Ayakha the Queen

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Chapter 8-Am Not That Clumsy

Woke up from a throbbing pain in my head,I groaned bringing my head back to my pillow "Easy there rocky,you had such a bad fall from the stairs honey,how are you feeling?" I opened my one eye to meet my mom's worried gaze,what the hell happened last night because I know am not clumsy "Like I've been hit by a train,how did I fall I don't remember any of yesternight'ss events mommy" I say worried about my sudden predicament this is all new.I am always in control I never lose it so this is shocking to say the least

"Hey don't think much about it the doctor said you are under a lot of stress but you going to be okay sweetheart.Lance honey shes awake" she smiles at me my mom always knew what to say but she didn't have to scream like that with that scratchy voice 'hello patient on board' my dad comes in with a tray and what we call boere breakfast that I have once in a while because well...I keep healthy,in it there's eggs sunny side up,toasted bread,bacon and boereworse and some butter.OJ to go along with them and pills am assuming painkillers "there she is my rocky,how you feeling sweetheart? I brought breakfast hope you hungry and something for the pain" right on cue my stomach growled.

"I won't say no to that,thank you guys am sorry for scaring you" I saw guilt in my mom's eyes but it went away as fast as it appeared but I didn't pay attention to it breakfast was calling me in.We sat there in silence as they were busy looking at me stuffing my face and had a conversation here and there,yep that's how my morning went. It was late afternoon when I decided to go gym and take a shower after all that decided to go watch a movie John wick 3 is showing so I can't miss that and anyway I could use a break.

Hey Ayakha I was wondering if you'd be down for some movie am bored to death and I invited Okhufa who invited Khanna,so if you down for it meet us at the mall,mwaa.

Text from my crazy friend,Sonia is such a weird toddler acting squirrel.Why don't she tell the guy how she feels and save me the headache?.

See you there pipsqueak...

I texted back adding pipsqueak just to get on her nerves,why did she invite Okhufa? I mean everyone knows and can see that she got it bad for the guy in between those annoying bickering they got going on, anyway let me go meet up with them I'd hate to be late and miss all the drama "Parents am going out with some friends but I won't be late,love you" I rush out of the house they hate it when I do that oh well I did it to annoy them,I smile thinking about them.

I made it safely to the mall to find them already at it poor Khanna, that's one character that one she loves Okhufa but keep saying he's not the one he's not the one but I mean like how does she know? Right?... right but apparently Okhufa says she's not his predestined whatever that means,guess they have a mutual understanding. Let me try to defuse the fire burning my eardrums here... predestined I think to myself how I wish I knew right away that someone is the one "Now now kids cut it out the movie it's about to start" I say ushering them inside,Okhufa's aura still bothers me but I learnt to push it aside.

Days,weeks, months went on I kept doing the say things work,gym,chill out with the guys we have become very close during these months,a year down heading to two years we kept going strong my parents kept acting weird but I never gave it much of a thought. This morning has been awful after Okhufa dropped a bombshell on us "why are you leaving,did I annoy you to such an extent?" Questions Sonia with so much pain in her voice you could never miss it "Pipsqueak are you saying you gonna miss me,I never thought I'd see the day" I watch as Okhufa tries to musk his own pain, I expected Khanna to be sad and all but to my surprise she was doing alright guess she already knew way before us and had her breakdown and banged each other good-bye...

Okay time to get this party started,it was Sonia's birthday turning 20 years old now I just need to find mrs party,I made my way to the bathroom where I saw her disappear to *knock* knock* "Sonia squirrieee!" I call out to her,I heard her soft sobs wow that bad? I try again "come on open before I kick this door open you know how huge and bulgy I am,I'll go all hulk on it...1,2..." before I could reach 3 the door opened and there's my friend cleaning up her face,good I hate tears.

"You so insufferable" she scolds and I laugh my contiguous laughter I know she can't resist that.

"Ayakha.... he's...phew he's leaving" she starts and I don't say a word I let her continue "I knew there's something between us even when we didn't admit it to each other, but it's so real and so strong and his scent my word is so intoxicating,in a good way though.He smells like soil after few drops of rain had fallen and musk oak trees,I feel so complete just by looking at him,tell me how did we get here it hurts so much" I don't know what to say to her to make her feel better plus she's talking crazy I laugh at her little declaration,someone is high stoned on weed.

Instead of answering I took her hand in mine and lead her out of the toilets straight to her party,she needs to down that little craziness with some shots,who falls in love that quickly no girl get a grip on yourself.Come to think of it, Okhufa seemed a bit off too today,Sonia was dancing with some guy at work and he growled at that poor guy I mean like growl like dogs whoof whoof dogs and stormed out,the hell was that all about?.
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