Ayakha the Queen

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Two years later

"Brother did you guys find them? you need to come home is Ayakha's crowning ceremony tomorrow" my sister and Okhufa have been searching for Khanna and Khalifa for two years now and also taking time off for themselves "Yes brother we did and you'll be pleased to know that we are right out of your chambers" Mozokhi rushed to the door in an inhumanly speed almost knocking me down.

"Hey careful" I haven't told him am pregnant yet "My God Sonia... Okhufa why didn't you tell us you were coming we could have picked you guys up" oh that's who my lycan was rushing to,typical Magnus men.

"Come on,mom cooked a feast I guess she knew you were coming" we all laughed "You know mom brother she never seizes to impress" we are all thankful to her and she's the first one I told about my pregnancy followed by the girls I haven't gathered enough courage to tell Mozokhi yet but mom assured me that I was worrying for nothing he'll be more than happy.

"Whoa Aya slow down are you raising a village in that stomach that's a lot of food" Okhufa teases me... though I knew he was just playing I couldn't help but feel attacked so I stormed out of the room leaving them confused at my sudden outburst "Junior he didn't mean anything by it baby come on" I didn't want to hear anything damn these hormones.

I locked myself in the room pacing around trying to get a way to tell him 'I am pregnant and am sorry I didn't know how to tell you' I practice my speech no no that's not it "Junior open the door please he was just playing with you,you know how he is" I was not angry at Okhufa I was angry at myself for feeling this way "Go away Mozokhi" am not ready to face him yet.

"Come on you being ridiculous Ayakha open this door... don't make me do this" what's with this lycan and his ears he never listens "You dare kick this door Mozokhi am going back to my chambers you hear me cave lycan I love this door" silence fell between us and for a minute there I thought he took a hint and left me alone.

*Alexa honey tell me what's wrong with my wife?*

No no no this damn device where is it need to switch it off now

*She's pregnant and she's sorry for being to much of a coward to tell you my King*

*Thank you Alexa and stay hidden*

*You are most welcomed my King*

"Mozokhi? You there?" Silence... He's gone my word what am I gonna do now,I went outside to find Okhufa and Sonia telling everyone about their travellings "Guys have you seen Mozokhi?" They all looked at me puzzled.

"He said he'll be back later he didn't say where he was going" Sonia informs me "Mother he knows and he left me" I was crying now hiding my face with my hands.

"Mom what's going on,Aya are you okay?" I couldn't answer him "Go get your brother now Okhufa!" mother instructs him.

"Yes mem" he kissed Sonia and rushed to find his brother "I'll go help" one look in his direction from mom Thoril had no choice.

Mozokhi's POV

How could she do that to me,is this how it's gonna be between us? I know she's been hurt but she's not being fair on us right now "Brother what's this man,you made her cry and now mom is gunning for our heads" I knew she would pull something like this "Man that woman can shoot daggers I tell you,now what's the meaning of this?" Thoril questions

"She's pregnant and she didn't bother telling me about" we supposed to share everything especially this "And let me guess you asked Alexa again...dude you never listen" oh now am the one at fault yet she couldn't tell me about such an important matter Thoril is starting to sound crazy too.

"She didn't tell you she was pregnant because she was afraid you'd flee on her and guess what brother you did exactly that,look am not condoning what she did but put your feet on her shoes it has only been 2years brother but you seem to have forgotten everything" Thoril was right I've been selfish this woman gave her all to me and now she's about to give me a baby "What are you waiting for let's go we have our mates waiting for us to rescue them from mom's rage" that one is impossible.

I didn't waste anytime we left right away and arrived home in the evening when I entered the door I was met with a hard slap on my face "I didn't raise you like that you better go right now and apologise to her...now Mozokhi!" At my peripheral vision I saw those two idiots running away bloody cowards "Yes mem".

"Honey... Junior am sorry I shouldn't have acted like that am truly sorry,you just made me the happiest man alive with this baby and I love you two so much you hear that honey?" She sobbed Smiling at the same time "We are going to be Okay right?"

I kissed her forehead and answered "yes we are,now let's sleep its a big day tomorrow"

Morning came too soon everyone was here ready for the ceremony "Mozokhi a word please" granny called me to the side with a serious face "What's wrong grams?" She was scaring me now.

"I'll get straight to the point Ayakha's baby didn't die she's caring that little boy again I think it has something to do with the spell her parents did,his soul was waiting for the right time" this is huge my word she's going to be so happy "Does she know grandma" I was so excited over these news.

"Honey I should be asking if you are okay with this?" I know this kind of spell,Khalifa's DNA is long dead from that child he holds mine that's how the spell works "I am okay granny I know how the spell works" my wife came rushing in with her white dress looking like Cinderella breathing heavily.

"Mozokhi am sorry I didn't know" she thinks am angry crazy girl "That's our baby in there and am proud to be the father Junior and We shall name him Lance Mozokhi Junior Magnus".

She kissed me and said "I love it"

It was time for the crowning and Luna ceremony,the event went well but Aya couldn't use her power for the final part of the crescent moon because of the baby so three covens all glowed up getting her a beautiful half purple shinny crescent moon tattooed on her wrist.

"Oh hail Queen Ayakha!" We are going to be okay.

The End!!

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