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After finding his mate, Jeremy leaves his family and pack in hope that no one ever finds out the true identity of his destined. But after a horrible attack on his pack he is summoned by his alpha to return home and fight along side him to save everything that they both hold dear. (Better description to come) First draft, I'm only writing it for fun ☺️ Hope you enjoy ❤️

Fantasy / Romance
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As I stood in the never ending forest looking up at the dark sky, watching as the moon shone brightly, waiting for it to reach it's peak.

I felt a sudden loneliness.

Every Full moon I felt like this even after three years of coming to the forest and standing alone before the glistening moon. Tonight was the one night a month I should truly feel free, yet like every other month I just felt trapped.

This was not what I wanted, I didn't want to be standing here alone waiting for the inevitable pain to come and consume my body.

I wanted to be at home in the forest of Seattle with my family and pack, running through the tall trees, chasing and playing with each other.

Instead I was condemned to this, changing into my true form and running through the empty forest alone.

'I'm with you brother, no matter how unbearable the pain is.. know I love you and I'm here'

I recalled the words my beloved brother had spoke to me the first time we had stood before the moon together waiting for the change to take over.

It had been my first time changing after triggering my curse and I was terrified, I didn't know what to expect or how it was going to feel, I just knew there would be pain and then unimaginable peace.

'Look at me Jer.. I'm here, It's going to hurt so you need to concentrate on the air in your lungs and the ground beneath you'

Listening to his words, I took a long deep breath of the air surrounding me. When I exhaled for the second time I felt the unmistakable twist in my stomach signalling my transformation was fast approaching, caught off guard I dropped to my knees.

'The change can take hours.. if you fight it, the pain will make you want to delay because you think that's all you can take but if you allow it in, let it swallow you whole then it cannot break you'

His words rang in my head as I felt the excruciating sign that my change was upon me.

I gripped the wet earth beneath me letting the inevitable fire consume my body. It was a pain like no other, my entire insides were boiling hot making me feel as if I would burst into flames any moment.

'Breathe big brother, it's all going to be okay'

I took another deep breath of the air surrounding me and finally let my curse consume consume me.

I let out a loud wail in agony as my bones started to break and mould themselves to form the body of my natural self.

After a few moments the loud wails I had been producing finally stopped and the only thing that could now be heard in the abandoned forest was the giant howl I let out before running off into the tall, thick trees.

When dawn finally broke so did my curse, for another month that was.. until i would be right back where i started, standing in that abandoned forest alone and scared.

I woke up with a start to the sound of banging and clattering coming from an unknown origin, unaware of where i had even woke up I jumped up from the wet dirt I had been lying in and proceeded to put on the clothes i had stuffed into a bag before hanging it around my neck, the previous night.

Looking around my surroundings i knew straight away i was no longer where i had changed in to my beast, instead of seeing tall trees and bushes i was surrounded by old creepy grave stones and the horrific smell of decaying corpses.

Almost gagging from the putrid smell i started walking in the direction of the noise that disturbed my sleep but with every step I took towards the unknown sounds the smell of rotting flesh became more prominent in the air.. I found it hard to breathe without the overwhelming urge to throw up.

I took another deep breath of the air around me but as the horrid stench of death filled my air ways once more, i could no longer control the vomit forcing its way out his my mouth.

As I stood in the unknown graveyard puking up the contents of my stomach, I momentarily became distracted by thoughts of my old pack and life.. oh how I wished I could be back there with my family, I missed them so much, the pain of being away from them was nearly unbearable.

Distracted with the thoughts about my family and feel is alos a little sorry for myself .. I didn't hear the unknown stranger approach from behind me until it was too late.

" you shouldn't be here wolf"

Was all I heard before passing out into complete darkness with an excruciating headache.


When I groggily woke up for the second time that morning in yet another unknown place, panic started to consume me, with my hands bound around a large thick tree and my legs bound by rope in front of me , I had no way of escaping.

The transformation I had endured just a few hours ago had left me in a extremely weakened and vulnerable state, At this moment i was just like everyone else completely human with no way of Defending myself.

I felt useless. I was unable to free myself from a measly tree.. and had been so distracted with thoughts of my old home that i had not heard the stranger creep up on me until it was too late.

Some alpha I was meant to be.. I thought to myself as i struggled against the ropes binding my hands together trying to free myself once more . A few minutes passed by before I gave up on my futile attempt to escape the binds keeping me in the unknown place.

My hands were sore and bloody and my headache was unbearable but the moment I thought I was going to give up and pass out again I heard a voice from behind me.

"You picked one hell of a place to shift kid" a males gruff voice spoke.

I barely heard the words the man had spoken, to overwhelmed with the fetid smell that followed him, my airways was filled once again with the smell of rotting flesh and decaying humans.. I heard the crunching of leaves under the strangers boots as he came towards me and was filled with dread once more, vomit was threatening to claw its way up my throat again from the putrid smell, Yet all the I could do was close my eyes and wait to be put out my misery.

I had no fear when it came to death, it was inevitable after all. I would not beg or pled for my life, it was pointless.

After breaking our most sacred law, I deserve the fate the stranger approaching me would soon give.

I heard and felt the male crouch down behind me and sent a silent prayer to my queen, that she welcome me with open arms and no judgment.

I knew I didn't deserve it for what I did, I deserved to rot in the deepest part of hell for the sin I committed but I hoped she would forgive me anyway and knew it was not in my control.

Just as I succumbed to my fate, the stranger spoke again.

"I'm sorry for the nasty headache and no doubt scaring you shitless but hunters where in the area and I panicked, I didn't want them to find us"

My eyes shot open at the mans words and when I felt my binds being removed from my bloodied hands relief flooded flooded me, the male took a step back and gave me some room to free my legs without feeling threatened.

" I mean you no harm.. I just ask that you leave this place and never return. it's not safe out here kid, definitely not for wolves"

The male turned to leave as I was getting up to my feet leaving me standing there alone, before I could stop myself I shouted to the retreating back of the stranger.

"What are you?"

The unknown male stopped in his tracks and towards me making the my eyes widen in fear.

Unnerved at the appearance of the man before me I took a step back out of instinct, I thought I had seen all the horrors this city had lurking in the shadows but the unknown being staring at me was nothing like I had seen before.

With piercing blood red eyes, sink and hair as white as the purest snow. The male was both positively frightening and at the same time some how enchanting.

The male scoffed at my reaction to him before answering with so much venom.

"Me? I'm no one, just another forgotten warrior forced to walk this pathetic earth until our queen awakens once more"

The stranger turned to leave once again walking in an unknown direction but before finally departing he spoke to me once more.

"Don't come here again kid your wolf stench attracts the wrong type of people, you should be more careful"


Just a quick warning for anyone who is interested in this book I would advise you to read the tags..

This book will not be for everyone and I want you all to be aware of what you're about to read.

Also as you can tell my book is not really descriptive, it's one of the main things I struggle with in my writing. Im hoping to improve but fair warning it might not get any better.

Many thanks and I hope you're all staying safe.

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