The Queen's Consort

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Isadora never had much hope in the dating world, especially since she is the Queen of Crowenia. Nico was the village painter what happens when he bumps into the 'Blood Queen' in the market? A queen who is a murderer and a village painter? How will this end only the crows and I know. Will the queen kill him like she did her father? Or does he have a chance at breaking the ice off of her frozen heart? Join the journey through Crowenia to see if the queen will break.

Fantasy / Romance
Potato Pirate
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Fake tears streamed down her freckle cover cheek just as she had practiced the night before. Her soft brown eyes traced the outline of the crying people which peered into the casket that her father laid. That man deserved the painful death that she delivered him. If she didn't have to keep up her charade she would be in her room reading. For the man that laid in that extravagant golden casket was nothing more than a sperm donor to her beautiful mother.

"For the King's wings has been removed. I am very sorry for your loss." A young girl who looked no older than 7 said with small tears forming in her green eyes.

"Thank you." Isadora hummed out while wiping away the trail of tears from her cheek which were caused by eye drops. All she could do was stare at the white silk that was placed inside the casket. The whole funeral was a blur with endless "I am sorry for your loss" and she is tired of those words. However she had to stay the whole thing because royal tradition.

Once Isadora arrived back at the palace it felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from bony shoulders, knowing her kingdom will be saved and she doesn't have to worry about her father's drunken form appearing at her door tonight. A small smile washed over her pale face as she collapsed onto her soft mattress, For she is finally free of his abuse. That night I had fell into a deep sleep for the first time in years.

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