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“WAKE UP, DANIELA!” The death warning, yet rather a call that Daniela dreamed about after walking up in the series of chances, greed, sacrifices and the seven deadly sins, an inevitable chance to turn back into time and run into the loop of space and dimension. To her life that was surrounded with lies, blessed fate, but curse destiny she is entwine to save the person to whom is long dead from the present that she never had in the first place. Now being stunned to the life she never dreams of having, she runs toward the series of miseries behind the hidden books of the class she calls, “BLOOD CLASS.” To the chances that was led by greed, longing or hope, will the past that alter by the son of darkness, will long be able to vanish? What if what everyone knew was a lie, and the lie that they are trying to run away is the truth they are seeking after all? Will the unknown number of the class of gifted ones will be able to solve the greatest puzzle piece, of ‘Who is the real dead one?’

Fantasy / Thriller
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The Vice-President of the popular paranormal club in the Royal Knights University, the Blood +. She is the only maiden of the family of Gomez after a thousand generation bloodline who bares the heavens blessing and the hell’s curse as an in-line family of Shaman who protects the sacred temple of Deaths famously known as the Death Temple. She possesses the ability of the most powerful shaman who can summon and call any mythical being from the other realm to be her vessel knight. Her life revolves around a series of chances, greed, betrayal, and the people who want her safe and dead. She holds on her possession and commands the most powerful relic that can bring an end and start the destruction of their known world called Obscura. A shard piece in a form of a camera that holds the future and hides the past of the sacred land they are walking into, and the truth from the played lies they are acting upon as the alter of the originals.

Behind her innocent looks and incomparable beauty is the price to pay from their second in a thousand mistakes of the seven sins, and the persons who swear to protect and end her life. With her life that’s surrounded with foolishness and chance of a choice, her very existence is the doll ‘HE’ created to satisfy his hunger to understand the human emotions, with the perfect ‘SHE’ that runs into the loops she is the key that will bring them down or help them all survive.


The President of the popular paranormal club the Blood +, tag by his title name as the ‘Black Rose Knight’, and one of the Academy’s seven popular students, ‘The Knight of the Seven Roses’. His standing as the rank 3 in the entire prestigious and international school of Royal Knights Academy marked him with the shadowed black stallion knight horse named Zero.

An in-line family of Hunters and once holder and known blood tied to Daniela’s perfect ‘SHE’. He is the imperfect-perfect counterpart of Ai’s loop of seven holder Jin, who after a thousand years born with the blood that carries the poison that will lead everything of the clock to reverse to none. He is the holder and the blood that sparks the hellish bond that they are living for the third time from the past reincarnations. He possesses the ability to willed the cursed death knife and sword ‘Cross’ from the embedded blood of ‘ice’ and the most powerful guardian of the Maiden who wishes and only has the heart to protect the Priestess. All bound from his sin and the price he paid in exchange for her smile. He is the loner type among the Nights of seven and only cares for her younger cousin Daniela. But behind his dark presence is the promise to protect his only cared person and the secret that will save or bring them all down to death.


Rank 8th from the elite class of A, she is the ‘it-girl’ who has an eye for fashion and the famous fashionista in the prestigious Royal Knights Academy. Yet with her beauty and fame at hand is her dark past and altered bloodline that will cause the time rift and curse that she will drown as the ‘FOOL’S CARD’. One of the known members of the paranormal group Blood + just to be with her childhood best friend and protector against demons and spirit, Daniela. A scripted lie and destiny that is inevitable to be considered as her fate, but bound by time flux as the one to play and played by the series of the blood of their played world.

She has a bubbly and happy-go-lucky personality, but behind her beautiful looks is a gift to see, talk and even claim the spirits’ memories ending up for her to be possessed. She owns the magical relic of the family of Gomez called Hoshi. A golden ceramic star that was given to her by Daniela that protects her from anything that is bound beyond the mortal border. With her gift of a curse, she will fall to the pit of darkness as a candidate vessel and a sacrificial omen for the sins. Now carrying the cure and the poison in her blood she will run finding the door back to save everyone. But with the blood chain that locks her true self inside, the cure that can save everyone will turn into the curse they soon will suffer about. To the sacrifices and greed can a soul save everyone and take the blood to full.


Her life surrounded by richness as the only daughter of the owner of the prestigious school of Royal Knights Academy brand her as the 2nd boss. One of the ever-active members and founder of the famous paranormal group Blood +, she is a princess who has a deep secret she is yet to be known.

As the book of a curse is open, the 7th dimension zodiac keeps her memory and becomes the clairvoyant no one expects of her. Now running in the loop with the top bachelor of their lied lives, she is the hunter who hunts the sins and the shadow of their every leaved corner in the dark. To the unexpected fate and her bound true identity, will she be able to hold on to her belief or fall in the trap entirely into the time when everything of what she believes of life comes way dragging down into the pit of nothingness?


The student body president of the Royal Knights Academy and the responsible older brother and member of the paranormal group the Blood +. Rank 2nd and always has been as the smartest of all, but 2nd to the maiden they are all called protecting, he is a man who holds a foul secret at hand. Wearing a mask of both good and evil. Having the two-faced coin as a skilled and most talented alchemist. His richness and thirst for creating the long-lost known immortal stone of a philosopher’s stone set his heart into a lie from the past that was altered by greed and wants from a family member that should not exist. Drag him down to the chaos, he will need to choose between accepting or denying.

As the reverse curse book opens, he is the man that will cut up everything from the lust and greed that manipulated him ever since. From everything will a chance of a heart that was already drowned deep within will be saved by that one blood of the maiden they are all holding dear?


The student’s body vice-president of the prestigious international school of Royal Knights Academy. The adored and looked up by the rest of the students as the most beautiful Goddess. One of the famous girls in the entire Academy, a leader, and the fourth in rank as the smartest of all and in the elite Class of A. She is born to be an artificial one as the spy of ‘HIM’ and her master’s doll. One of the prominent and famous exterminators of hunted origins. She is the status computer and encyclopedia strategist of the paranormal group Blood + by her ability and knowledge of everything about extraordinary.

With her innocent face and the known bloodline of the sacred family of Oliver, is the hidden truth behind her identity and the script-written life of hers. Being a known guardian to the Shrine Maiden, her skill in combat is incomparable and known to be the greatest teacher of the twin hunters under the Gomez family. Her ability to drift and everything that surrounds her unforgiving past lies to those thousand years ago and her being the witness to the bloodshed and sacrifices Daniela chooses. She cares more than anything, but the shrine maiden and the Demon Hunter as their protectors and the whole club, but with her knowledge from the book that was lost, will a heart that connects the heavens lead them all to stay alive or end everything into a piece of death.


Created by the shard from those thousand years ago reincarnated lives and blood sacrifices of the entire Blood Class, she is the puppeteer and the commander of the commandments who is a task to be the two-faced coin in between the ‘YIN AND YANG’. With the blessing as the shard reincarnated blood and ability of ‘RAIDEN’, she is a mystery to where she chooses. From the howl of her bloody cry her existence is the truth out of the lies that will guide the maiden and end their lives into death.

To the unknown and known mystery that in twine and trap them all into the black book that ‘HE’ wrote, her string will pave the way to the curses to turn back and undone. To her blood that knew the dark of Necromancy, everything will lead into the deep hole of the curse that will pull or bring down the entire class into the pit of the cursed book of Blood Class. Will she be able to stop the dark blood that consumes every bit of her known life or be forever the one who seeks the blood of the maiden?


The twin sword and embodiment of the primordial spirit of the Shrine Maiden known as the night and day, moon and sun. Token of a spirit from the shared past and present of the Maiden’s bloodline. They are the twins who hide inside a vessel that was made originally to be a doll from their none existing identity that comes from a broken fragment of chances and death.

Born under the grace of their unknown bloodline, they are the twins incomparable to anyone when it comes into battle and has the only goal to protect the maiden no matter what. Seal from an instance as the curse opens, they once lived an ordinary life when from everything of the true present is a past that their lives is in twine into normal. Differ in personality and character as the other hides by the shadow of the moon and the other into the spotlight of the sun, they travel both in time with the mission to straighten things up before the end of their ticking time. But the twin who holds the moon will fall into a forbidden cycle and an emotion that shouldn’t be in the first place, will they still be able to fulfill those promises before the nick of a thousand times of the sand of time will end?


Completely aware of the 7 existing worlds as their world runs into the sin of Greed. He is the twin of the person to whom he cared for and had lost. The counterpart of the original holder under the original world of Shinzo, he hides the truth as the shard fragment of the original Ai is still incomplete.

Just like any other, he is a sworn protector of the maiden to whom they all cared and believe to be their salvation. But his low tempered and easily provoked nature leads him into the series of changes that will rule out the truth to a lie and turning everything into a false fantasy. Added with his mysterious identity and hidden life, he traveled unconsciously into the trap that will set everything bursting up into flames. Fighting for what he believes to be the right way can he sacrifice the heart that long co-exists with him?


Came from an alternate dimension to the ruling chaos of Sagittarius world. He is a mysterious soul who fused through a shard heart of Raiden into a human interchangeable chimera of a perfect eagle. Known to be under ‘Chastity’, he is one of the living dolls who is tasked to watch over and observe the sins under the rule of their ‘GOD’.

As the book opens and everyone is place from the setting of their alternate lives and known identity. He lurks silently deep within the shadows of the most powerful sin, resulting in the tip of their plans to slide down in hell. Letting the Shrine Maiden falls into ‘HIS’ dirty plans he seeks nothing, but pure guardianship to the girl to whom he cared so much.


Born under ‘WISE’, he came from the alternate life of Chikyuu under the star of Virgo, to who possess the ability of a wise General, but a hard-headed doll with his instinct as a fused aggressive Chimera of a perfect human and animal of a ‘Tiger’. Seeking knowledge with his thirst to find out the origin of the loops, he soon finds himself trapped into the perfect cube he created, which leads him into the arms of the Maiden that encircle them all into the tragic fate and wants of their played life and unfortunate destiny.

Now protecting the heart that his master cared for and wants. The puzzle piece that he’s searching for-for so long will fall indirectly out of place to his existence creating the taboo and the truth from the lies that every one of them is feed upon. Running in circles and eventually finding out the right and straight path, their world will crumble as his word will shatter everything that they knew in the world to whom ‘SHE’ calls, ‘BLOOD CLASS’.


Ruled under Loyal and Obedience, she came from the dimension alternate to the primary world of Libra, to who is a witch and is an expert in the craft of elemental magic. She is a perfect human chimera fused with the wild forest hunter of a wild fox.

Her ability is ideal for the night, thus she titled as the assassin among the rulers that hunt the sins. A doll controlled by the puppeteer whose mindset it borrowed from deep within the time-lapse of their stolen chance at life.


Taking the rule of Faith and Honor, he came from the alternate real world in corresponding to the dimension of Chikyuu under the star of Virgo. Known by his soul to be a mafia leader, he has a powerful personality to not give up with the spirit of honor and faith towards his master.

One of the tragic souls and was given a chance to live as a perfect human chimera, fused with the ability of a wolf. Thus, task to guard and protector the maiden he soon will fall to be her lover. Among the dolls whose task to find and trap the sins, he is the only one whose fangs are shown behind the shadows to the one he needed protecting.


The youngest soul among the dolls who bear the ruler of Love. Came from the alternate reality world of the dimension of Aquarius, she is the innocent girl by spirit and appearance fused by the instinct of a dolphin. With her innocent face, beautiful eyes, and known fragile heart, she can manipulate everyone with her own will, thus they consider her as a double-edge sword among the puppeteer’s dolls.

Little is known about her past as she lost her memory and becomes a human chimera of a dolphin. She is a doll who defies the rule for a second time, the rule that they all defy in the basic stance of alchemy. Remains as a human girl, and taken by the maiden as the girl of her premonition who warns her every time death will ring. Her ability underwater as a fused dolphin, she seeks quietly as intelligence to the where bouts of the seven deadly sins.


Among the perfect human chimera that defies the basic rule and knowledge of the forbidden science of alchemy, she is the only doll whose body is in its animal original form of a rabbit. Taken into a pet by the maiden she is a mischievous one whose presence and identity are not known by anyone, a perfect facade of her real assassin’s mission to find the sins and guard the maiden.

Came from the alternate world under the star of Gemini. She can duplicate herself and make her twin into her human, once the soul of a form, but with a time limit of fifteen minutes. As the book finally opens into the death rally game, she is the one who witnesses the embodiment of the curse of the seven deadly sins.


Leader and the most powerful among the dolls. The puppeteer task her to stay and guard the sleeping vessel of the half in twine fate and love of the maiden. To whom from those thousand years ago was trap and forced to sacrifice everything creating the ‘YIN AND YANG’ that made everything turns into a blessing and a curse.

Came from the alternate reality world of the known dimension of the star of Leo. She is the only soul who had a 1% fused fragment of the known heart of Leo’s holder, the maiden’s love, and the unknown-known prince they forget. Fused with a mythical being of a serpent dragon that was driven out from the existence and fault of the loop of 7th by the GOD Ophiuchus, her identity is sealed, locked and known to bear the blessing of the rule of Honesty. She is the writer and serves as the Prince seer from the outside world where he remains asleep until that time comes. She finally came to show up the day that she saved the maiden and hunted Arthur for falling into the sin of Amadeus.


Known as one of the famous knights of the seven roses with the title as the Violet Rose Knight, he rules together by the other six, the heart, mind, and fantasy of the students as their ideal prince in the prestigious Royal Knights Academy. A bachelor with complete wealth, intelligence, and looks to offer anyone, he is the perfect example of a mystery that hides within the meaning of his colored rose of violet eyes. Bears the hidden origin of his family name and roots no one could ever find out, his identity links, way past the other book and the worlds of the seven.

Surrounded by a complete unknown he hides wearing his mask as someone no one expects to him about. Taking the alternate soul of the offspring of the maiden and the prince from the sacrificed loop of 5th to where he promises to seek the truth off, he works in the shadows who seek to end the sins of seven. Working secretly to be near his mother and look for his father to whom the shard fragment of mana of ‘YIN AND YANG’ are inside Arthur and Dylan. With his primary goal to end the curse, he restrains himself from everything and anything of any emotions aside from vengeance and justice. Only to waver as he falls in love with Farah, a pit that drags him down to the corrupted sin of Marie.

Choosing the greater good, but the greatest fault, he is the root of the wavered heart of one of the soul commandments that will either bring them all down to death or help them survive.


One of the famous Knight of the Seven Roses, he is the prince known to his title as the White Rose for his innocence and gentle nature added by being the only son of a wealthy business corporate family of the Salvatore. A perfect prince with a facade and a secret that intertwines everyone into the root of the curse to whom they needed protecting, Daniela.

Holding the truth about those thousand years past and its curse, he is a holder to which born to manipulate the wind under the star of his guardian ‘Taurus’. Originally one of the twelve to whom forever will reincarnate for protecting the ‘LOVERS’ and end the long line of curses from their loop of 2nd, he is a powerful holder entrusted and connected to the maiden. But falling into the sin of Amon and loving the only girl to whom who cannot be his drag him into the pit that everyone is running away about. Now slowly being eaten by his sin, the book that came to existence will either shatter and fall or end with the good.


Opening the gate of truth and becoming one of the five seers of the world’s beginning from. The forbidden knowledge of alchemy and the past thousand years ago under the loops curse, he seeks for the end, yet the beginning of everything. The only son of the affluent family who came without a warning and dominated the hierarchy of a rich family in the country. His looks, intelligence, and talent in sports took him up and became one of the elite princes known as the Knights of the Seven Roses holding the name of the Blue Rose Knight.

Teaming up to the party that also seeks the truth of the embodiment of the sins. He is someone the cursed one and the ‘GOD’ is looking for along the few others who can open the gates of the imprisoned sins as the seer of truth. Came from the alternate dimension under the star of Cancer, and Haru’s alternate and equivalent exchange of a person. He can manipulate everyone’s memory, causing the maiden to not trust him completely enough. Wearing his facade as his escape route to not tied up and caught by the sins, his greatest sin is falling in love with the trap that was set just for him. For the tangled truth and hidden message, they are all running around, he is the spear and the poison that can bring them all down in death or help them survive alive.


With his wealthy life and happy-go-lucky personality, he is brand as one of the famous Knights of the Seven Roses titled by his name as the Yellow Rose Knight, but behind his radiant personality and easy lifestyle is a mask that he kept close by from the sin that he committed.

Running as one of the few five who witness the beginning of the world and the reality as he opened the gate of truth. His sin rooted as a thief to the life that he was supposed to not have in exchange for the equivalent life that he gave up. Came from the dimension alternate to Virgo’s, his unfavored heart shattered as he looks from deep within the eyes of medusa that resulted in the chaos and his sacrificial heart that ended everything of their book to none. Hiding as the enemy and ally, he stands with no ground, but a wandering soul without an identity to begin with.


Carrying a half heart as a soul similar to the holder of Gemini, she is the girl to whom innocence, peace, and gentleness are known. Born with the care from her only known family and her older twin, she relies deeply on her affection and trust that no matter what she is the first and the one from both of them who should have everything and anything she ever wished for.

Her mindset and false belief due to ‘GOD’S’ manipulation ended her life into the pitfall of betraying everyone and forcedly claim the heart that shouldn’t be hers. Hurting the person who only wants is her happiness she became her sin and unknowingly is feeding the embodiment with her heart. To the trials and long-run curse they are all suffering for a thousand years, she will have to choose of neither death nor living under the cursed book of ‘BLOOD CLASS.’


By the promise that holds him firm from the truth that surrounds the cursed book of ‘BLOOD CLASS’, he is the holder of Sagittarius to whom ability was sealed by the restriction of the box that Christine entrusted to him from those thousand years ago. Hiding in the shadows as Alliah’s guardian, he falls deeply in love with the twin who should not exist. Train himself to the forbidden science of alchemy with an unconscious heart from his nature for being ‘HIS’ holder. He is an expert metal and flame alchemist, all for his love and affection for the girl that was bound to the other.

From the death that was bestowed to his eyes and the truth that hunts them all halfway to the end, he will have to take his blade against the person to whom he dearly protects. With the grace and will of the maiden, he soon falls uncontrollably to his pit, signing a warning and a blessing beside the princess they are all needed protecting.


One of the famous students and the riches known heiress from the entire prestigious Academy of Royal Knights, her life revolves around fame and love that she manipulated only to be near in the embodiment’s leech of the sin of Asmodeus. With her perfect body proportion, goddess face, and being a talented cheer captain and trusted secretary of the student body, she is a manipulator by which memories of the past thousand years curse are retained to her entire being.

Holding the mark of Aquarius holder, she is born and train under the guidance of her guardian and the only one whose ability has fully grown to be called as the perfect holder that serves and protects the only true Shrine Maiden. Claiming her mask as the lover of the sin she is a leech that slowly sucks the life and wavers the heart of the only person she soon found trusting, but should not. Taking the blade to fulfill their desires, she will be in twine from the loop and unbearable consequences of the book they are trying to destroy.


Her gloomy personality and aloof characteristic who always wants to stay out of sight is the reason for everyone to brand her as the witch and the one they first set a doubt that hunts the blood of the Maiden. Orphaned at the young age of ten and saved by the family of Gomez, she is in-depth by heart with her entire life promise to protect Daniela as her shadowed knight in the real world before the curse ever begun.

Lost in time as the cursed book opens, she finds her way back to the side of the only person she ever and will only consider as her family and the one she can only trust. Unaware of her abilities and the underlying truth of her true blood, she is the reincarnation of one of the twelve who protects and starts the undying reincarnation of the loop they are all in trap into. Now hiding from the ones she’s unsure of, her blood is the left cycle to complete their salvation out and alive from the curse ‘HE’ started.


Consume by birth by her embodied sin, she is a treat and an ally to the ones who started the long run curse of the reverse book of ‘BLOOD CLASS’. Her beauty and gentle personality are a mask that she shares with her split personality, hiding from the truth of her blood wants as a sadist. From the corresponding wants and equivalent exchange of the curse she believes in, she finds pleasure in torturing people, especially the ones dear to the Maiden.

Her psychological state is beyond boundaries, as she can manipulate the person’s mind by showing them their worst nightmare. She hates everyone, but in deep gratitude to the one who started the curse as their blood sinks into one and their wants co-exist with each other. As her hunger for blood piles up more and more she became the obsessive killer who wants everyone dead, thus forced her way to play the card of the Joker. Her ability and greed will cause not only their death but the cycle from the beginning curse of their played lives.


The only one who senses the dread out from the gentle, kind, and loving perfect brand lover of the maiden, Dylan. Her uneasy feeling towards him and the fear of being consumed by him is what drives her into a stance to look after his every move every second of a time. With this, she is targeted by the unknown as her ability was set waking up to the start of the cursed book of the cursed one.

Known as the public information manager of the student body and the only daughter of the famous IT company she had every way in computer intelligence. This is one of the primary threats that the one who cursed is looking after as a potential threat to the curse to end in a good way. The mask that she wears just like the other is her true identity as the holder of the ability to create a certain plot to any twist of the story, and ability passes down to her bloodline as the reincarnated soul of the first holder. With her ability to intertwine, break, create and shift everything of what the book is set, her choices and the truth that surrounds them all is the bolder that she needed to lift away. Now, can she stand firm on her stand against the only person she ever trusts, or be left hanging in the pool of blood ‘HE’ created?


One of the twelve who guards the Maiden and the Prince, she is consumed by the sin of Mammon. In the constant fight against ‘YING and YANG’ causing a split personality of both good and evil. She is drag as the 2nd victim of Mammon her consciousness and subconsciousness are being driven to the side, resulting in her insecurities, fear, and nightmares. Among the twelve her location and identity are unknown as she is trapped to the deepest side of the cursed world that the cursed book created.

Screaming far out of her pain and agony crying for help. She is the abused one and played to be a sacrificial womb to bear the chess piece of the King that will soon consume the Maiden baring the Joker the ‘GOD’ will hold as his last trump card. Repenting from the sin that she committed to the first book of the original class. She is being tormented by the fault and exchange sacrifice she took the day that the Prince went missing and the Maiden lost everything of her original identity and memories. Striving to win her dignity back, she is the last straw from both good and evil to win over the war of the loops.


Known as one of the smartest students in the prestigious Academy of Royal Knights, she is a beauty who is head over heels to Christopher, to whom is her choice with the unaware consequence of a lifetime. Holder of one of the twelve guardians who kept the promise to protect the Maiden and the Prince. She slides her life away dragging out down into the wrong path of evil, because of the affection towards the person who only manipulated her for his sick needs.

With her rare ability as the reincarnated holder of Blood, she is a treat even for the ones she needed protecting. An ally and a foe with the same goal as theirs to claim what they shouldn’t be.


Her perfect angel face and pure heart is her facade that she wears against the Maiden to who from the twelve is the only one who wanted everything all to herself. Track her life as a perfect one and being the only daughter of an influential clan. She grows up with everything that she ever wanted. Treated like a princess she always gets what she wanted, until she was brought down from the pedestal in the year of their first day of high school in the prestigious Academy of Royal Knights and took her long fame into a storm to Daniela’s feet.

Her vengeful heart and own sin towards the Maiden that she should protect is linked to the alternate soul from the last and continued loops of their worlds revolving to her wants and selfishness to have everything the Maiden has. Hated the name and the persons around Daniela. She is an obsessive lover towards the Prince, who only made everything of her life worst by dragging her down into the pit of Mammon. The person who curses the ones chasing after Daniela, envy the ones who deserve death and prayed for the ones who love the Maiden to turn to be not. From the cursed book that started and opened, she is a snake in disguise and the left traitor among the twelve.


Place by her sin from seeing the reality out from the forbidden sacrificial soul of the gate of truth, her equivalent exchange is the soul that leaves her with an empty doll’s body. With her nature and born instinct from the alternate dimension of the existing world of Sagittarius, she inherits the second chance at life as the new holder for Ayumi’s life under the guidance of the Zodiac of Elemental Earth.

Her existence is taboo from the world she originally came from. A war zone of life she woke up into, and the very root of her vengeful heart and her desire to escape from the reality that drags her inside the ‘GODS’ loop of 2nd that eventually become her sin. As the curse continues, her soul will either be the key to their survival or the end of their existence.


Played by ‘GOD’ she seeks revenge against the people who murdered her entire family. That leads her in committing the deadly sin of any alchemist, the taboo of opening the gate of truth by which drag her inside the loop of BLOOD CLASS. With the equivalent exchange of her mortality, she is a living dead walking just like any other human being, but only has her vengeance for a living.

She is the only one and the first and last to witness the loop that shatters everyone’s life repeatedly from that past curse of a thousand years ago. With her ability similar to one of the twelve, she is in a constant battle running away as ‘his’ sacrificial blood.


He is the fifth sacrifice that, with his insanity and broken heart, manipulated everyone and became the strongest ally of the one who opened the book of their curse world. Opening the gate of truth and seeing not just one reality, but the entire seven. His greatest equivalent exchange is his very emotion to love and be loved.

With his insanity and emotionless heart, he seeks nothing but blood lust. He wants to witness the end of times and record everything using his own eyes. Shattering everything of what ‘GOD’ expects of him about, he is the being that can replace ‘HIM’, as the only one who can kill her, from the loop they are into. He dreams to drag the originals into the artificial world of BLOOD CLASS.


The twin of Marie and the one with the maiden’s heart of who gains and melted the cold-hearted emotion of Kevin. Leaving her as his only weakness and the most important person of his entire life next to his goal and vengeful heart. The only one who can stop Kevin’s insanity to fall into any sin and the one out for nothing of Kevin’s reason to stop his revengeful heart and be happy. Her beauty and sense of responsibility are the things that lead Kevin to fall for her, a secret at first, but were shown after the tragic fall of their curse world.

Yet, an in-twine love between her and her twin hinders everything that she wants to fight for. Sacrifice her emotion between the one she cares about and for the sake of the one she loves. She is the final vessel of the rule of truth that can help them all to stay alive or fall into the pit of nothingness inside.


Her identity and everything about her is a mystery that surrounds after the cursed book opens. Moves mysteriously in the side spotlight, she carries a resembling box of Pandora, a box with the carved image of a lion and a horse written with the initial of A.S.S. and R.C. Carrying the thing that serves as a hint, she serves as a warning tone to Daniela with her final word of a smile.


Known as the biological twin of the Shrine Maiden, he is the older brother who only looks after his only little sister, Daniela, a fact beyond the lies that surround his real identity. Acting as the head of the disciplinary committee he often collides with his beliefs to the firm stand of the student body president, JK, and in a constant argument that brands him as Kyle’s worst enemy for the attention and affection of Daniela. From the past that set his life together with the few twelve. He is in the side tract of watching over the Maiden with his belief that his existence is down together by the past as Daniela became the Shrine Priestess.

Believe to be a curse as a son of a demon who bears the blood of hell. His life revolves around the counterpart of Daniela’s blessing, until those blood marks from the start of the cursed book. With the alternate lives and lies from the truth, his desire will be his sin and his affection will be his salvation. From the loop that left them all blind in a cage, his past that became a history out from the bounds of his true blood will hunt them all, the key and the curse that will only benefit one.


The perfect prince and the lover of Daniela that brand them as the ‘Royal Couple’ not just by standing, wealth and popularity, but also respected and adored by all in the entire prestigious Academy of Royal Knights. Rank seventh as the smartest of all, heir to the richness of the respected and influential family of Crossheart, his life revolves in the perfect pace for having everything everyone is envy and looked at him about. Leader of the famous Knights of the Seven Roses with his title as the Red Rose Knight plus being the known childhood friend of Daniela’s brother Kyle, he earned his every right to the position beside the only girl he ever desires. With his position as the external vice-president of the student body, he holds the affairs of the Academy with JK’s permission, making him one of the most important cast in history.

Claiming the affection and love of Daniela, he stands on his ground from his mask with the promise that no one will ever break or even steal his girl away. As the cursed book opens, he earns the perfect standing as his blood and life traced back to those thousand years ago cursed life as the Prince. Now as everyone is in between the true reality from the truth that was a lie and the lie was truly the truth, his flame will either bring the end or trap them permanently inside, alive.


His identity and existence remain hidden from the very beginning after the curse started of those long past thousand years curse. Sacrificed his soul and slit it in half as an equivalent exchange to the forbidden gate he opened long years past just to save the one he loves is the blessing and the curse that he is grateful for, but regretted to have. Sign to fall into a deep sleep until his ‘YIN’ fulfills his desire. He will forever be in the care of the doll of the artificial dragon and the shadow of Chie’s hidden identity.

Looking through the half eyes of his ‘YIN AND YANG’, he is in his own vengeful heart for not be able to protect the only person to whom only belongs to him as he is to her and as to the both of them and only to each other, Daniela. Taking his promise at hand as the truth is slowly setting forth for every one of them, his bleeding heart will cover her from the soul that they should not have in the first place. As the book opens and the curse spread his plan is on the sidetracked and can only depend on the seven needed events they should play.



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