Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 4-Whats The Deal With Him?

"Crazy and serious parents am home and I come bearing gifts" I call out to my parents as I enter the door,we had a nice evening me and Sonia she's a lovely soul and we even decided to go hangout at sports lounge and did a couple of shots of margarita baby,than decided to get my parents dinner cause my mom doesn't cook on Mondays.

I even questioned her about that Okhufa character and she said he's from Sweden and he's a nice guy blah blah blah nothing out of the ordinary and said she found him working there way before she came to work there,that explains the thick Swedish accent but still I couldn't shake the feeling he gave me.

"Hey Rockie,how was your first day at work? Whoo! samp and pork knuckles oh swidy you know a way to your parent's heart" my dad kissed me on the forehead and went on to ask me about my first day at work while dishing up "It was productive,I had fun and my colleagues are friendly and then some...I even made a friend her name is Sonia"

I can see my dad having a mini heart attack,see he had a friend once but he betrayed him took his money,his then girlfriend and took off. They were supposed to build a business together with that money but thanks to him he found my mom and here I am "Oh come on Lance not everyone is like that coward and besides if we were to live this world will you go happy knowing our baby doesn't have someone other than us?" My mom asks my dad and I interrupt "whoa! when did this conversation take that sharp turn to your deaths? No guys remember the rules don't be breaking them,NO DEATH TALKS HERE".

I didn't mean to snap but just the thought of losing them...I went to my room to cool down.They are mental if they think they can leave me,we are a family and we stick together.I was starting to hyperventilate I couldn't take this,the thought of losing them.I heard my parents behind the door knocking but it was so faint to my ears,I was on my knees now struggling to control my breathings,I heard the commotions at the door "Am going in Reba she's hyperventilating again" my dad yells and kicked the door open "Bring the brown bag Reba" I heard my mom rushing to the kitchen.

"Here baby girl breathe,we are not going anywhere anytime soon...you not getting rid of us that easily,breathe honey" she reassured me and I did so in the brown bag while tearing up,as much as my dad hated it but he knew I had to let it out.I know death is certain but they are my life and losing them is not an option right now.

The morning came all too quickly and just like that the week rushed off. It is Friday today,last day at work and apparently it is fun day where we let the animals room free and some strayed animals that were rescued were finding new homes and owners it is just perfectly fun.

*ding* I opened my phone to read a text from Khalifa:

Hey baby,I am on my way to the airport we leaving South Africa for good and I just wanted to say thank you for everything and am sorry for using you to my advantages you didn't deserve it but I had to do what I had to do,one thing though I really did love you.
Keep well...


"Aggg!! Please go f word yourself you jerk" I said that a little bit too loud,trust me to act crazy putting myself poor self in awkward situations always,I mentally backslap my head "Everything okay there Aya?" There it is again the feeling I can't explain what's the deal with this guy.

"Yeah yeah just one of those days" I start to walk away from him because wow "Here" he handed me a handkerchief I didn't even realise I was crying up gosh! I hated it, embarrassed I took it and cleaned my face.

"Thanks" I thank him turning around to give it back to him "no you can keep it, should I go break his bones?" He asks in a playful manner in an attempt to lighten up my mood which did work.

"There she is,you should smile more life is too short like Sonia" I laughed so hard I didn't take him for a joker but he sure knows what to say,his humor is on point.My word there's something about this guy's aura though but for the life in me I just can't place it "There you are, I've been looking all over for you if I I knew you were being tortured like this I would have acted faster.

"Get away from her Mr smarty rodents disease infested pants"

"Hello Sonia,those are very colourful names you got for me I truly appreciate the effort" the past weeks I've been observing these two's interactions with each other and I must say they are secretly so in love or they are just being kids.We have become a bit tight me and Sonia in such a short period of time she has that sisterly vibe going on.

It's almost time to go home now, after my little breakdown weeks ago my parents have been ringing me after every 3 hours to check up on me and I feel that they are being dramatic now.

We started to clean at the work place before we all went our separate ways and of course I had to take Sonia home while her car is in service and there he was looking at me with so much curiosity that am sure we both share till Mrs Olima called him to help the security detail with something...my my my Okhufa.
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