what your heart tells you*

*I guess am so afraid to lose her that staying away from seems like my best option now*

"Is that why I haven't seen you in two weeks,you were afraid of that? Tell me what happened to that determined man who came to fetch me from miles away? The man who quoted my favourite song without realising it to express his feelings?" I didn't even see her walk in "Junior I just wanted to give you some space and yes I was afraid I...still am" she was starting to sob now I stood up from my bed and headed towards her,she looked like a mess bags under her eyes actually we both looked bad all we did was eat and sleep we were a walking ticking time bombs.

She held up her hand stopping me midway "no you don't get to do that to me two whole weeks do you know how I felt...how much I missed you damnit how are you so clueless" is she messing with me right now...she has definitely gone mental "You missed me? That's funny coming from someone who refused to talk to me for trying to save her from falling to Satan's grasp" I was also yelling at her now she's busy sending me mixed signals.

"Yes I was wrong I admit that but you promised to be there always" this is going downhill very fast "That I did Junior but I can't anymore this is too much I tried to bear with you but now I feel like you punishing me for someone else mistakes...little one you hurting me and I love you..." What did I just say no no no.

"Get out!" Yep she's totally mental "What?!! this is my home too you get out,you in my room" I made a mistake of forgetting that she got powers and she's not afraid to use them,she pulled me out of my room till to the front door and threw me out locking the doors.

"You are fucking crazy woman!" I stand up dusting grass off my clothes and I hear laughters behind me "what did you do to her now" my Mom guides me to go sit down with them for lunch.

"I didn't do anything that woman in there has gone bonkers am done Mom this is too much" I really tried but it's like am hitting a wall of China every time,I can't get through her "She's falling inlove with you silly she's not crazy,she just doesn't know how to do this again and not mess it up" I didn't wait for my mom to further explain to me I rushed back inside that house.

"Mozokhi!! Argh! Why do I bother you never listen" I hear my mom yell behind me but I was not hearing anything she just told me my mate loves me,I kicked the door but it was hard to break open,now it's time for some reinforcement.

*Maximus! Out now*

I transformed into my lycan my family knew not to interfere when am on this mode and I was glad Thoril and Catherine were working this thing out,now back to my crazy mate I kicked the door once and it fell of its hinges and went straight to her roomed transformed back to my human form,I was now half naked but that didn't bother me because I had one goal in mind and that's to make my Queen confess her love "Mozokhi! Why are you half naked?" She turned to look anywhere but me "Do you love me Ayakha?" I ignored her question and got straight to the point.

She just stood there not answering me this made me mad "Answer me!!" She flinched at the sound of my voice and I instantly scolded myself "Yes I do love you damnit I love you so much that I can't hardly breathe from the very first moment I saw you I just knew it okay,but am gonna mess it up and you gonna end up leaving me" My word is that why she's been pushing me away.

"You silly Queen I can never leave you alone you are mine and whatever that idiot did to you was not your fault okay hey hey look at me it was not your fault" I wipe her tears with kisses "I believe you have something to say to me I didn't quite catch it earlier" a smile started to form on her face.

"I love you Mr Glitters" finally I have my Queen with me "need help with that growing bulge" she's asks with a smirk playing of her face man I didn't waste time claiming her lips this was long overdue fuck four play,her clothes was out of her body faster than a lightning,we fought for dominance and of course I won because she promised not to use any of powers on me.She kneeled down took my hard d** in her hands "Junior?" She started to lick the tip of my head's d** and man did it feel good.

Without warning she took me in her mouth whole "ohh damn Junior" I started to fuck her mouth and it felt good it didn't help that she was playing with my d** drawing me closer to the edge,it didn't take long and I realised in her mouth and she dranked me in. I lifted her up from the floor and threw her on the bed it was my turn now "no please don't,you won't like it" what make her think that.

"Just relax Junior no need to be embarrassed I love all of you...let me pleasure you" I removed her hands from covering her p** let my tongue and mouth do the work slapping her ass occasionally and I saw she was fond of that she came like four times now no more playing "May I enter my Queen?" I ask for her permission

"Yes please my King" with that I entered painfully slow making her grab my ass to move me faster "I got the message little one" I thrust in her hard and fast she was about to come but I didn't let her,I turned her on her stomach and pulled her close to me and thrust in again keeping the rhythm.

"Mozokhi!!! Faster and harder am nearrrrrrrrr!!!" She came shaking like a leaf and I followed suit but I was not yet done with her,I flipped her back raised her legs up and thrust into her again.

"Ahhh!" This one was slow and passionate I was pouring my heart into this round I kissed her screams and moans letting go of her legs thrusting deep in her cupping her breasts kissing bitting on them I love this woman,this time I came first and she followed suit we fell asleep in each other's arms.
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