Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 7-Losing Control


"Arg! he's such a pain in the ass" Sonia groans stomping her feet like a toddler but on a serious note there is something between her and Okhufa but it's really none of my business friend or not "Yeah...tell me about it" I answer absentmindedly dishing some finger food layed out for us.

"Ayakha,let's clean up so that we can leave early I have a date with my couch and Netflix ya know" she says rolling her eyes,oh she's so playful and free unlike me which reminds "How did we become friends again?" I ask playfully guess she's rubbing off on me.

She jabs my side rib "hey!" I groan from her tiny fist jab,we laughed and got on with cleaning so Ms pipsqueak over here can go to hear couch.The day went down pretty well,I had asked her if she is going to ride with me home but apparently her car is back thankfully,look I love her and all but this is new to me so I need some time to get used to it.

"Honeywell's am home" where are they? I think to myself but right on cue my mom appears with flour all over her face and her clothes oh she's cute "Hey baby,am making cupcakes and your dad is out on business matters...give me a hand?" my family owned alot of business around the world, now don't ask me how they accumulated such wealth during their years.It has always been weird even for me but I never questioned them they will tell me when they are ready and come to think of it I don't even know my family's history they never wanted to talk about.

"Earth to Junior!!" My mom calls cutting me off my trains of thoughts "Yeah...yeah mom let me change quickly and what are aprons for you look a mess" I make my way to my room to put on something comfortable I need to somehow find a way to question her about their families,they cannot possibly think it's okay to hide all this from me.

With that thought in mind I made my way back to the kitchen "mommy dearest" I yell making my way to the kitchen determined to have that awkward conversation,the last time we spoke about it I was 15years old and trust me when I say she has a way of brushing things off but she was not getting out of this one tonight "What is it now,I know that tone of voice and my answer is no" yells my mom from across the room now see she knows me too well like I said we are close.

"Mommy tell me about your family and dad's, I know you don't like talking about them but I need to know they are part of me too" as expected my mom ignores me "Let things be sweetheart,you don't need anyone else you have us" I was getting irritated by her constant dismissal of this topic treating me like a child which made me want to press more on the matter,when I was 15 I had found pictures in the basement of my mom,dad and some people with crowns they all had green eyes...weird right? thought so too but there was more in the box,some voodoo ish and my dad blowing some purple light during some sort of a bonfire,they all looked so happy.

"Come on mom am old now I can handle anything you taught me well,tell me" am trying my level best now to stay calm cause nothing can come out of us being both on edge,I can see my mom losing control.What could have happened that's so bad that makes my mom behave in this manner over that simple question,I try again "Mom..." She cuts me off very fast her eyes are glowing now with green light to say am shocked will be an understatement of the year.

"Rebaone!! You stop it right this instant you scaring her" my dad comes in crashing through the door,am so shock that I didn't realise I was holding in my breath. My mom came to her senses after realising what was going on "Oh my word Lance what have I done what have I done no no no she wasn't supposed to find out like this,oh my word oh my word" my mom is busy mumbling to my dad and I on the other hand can't get over the shock of what just happened.

"We don't have a choice you gonna have to make her forget,that world it is not for our daughter we agreed to keep her out of this how could you lose control like that" my dad scolds my mom oh wait...did he just say 'make her forget' oh hell no they don't.I was about to question them further after gaining my senses when I heard my dad chanting in some foreign language,I fell straight to a deep sleep but not before I heard my mom in a distance "sleep oh little witch it's not the time yet" darkness engulfed me.
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