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Finding the wolf

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My name is Violet and I had the perfect life. Key word ''had''. that all changed one day when I was suddenly in a test lab and people were doing all types of test and experiment on me. turns out they were turning me into a werewolf. they say that I was the only werewolf in the whole world, but are they telling the truth or are they lying? Plus is what they are doing legal, I hope so for their sake not mine.

Fantasy / Romance
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" The humans have found out a way to make themselves into werewolf's."

Everyone heard the plate shatter against the floor, but the Queen could care less. She got up quickly and turned around to face the messenger.

''What!" She yelled/screamed.

she started to pace around the ballroom. Millions of eyes followed her movements. for the first time their queen seems scared.

'' How though, this wasn't suppose to happen for another 100 years.'' She muttered to herself.

''Should we be scared?'' Someone from the crowed shouted.

She turned to them, with a fearful expression on her face.

'' Yes, you should.''

Instead of downplaying the threat, she was going to tell them the truth.

'' I ant all shifters and supernatural alike to go into hiding. Until this threat is over no one is to show themselves to the humans.''

Everyone in the ballroom nodded their head, they saw how serious their queen was. for the first time in a long time she was scared.

''Good now go, spread the word around the supernatural.''

With that she left the ballroom and went outside into the garden. making sure that nobody was near her, she quickly striped out of her close, and shifted into a wolf. She ran a long way until she saw a clearing in the middle of the forest, where she could see the moon bright and clear. she let out a long and loud howl, soon after multiple of wolfs followed the suite. Soon after she ran back to her castle. As it cam into view she noticed, that it was starting to disappear. She quickly put on her clothes, and ran inside the castle.
As she watched trees starting to appear around the castle.
''its happening again, who will savoir savior be now?'' she asked herself out loud.

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