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The Water Screams in Protest

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So i had a dream. Two young men, one escaping terrible exploitation and one escaping terrible luxury, meet. They set of on their individual journeys to change their lives. On the way they meet angels and monsters and mermaids and demon horses and perfectly normal people with universes locked inside their tears. And they meet themselves. It was all a dream I had one night, literally a dream with the unbelievable qualities dreams have. It was a bit weird. It was a bit disjointed. It was a bit fantastical. It was definitely emotional. It was a bit ridiculous at times, but it was inspiring at times. And I woke up in a daze, a literal daze. I decided to share the content of this dream with whoever comes across this story and decides to read it. Honoured guests, I humbly welcome you, to the story I spent days caudifying when I was supposed to be doing my homework. ——— This work is in the public domain and anyone is free to do whatever they want with it.

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So this is all a dream that I had one night. It takes place in a dream world that of course is different from the real world. An alternate world. But like most alternate worlds, this world perhaps mirrors our world in some ways. It takes place in somewhere that looks like a mixture of Antebellum America, Victorian England, and the wilderness. It takes place in a country - Marissileccea- whose economy basically runs on slavery. Most people are slaves, a few people are unbelievably rich, and a very small number of people are free but poor, scraping by on just what they need to live. They have some plants that we don’t have and they don’t have some plants that we do have. They have magic forces interacting with their world that our world might not even understand. But the way their world is the same to ours is that both worlds have beautiful nature, beautiful people, suffering, greed pride apathy, change, and learning. I will be honest with you, this work is far from perfect. I don’t entirely understand what I dreamed or why I dreamed it. I don’t think I did a perfect job of conveying the dream to you on paper. But I’m not any more perfect than you or anyone else, all that I have going for me is my constant and unwavering effort to make the best decisions I can and know how to make. So if it inspires you, great. If you hate it, great, that’s your opinion that you’re completely entitled to. But I hope that I can improve your experiance on Mother Earth’s beautiful world. And yeah. :D :D :D Onto the story!

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