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The world beyond us

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A young boy transferred in an other world after an abnormal event. Now he search a way to go back to his homeland and for his little sister, in a world that magic and cruel mansters exist he starts his journey

Fantasy / Action
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Volume 1- Prologue

Every story must have a beginning, but this one is little different, this have more than one. The first one begins in a small village, two siblings return from the playground. The eleven years old elder brother was there to take care of her little sister, she was over five years younger than him. It was a cold winter day 7:00 a.m.

Elder brother's *POV*:
It's a really cold today i can see my breathing in the air, few lights are switch on, cause in our village vehicles isn't something common there is silence, our home is a little far over 10 minutes, all of that i think it's pretty scary but i feel lucky without the lights and the noise from the vehicles, because i and my sister can have a great view of the stars. For a moment we laze about them. While this view attract us my eyes saw the most not-normal think ever, a crack in front of me like the scy broke, it's getting bigger every second till a piece of scy falls from it and then i see only a white. Am i dead? I can't see anything. Where is she where is my sister, i think she's all right maybe she avoid it, I'm sure she will find the way back to home. I feel my eyebrows to heavy, i feel sleepy i just want to... close my... eyes for a moment.

I don't know for how long my eyes was close, but at least they open again, and i face a forest "How did i come here or maybe where is 'here', is this the heavens or something" i slap myself "that harts maybe not the heavens, I'm starving so much please, tell me that there is food around here" after i walked a few steps i was wondering that there is a possibility my sister won't avoid it then she must be... "WHAT CAN I DO she to young and along" i hear a noise from the bush "what's that, an animal? I've never see something like this before" the animal was like a tiger with black and white stripes and horns like a demon. I don't want to stay and learn if it's friendly or not , i start running the animal start running towards me at the same, it's fast that's no good. A girl come out from a bush

The girl- "take my hand"
Elder brother- "ok" she pulls me with the one hand and in the other she have a stick, she's going to hit that animal with a little stick?! The stick start glow and then the girl scratch the animal a little, after that it lives, she through the stick

The girl- "are you ok... Hm where did he... " a river is under me don't tell me that he "i must save him" i was right he was in the water i save him in time thanks goodness " how are you now sorry that i make you fall in the river, you must be tired, you can come to my house to change you'll catch a cold like this... You aren't talkative, aren't you? At least tell me your name"
Elder brother- Taiga... Yamiz Taiga, it's my name and I'm thankful that you save me
The girl- I'm Elly, nice to meet you. Come my house isn't to far from here

They start walk

Taiga- what did you make back then with the stick
Elly- it was my Fandon you never see someone to use one?
Taiga- "Fandon?" I don't know what is this but it seems amazing "can i use it too"
Elly- what a silly question of course you can i feel your Fandonium is over floating you
Taiga- i don't understand a thing

They walk inside the forest for a few minutes and they were in a clearing with a house in the middle of it

Elly- there we are Taiga, wait a little please I'm going to call my uncle that we have a visitor, wait in the garden until i come
Taiga- he goes to the garden and waiting " it's beautiful here, she is to good with me and she met me a little ago "
Elly- hey Taiga I'm back with food, take it's an apple and this is my uncle Sinbad
Sinbad- your clothes are a mess you can go change in the...
Taiga- wait a minute I'm here a while now and i have plenty of questions, where am i, why are you take care of me this is really wiard and what the hell is Fandon and Fandonium that she speak about earlier and the most important why mr. Sinbad is dressed up like he comes from the ancient Greece
Sinbad- ok ok i understand it seems all that to you, i will start with the easy one, I'm like this because i was sleeping a hour before
1. you are in the middle of the south forest
2. Fandon is the pawer or technics that we use like you saw Elly before and Fandonium is the fuel that helps in Fandons
Elly- also i help you because i can if i don't probably now you were dead i think now you trust us more
Sinbad- hear me kid go to rest a little and then we'll speak for whatever you want, Elly will so you where you can sleep if you want

Elly and Taiga went in the house, they went up to the second floor and then they went in a room

Elly- Taiga this is my room you will sleep with me pick up a bed this one to the wall is mine so you have two choices
Taiga- the house is so big why we must sleep to the same room?
Elly- because the other rooms are a little mess we never use them, also you are lucky the bathroom is next to us, why are you asking you never sleep with someone else
Taiga- "i have, ok i understand i pick this one in the window" he is going to sit
Elly- don't dare you, you are disgusting go now and have a bath and change, i will give you a towel and some clothes
Taiga- ok don't kill me please, but where you will find clothes for me you are a girl
Elly- some olds of my uncle's
Taiga- fine I'm going then

He is taking his bath, he is changing, they are eating lunch and after that he's falling asleep, he is waking up in the afternoon

Elly- oh you wake up at least Aigy
Taiga- "Ai... gy?" He said with this face 😒
Elly- yeah i prefer to call you like this
Taiga- how about to change it a little
Elly- hmm... Let's see how about... Aiga
Taiga- it's better than the previous one

They get up and they going to the living room Sinbad is waiting them

Sinbad- good afternoon how do you sleep
Taiga- really well, thanks
Sinbad- good take a sit, you can have cake if you want Elly made it
Taiga- thanks, Elly you cook really good
Elly- oh thanks Aiga
Sinbad- hey you can (praise) her later now first of all how old are
Taiga- I'm 11
Sinbad- no you aren't
Taiga- i am I'm sure that i am 11 years old
Sinbad- you look like 7
Elly- wait a minute uncle, Aiga do you know what year we have
Taiga- hm??? 2025
Sinbad- I'm confused, it's 2835 can you talk to us for you, where you grow, when you born and the most important why you was in the forest at this age

He starts telling them everything for his home town and how he is found in the forest

Sinbad- so you are from earth and you lived in a small village when a crack in the sky send you here and also you think that your sister is somewhere around here, it's sounds like a tale but i believe you, you have no idea even for the year or the place and you are in an area that a kid cannot reach So i will explain you, right now you are in the southeast dark forest a C rank area that means not to much dangerous, Also for your sister i think she's all right i search the area and no one exists for 10 kilometres from here. Something you would like to ask?
Taiga- yes, there is a way to go back
Sinbad- i don't know, but i know someone that maybe he knows there are rumours for a genius in the capital, it's over 250 kilometres away from here
Taiga- very well how can i go th...
Sinbad- I'm not finish i said that your sister isn't close to us that didn't mean that she isn't in this world but maybe she is all right there are many villages on this forest maybe they have found her already they are patrolling all the time couse of monsters, also you can't live a day on this forest that's for your sister. Now, you can't go to the capital right now you won't leave longer than a day, also for your age previously we was both right in the earth 11 years is about 7 years here
Taiga- so many things and i can do nothing couse of my age, and now what am i supposed to do
Sinbad- that's something you must realise on your own but we'll help you if you want
Taiga- i need some time to think

he is going back to the garden, after of some hour Elly is going to see him

Elly- what's wrong Aiga? How do you feel
Taiga- my sister maybe is here and there is a possibility to go back that makes me happy but there we are, is a whole different world with monster and I'm a useless In front of them
Elly- yeah, that's true you've got no experience and you can't even control your pawer, you may be confused but my uncle said "you have me, we will think something together" because we are friends aren't we Aiga
Taiga- you give me an excellent idea Elly i can stay here to learn how to control my pawer and in three years i will go to find this genius and at the same time you can search for my sister. How about this, you will help?
Elly- of course i will, my uncle will agree for sure, starting from tomorrow then you will get training with me Aiga
Taiga- thanks Elly, em can we stay here a little more the sunset is beautiful
Elly- sure

That day it was the i lost my family, i split up with my sister, and I'm not in the earth any more but i will find a way to go back and gain what i lose, from that day i aim for the top

Taiga- hey Elly how you called this world
Elly- Fandonia, a place beyond your world that's the name
Taiga- i see
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