Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 6- Awkward Phone Call

"Hey, brother long time man" I answer not knowing what to say honestly, as am standing 30 feet away from his mate,our Queen and I still can't bring myself to tell him ish

"Hey brother I miss you too, how's the south there?" Long time? Nope not really I spoke to him 4days ago telling me ish about my d** "Everything is good and how's the royal pain of the council treating you there,I bet you wish you had taken me up on my offer to come stay here a bit?" I slap my head mentally after saying that am such an idiot.

What if he does come here and oh my word don't get me wrong I do want him to be happy with her and all but he needs to grow a pair and know that he's the king not those oldie panties of a council.

"Oh brother you and your jokes you know I cannot leave the kingdom without a ruler,you should head here we miss you and do not forget you are a beta and a king's second in command you are needed here" He's right about one thing though it will be chaos if he were to leave the kingdom alone my poor friend and what is it that he said about my role again oh what a party popper he is "Yes yes your majesty, I'll be there in two years time as promised, cannot wait to see you all there kiss Zethu for me" Zethu hasn't found her mate yet she is currently residing at the kingdom she's our little sister we have been tight ever since I lost my parents during rogue attack.

"Bye brother and keep it in your pants, will ya?" I place my phone back in my pocket laughing it's always nice to talk to Mozokhi he balance me and he's family and he has always had my back.

My laughter was short lived when I heard Ayakha sniffled a sob, now that pissed me off to no end.I made my way to her and there was tears in her eyes I can see that she's trying so hard not to cry,she doesn't want to be seen as weak yes that's a true queen right here human or not "Aggg!! Please go f word yourself you jerk" she said that just loud enough for her to hear if it wasn't for my enhanced hearing I would have missed it,now's who's head am I detaching from its body... "Everything okay there Aya?" I ask sounding awfully worried for a stranger, creepy right..yeah thought so too but I can't help it.

"Yeah yeah just one of those days" she lies straight through her teeth but I can see right through her "here" I handed her my handkerchief to clean her face seeing that she's been crying and trying so hard not to show it.

"Thanks" she hands me back my handkerchief "Oh no you can keep it, should I go break his bones?" I ask in an attempt to make her smile and see those dimples and of course to see that jolliness of hers even when she doesn't show it that much she's too serious even our CEO is not that bad not that am saying our Queen is bad oh my word what am I saying.

"See I knew you were not that bad in the eye" she starts to laugh and there it is that jolliness that's very rare to see and not forgetting those cute dimples I think I should start calling her dimples from now on "There you are, I've been looking all over for you...so that's where you've been hiding with Mr smarty pants here" oh I didn't see this squirrel come.

"Oh hey you pipsqueak didn't see you coming here with all that hair and squirrelling around ish you got going on" she annoys me so much and she so young not even 18 yet maybe that explains the bickering she got going on that am always involved in I think to myself.

now what does it say about you ou man? asks my lycan with a smirk

"Oh bite me Okhufa" I laugh so devilish walking away but not before reporting back "Y'all should really stop saying that,I do bite you know"....I need food in my stomach right on cue my stomach growled.

"Someone has been starving themselves" I hear Mrs Olima behind me teasing me,she is very awkward and weird woman even for me today she's green tomorrow she's yellow and so forth you get the picture,I hate such women but I can't fire her she's the reason this place is standing and still functioning so I just ignore her.Now am missing one person here my sweet pea and there she is swaying what her mama gave her... now this girl knows how to please a man if only oh how cruel is fate "Daddy..." she purrs in my ear,oh my my my my my she's gonna be the death of me.My member went hard instantly.

"Ew y'all in the food section get a grip" in comes the squirrel what's with this pipsqueak "Are you offering love?,pity you under age but than again we will never know with all that sass"

I say leaving there with my sweet pea I need a release only she can offer.
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