The Dark Crown

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Princess Eliana of Liona is forced into an arranged marriage, when she learns the truth behind the marriage she must find a way to protect what's hers. With the help of her husband Prince Liam, and her ladies in waiting Princess Eliana must stop the Darkness from coming.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One

My name is Princess Eliana of Liona, a kingdom just outside of Veradora. A place where the crown sits upon no head, a crown that has been plagued by darkness. A crown I am to take on as my own. I sat in my room reading about greek gods when I heard a knock on my door. "Come in." I said setting my book down and standing up to greet the person. My mother stood on the other end of the door with my chambermaid Lucy. "Eliana your father is expecting us." I sighned this same speech again, "Tell him I don't want to be associated with the Dark Crown." She shut the door hushing me, "You are his eldest child who is born to take the throne." I threw my book across the room watching the pages fall out, "He request you now my daughter." I finally gave in, "I'll be there soon." Lucy took a step closer once my mother left, "What would you like to wear Princess?" I didn't say anything about the clothes, "I can tell you what I don't want to wear and that's the Dark Crown." She picked out a dress, "I'm sure your father means well." She said helping me into my dress, "Thank you Lucy."
"Yes my Princess." I made my way to my father's study, when I walked in he was sitting at his desk with a note in his hand. "You wanted to see me father?" He looked up from the note and smiled at me, "Ah come here my daughter I have some news." I sat across from him as he skimmed through the note. "Yes father?" He put the note down and looked at me, "You are going to the Kingdom of Leris." I looked confused I've been to Leris once but it was a long time ago. "And do what father?" I asked hoping he would say something good. "Marry the Prince of course our kingdoms need an alliance." I gave a sly smile. "Am I not to claim the throne of my home? But someone else's?" My father took my hand, "Be grateful my daughter soon you will be Queen of Leris." Secretly I'm thrilled about getting out of my throne. Taking the Dark Crown would mean I rule with a dark rule and I couldn't do that. "I'll begin preparing father." I headed back to my chambers with Lucy by my side and my ladies in waiting. "Good Morning Princess." Lady Katherine said as she opened my bedroom door, "The Queen said you needed us." Lady Annika said as we walked through the door. "Yes I am to be packed and on my way to Leris." I said picking my book up off the floor, "What for Princess." Annika questioned. "To be married of course." She looked thrilled, "I'll start packing right away." Lucy and my ladies in waiting packed as I took one last look around my room. My childhood room will be no longer. "All set Princess when do you leave?" I looked back at her snapping into reality. "As soon as I'm packed I'm sure the Prince is eager."
"Yes Princess I'll tell the King we are ready to go." She said, I thanked her and took a look around once more. "Oh Lucy I'm going to miss this place." I said tearing up a little, "And I'm sure it will miss you Princess." She said handing me a handchief. "I'll miss you Lucy you've been a good friend to me." She smiled, "And you've done the same to me." I smiled back at her, "Perhaps my new husband will let me bring you once we're settled." She shook her head, "No need Princess I tend to your sister now." My sister, "I must see her before I leave." I made my way to my sisters chamber she was only 14 but ready to take the throne. "I've heard the news." She said as I walked in. "Don't ever think I would leave you without saying goodbye." She pulled me into a hug, "I didn't want you to say goodbye because that's not what this is." I held onto her close. "Of course it's not." I said stroking her hair, "Who will take the throne with you gone." She asked backing away, "Brother will." I said with regret, "Why don't you stay and take the throne?" She asked, had she not known I had no choice. "The Dark Crown is not my throne I cannot claim a crown plagued with darkness." I said as she backed away some more, "And I am?" She questioned. "Violet I believe I can change the crown I just need time so you can take the throne." I said taking her hand in mine, "Father will get suspicious of you trying to change the way of rule." She had a point my father loved the darkness, "He won't know I'll do it from Leris." I said hoping to reassure her, "You better go I'll see you at the wedding."
"I love you so much Violet."
"I know now go."

My ladies in waiting stood outside as I got in the carriage with my parents. My mother waved them off and we started the journey to Leris. "Now Eliana I want you to be grateful when you meet Prince Liam, he is to become King and has requested you as his bride." My father said, he requested me? I didn't know Prince Liam requested me, what did he want with a princess from Dark Crown Territory. "Silas let our daughter enjoy the ride she will have much time to think later." We rode off to Leris the Kingdom was beautiful nothing compared to the Dark Kingdom. Soon I would be Queen of this land, and I could try to change my land bring it out of the Darkness

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