Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 3 - New Beginnings

This building was huge with Xolo Agricultural institute engraved on top.Yes this is the day I grow up and finally become independent,I haven't heard from Khalifa not that I want to but someone did warn me that he's ice cold jerk once he's done with you but two years we've been together,where is his conscious? I really didn't expect that from him of all people not even a simple am sorry.

I make my way to the big glass doors with my case with laptop in it,I have on a turquoise suit tailor made with brown grasshoppers and a white slim fit t-shirt,I have my natural hair in a neat bun...yep I really went all out in this outfit "Good morning Miss....?" The receptionist trails off "Miss Jacqueline, Ayakha Lance junior Jacqueline reporting for duty" I helped her with my name and looked as she struggled to say it,I internally laughed at her oh poor soul.

"Wow that's quite a mouthful and am sure you get that alot,take a lift fifth floor second door to your right that's our CEO's office she'll be waiting for you" I once asked my parents about my names and why didn't they just give me only one name,they said they couldn't agree on one name now am suffering this "I get that quiet alot and thank you"

"It's Khanna by the way" she says with her adorable smile "yes Khanna, thanks again".

I made my way to the CEO's office,Khanna looked to be a very beautiful woman with long ebony hair,curves to die for with milky skin my word she is a version of a goddess.I made it to the CEO's office without any trouble,now here I was standing outside the big Oak door written Mrs Olima Banks the CEO on it and knocked.

"Come on in" in I come hahaha that didn't sound right.Anywho I looked at the figure standing behind the table looking elegant,strong and professional as she should be,she's wearing a suit also tailored made in burgundy and a black polo t-shirt and sneakers whoakay!! I like I like "You must be Ayakha Lance junior Jacqueline, I heard so much about you from your lectures and previous employer where you did your internship" Ohkay she did her homework on me.

"All good I hope" We shaked hands "Yes of course and I hope your reputation precedes you,please take a sit so we can get down to business" she offered me a sit.

She allocated me work,an office but I refused as I like to be around people sharing ideas in an open space office.We agreed with that and went over everything I'll be doing,paper work and animals I'll be attending.

"Okay Sonia will show you around the office and meet everyone especially your team,all in all welcome Mrs Ayakha Lance junior Jacqueline" that did sound a mouthful now that I am hearing it the first time this morning and the day hasn't even begun "just Ayakha" she smiles,right on cue a lady comes in panting like she's been running a mile.

"Olima am so sorry I overslept,we left late last night but that's no excuse am truly sorry it won't happen again" on first name basis I see "it's okay just show Ayakha around and her desk,and introduce her to her team why don't you" she instructs her and she gestures us to leave so that she can answer a call.

We head out of her office as Sonia shows me around,we started with the toilets, cafeteria than made our way to meet my new colleagues and my team.Amongst them there was Okhufa the manager,he was a god made of perfection,build to perfection he had icy blue eyes,beard that circled his face beautifully and trimmed with blond hair disheveled like he has been running his hands through it.Sonia introduced us and he offered me his hand to shake something I've noticed as a norm in this company or tradition.

"Hi,my name is Okhufa milady,welcome to the team"

Milady??? What is he from? The old testament? The day went on with me getting myself equiped with everything and learning the ropes,it was rather a very productive day but there was something about Okhufa something weird even for me.When I touched his hand I had a familiar feeling like I've known him awhile he felt safe almost like home,I quickly shake that thought I must be going crazy ....as usual. It is four O'clock time to go home now.

"Hey Yoo! Ayakha,can I get a ride with you home?"

I never had a friend in my life courtesy of yours truly my dad again,those were one of the lessons he instilled in me to never have a friend they just bring trouble,so I never bothered to befriend anyone nor knew how to because I heard I was not even approachable anyway "yeah Uhm...sure where you headed?" I ask clearing and bagging my things "you can drop me at town,no biggie" okay it was already decided she's gonna be my friend she got balls am scary as shit but she had to problem approaching me.

"Bye Aya" I turn to see Okhufa waving his hand goodbye to me,again that feeling oh my word what's happening to me?.
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