Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 5 - The New Girl


I pulled up at work,it hasn't been that busy lately we even had a mini party yesterday and I heard that we having a new team leader coming in today,hope she's cute.

Am not one to shy away from ladies and I must say am quite easy in the eye and ladies loves me.Oh my word am exhausted and my lycan has been bothering me wanting to go for a run I mean who does that with hangover?? I ask in a duh tone.

He doesn't retort back like he usually does,he's been a little moody these days because he hasn't found his mate...actually we haven't found our mate and it breaks our heart.Sleeping around is what calms me but not him no he wants his other half the one who completes him.

It is against our traditions to mate with a human but times has changed now but those stubborn headed old rags of a council members are so backwards and painfully so.I make my way inside to be greeted by a sourful face of Khanna "My Sweety pie Khanna,God morgon" I greet her and wink at her "Oh bite me furball" I laughed at her making my way to the stairs.

"If only sweet pea,if only" Now you'd wonder why am I not taking the lift,well am a lycan so small spaces aren't for me. When I reached the common office area my heart stopped,that can't be no I must be mistaken.

No I don't think you are,I can feel it too it's real but it's a bit different from him,his twin maybe? Asks my lycan clearly baffled too.

Look who decided to grace us with his presence Mr whinny pants and don't be ridiculous Mozokhi doesn't have a twin,this can only mean that...no way! The Queen I mean his mate.

I was completely stunned and pained that he will not claim her because she's human or am I wrong? Oh Mozokhi,he'll be an idiot not too though because the woman standing in front of me staring at me is magnificent,I know she can feel the connection but she won't understand it yet oh fuckie fuck!.

"Hi,my name is Okhufa milady,welcome to the team"

I shake her hand leaving her stunned with curiosity I internally feel bad for making her feel like that but it's not my fault I head back to my office and begin to pace up and down in frustration.My lycan is also on edge we are frustrated we don't know what to do,we don't want our king to end up choosing someone who's not meant for him and again we don't want him rejecting the poor girl because of pressure aggg!! I groan...this so frustrating.

let's go for a run I could use one,we both could use one to clear our minds.

You don't have to ask me twice.

Our company,no my company is built near the forest for cases like today where I can freely run to relieve my stress.I headed out for a run and a good hunt,there's something about hunted food that's so inviting so natural so homely.

I finished my run and headed to the lake or dam ... whatever it's called here,to wash off the excess of blood away so that I can get back to the office.It's almost knock off time,so I ran to the office just to see her again and there she was speaking to that annoying squirrel Sonia,as she turns her heard towards me I can't help but wave a hand goodbye to her.

"Bye Aya"

And that ladies and gentlemen is how you close the day of hard work with added stress but in all honesty what am I gonna do with this new predicament?.I went back to my apartment only to pace around further.I needed to distract myself,so with that thought in mind I took my phone out to text Khanna,she's angry at me but I know she will never say no to me.

Sweet pea meet me at my apartment now and if you don't come you'll get a punishment and you very well know daddy doesn't like naughty munchies.

Yeah that will get her juices flowing,don't get me wrong I care about her and like her even but she's just a good fuck nothing more she's not my mate.An hour late my door bell rang just in time "Hey daddy".

She comes waltzing in with her lingerie inside her coat and her 6inch high heels,I can feel my d** itching to break free from my pants "What took you so long sweet pea,see now daddy will have to punish you for taking so long...you are such a little tease aren't you?" I pulled her inside locking the door and wasted no time taking off her coat leaving her only in her see through red lingerie "I have been a bad girl,punish me daddy".

"Ohhhh sweetpea I plan to" with one swift I tore her lingerie into shreds,something she enjoyed me doing "those were in my way" I mumbled under my breath as I carried her bridal style to the couch,releasing my hard d** and plunged in her slick moist entrance all ready for me,3_6_9 hard and fast strokes was enough to send her to Mars,her eyes rolled back and I knew she was near.I waited for here to release with one hard slap on her buttocks she came trembling with electric waves vibrating and I followed suit with my own release.

Like I said, she's a good fuck.I kissed her forehead and she left to take a shower,after her shower we said our goodbyes and she left my place.I like her because she knows our arrangement of no strings attached now am all alone exhausted,so I went bed and dozed off.

The morning came way too soon,I am getting ready for work it's fun day today so no need to stay awhile,so I decided to dress up in a short and a tee.That should be okay.Fun day it's just a way of us to skip work,we need rest and the animals needs a new home and a family as I was making my way to the ground I saw her standing there with a jumpsuit and sneakers she looked like a farm girl,Mozokhi Mozokhi Mozokhi....oh brother.My phone rang and it was none other than the king himself,speak of the devil.
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