Restart: Unchosen Hero's Return

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A knight by the name of Arion Harik fights to stop the Demon king's revival and his plans to dominate the world. Though he unfortunately had to fight his old friend to do it, he still succeeded or did he?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 0: Prologue. The Beginning

Full of bandages all over his body, a man runs through a corpse filled battlefield. The rage was painted across his face. He was looking for someone, someone he had known.

The man pants when he arrived in the area he was trying to reach.

“Criminal: Zo Eldrich Flair let go of that man.”

He calmly asked the person who was holding a dead person on his right hand.

“Arion Crownguard Harik. The captain of this losers is here.”

The person snickered and drops the corpse without any care.

“You are to come with me in handcuffs and without any resistance.”

“Huh?! As if a loser like you can cuff me.”

“I guess you choose to resist.”

Arion unsheathes a curved sword, single-edged blade with a circular guard and long grip to accommodate two hands. The sword has a strikingly white colored hilt and a scale looking blade. He gripped his sword and dashed right to the man who just dropped one of his soldiers.

“You’ll pay for what you’ve done, to this country and to its people.”

“I’m stronger than you, you know? I can pretty much kill you with one swi-”

Zo’s sentence was interrupted when Arion cuts through his sword.

“Arion! Yo- You! Are you trying to say you’re stronger than me?! I’ll cut right through that thick skull of yours!”

Zo yelled out the man’s name and boasted. Zo pulled another sword from his back a straight doubled edged sword, it has cross-shaped sword, hilt and a blade. The sword was blood colored red all over and covered with thorns on its hilt. It’s an ominous sword that sends shivers to people who sees it.

Though Arion was unfazed by the ominous blade, he was sure that Zo had let go of his humanity. That’s when Arion has decided that it was too late for Zo.

Arion launches another strong slash, though it was strong Zo was still able to block it.

“I’m sorry, Zo. I’ll end your suffering now.”

Arion said in Zo’s face while their swords are clashing.

The sound of steel smashing into another steel are fierce and the sparks coming from both they’re swords are bright.

“You definitely got stronger, Arion! But not as strong as me!”

Zo stabs into Arion’s left arm, making Arion jump back.

“I need more power and speed.”

Arion mutters to himself.

Are you there Master Kren? I know this is sudden, but I need your full power.

Kid....If you use my full power, you know what will happen right?

Yes, sir. I’m fully aware of the consequences of using your full power.

Kid...I know I said I’ll perish with you, but this is too much. You’re killing your friend, kid.

He has been possessed by the demon king. If I don’t kill him then the demon king will surely revive.

I finishing his suffering right now is the right choice....

Yes, sir. I’m sorry to put you in this predicament, but I’m happy to meet someone like you, Master.

Alright, kid....I’ll give you my full power. Make sure you finish all the slaughter.

As he completed his talk in his head, Arion suddenly screams:

Dragon Arts: Limit break!

Arion yells and blood-red aura emits from all over his body forming an armor all over his body. The armor that was formed from the blood-red aura is a full plated armor. It was both light and strong that Zo was both confused and surprised. The full plate armor has a striking color of blood-red hinting on how it was created. Yes, the blood of the user. The armor has a full on design of a dragon all over it. The helmet having an ominous horn on the top of it. The sword Arion was holding also changed in both length and size.

“Use whatever tricks you have you still won’t beat me, Arion!”

Zo boasted once again. Arion completely apathetic of the boast charges onto Zo and both of their sword clashed once again.

Zo suddenly backed up and felt all the hair on his body standing up.

“W-What are you?”

Zo could only mutter these words. Arion hits Zo with a barrage of quick and strong slashes, while Zo was able to deflect them it’s not like he was completely undamaged.

“Zo, i’m sorry.”

Arion mutters. At the blink of an eye Arion slashes Zo’s head right off his body. The blood spurting like fountain. Finally Zo’s body falls onto the ground.

“I hope you’re in peace now, Zo.”

Arion said to Zo’s corpse. Arion falls on his bottom as he pants heavily.

“Thank you, Master Kren....and I’m sorry.”

Arion mutters to himself and suddenly his face starts slowly cracking along with the armor he has created with his blood. While he slowly disintegrates, Arion looks at Zo’s corpse and memories from when Zo was still his friend flashed through his head.

“.....oks ....ike.....someone...ot....m....vessel.”

Arion suddenly hears a barely audible voice coming from Zo’s body. Fear suddenly filled Arion’s body and he trembles.

“Z-Zo? Are you still alive? How? I-”

Arion’s words were interrupted when a sudden pain strikes his chest

An arm suddenly pulls out from Arion’s chest and blood gushes out of Arion’s chest wildly.

All Arion could see is white as he slowly loses consciousness. As he slowly dies a familiar voice echoed through his ear.

Was it the end for him?

End of Prologue.

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