Truth Untold

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What happens when a reader becomes a leader, and when a leader becomes the weakest part of the chain? Follow Dannah, a mystery in her own way, finds herself on the list of top wanted criminals, and why is that? Simply for being a curious reader. Knowledge is good, but... To a certain limit. Crossing the lines opens up the gates of hell. Aodiry, the princess of a once gorgeous kingdom, was always meant to marry the king, however, that never made her a queen. Two days before her wedding, an attack was made on her beautiful home, and it was officially colonized by the enemy, and that is when everything has changed... P.S: I don't do politics, it's not related to politics, this is just my own story.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Giaslo, Therna
“Who knew that the threat of having a knife to her throat could be the start of a new life? Who knew that it would be the beginning and never the end? Who knew that losing a fight could be the biggest win of someone’s fight?” A red headed girl read out loud as she walked around her apartment. She was walking comfortable all around with her eyes fixed on her book.
“No, that’s not good,” she said disappointed. “That’s awful.” She added as she threw the book on the bed. “I can’t believe I spent all my money on this.”
She huffed and walked out. As she headed out of her bedroom, her eyes spotted the clock. It was six o’clock in the early morning. She cursed under her breath. She spent all night reading that book and at the end it was not even worth it. The ending was too lame. She wanted fire. She wanted drama. She wanted revenge.
“I guess reading some historical books about wars and politics a causes mental issues,” she said with a sigh. She went to the only corner in her house that was actually useful. The only corner that held something she could actually use.
“Hello, my dear,” she said before opening the door to the refrigerator. She saw an egg on the first shelf. She got it out of there. She broke into two and started preparing her breakfast. She made some eggs and then opened the fridge again. She saw a bottle of orange juice and a grin was formed on her lips. She opened it and then she began pouring it in a cup to find only few drops of it. She rolled her eyes and tossed it in the trash and searched for bread but couldn’t find any. Her stomach rumbled making her frown and she took a fork and started eating her plain eggs.
After she had finished her humbled breakfast, she stood up and went to her room. She put on a jacket on her clothes before heading out locking the door of the apartment after her. She couldn’t believe that she didn’t sleep all night because of a book with that ending. The book left her at the edge of her seat the entire time, but the ending was really disappointing for her. As she was passing by her red letter box, she found a couple of letters per usual. She read the titles and her frown deepened. None of them was good news. She had bills, debts and further more. She knew taking that loan was a bad idea. However, she knew she had to or she would have been sleeping in the streets.
She took a deep breath and then gave herself a mini talk before heading to her job. She was walking around the peaceful beautiful sleeps of Giaslo while admiring the view. Kids were playing, laughing and running. Cats were sleeping on benches with some lady petting them. She couldn’t recall a day in which she hadn’t seen that lady there. She saw a mother dog feeding her puppies. She even spotted one puppy taking his first steps before falling face first making her giggle lightly.
Giaslo was everyone’s dream, and despite being in dept, she loved that she was able to reach that dream. It was really unlike the city she grew up in. The contrast almost scared her. It felt like two different countries even if the two cities were only few kilometres away with only one city in between their borders. She couldn’t pinpoint if it was only because Giaslo was the capital or because Stirada had some issues. She has only been in these two, so she couldn’t really pinpoint which one is the general rule breaker. However, she knew one thing for sure, both viewed her the same way. People here and people there had one thing in common, and that was not really liking her.
“Dannah,” A warm gentle voice called for her making her smile. “Good morning, my dear.”
“Good morning, Mrs. Frank, how may I help on this lovely day?” she asked with a smile. The old lady smiled before pointing at the counter. Mrs. Frank had nice cafe and a section of it was a library. The library was Dannah’s ultimate favourite. She couldn’t get over the book shelves that were filled by books of all kinds, types and genre, written in many languages and translated in many others. She couldn’t get over the shelves holding the words of wisdom of a fighter, or the love story of a romantic couple that went against the world just like Romeo and Juliet. She loved working there. She loved cleaning the shelves, even if all her colleagues hated that one particular job.
She went to the counter like Mrs. Frank has asked her. That was her least favourite position. She hated it even. She had too meet too much people, and smile till her jaw basically hurts in order to avoid problems with some customers that may be having a bad day or may be just plain annoying.
“Good morning, how may I help you?” she asked smiling as a customer went inside by seven o’clock. Her mind was too busy thinking about the book and making better endings as the young adult walked in. She couldn’t recall his name, but she memorized his grey shirt really well. He was a regular customer that comes almost daily and she has never seen him in a different shirt. She could even spot some stains on the shirt.
“My usual,” He replied in a monotone and with a blank face. She nodded her head and started putting in his dish. He had the money ready even the 50 cents of the good service. She took the money and gave him a small piece of paper with confirmation of his payment after signing on it. She went to the kitchen and found that no one was there, they were late, per usual. She just shrugged and went inside and started making the food herself knowing her way around. It happened way too often that she memorized where everything went. She made his usual scrambled eggs and then handed it to him outside along with some orange juice. She could see that he has already taken a seat and started reading in his educational books.
She remembered that one time when her curiosity got the best of her and she asked him about it. Finding out that he was reading about the history of Giaslo for a history test at college was literally a dream come true. She remembered talking to him for almost two hours. He even ended up thanking her for the conversation as it helped him recall stuff. She recalled when she was his age. She remembered how hard it was for her to go to college. She remembered how her well deserved scholarship went to the daughter of the school’s headmistress.
She just shrugged off the memory as she went back to her place. She noticed how stressed the young man was, so she just guessed that he had some kind of a test especially that it was the end of the school year. She wondered how her family back at home was dealing with this. She wondered if they had missed her...
She shook her head and then gave the young man his drink before going back to her position and then waited for another customer. She was bored out of her mind that she started looking around. She noticed that special wall of the coffee shop. It had pictures of angels. No one has seen one and no one ever will, but everyone had the ability to imagine and every artist imagined them the way he or she wished and apparently all imagined them winged.
Angels were a main part of any legend related to Therna and Yerena, which was a neighbouring kingdom currently under the colonization of Ivins which is the enemy kingdom. It could easily be seen in the names. Yerena meant grateful or thankful, and that was how the angels were when the gods gave them the land. They named it after how they felt. It was believed to be the land of angels, and at some part in history, Therna and Yerena were basically one. They didn’t have any borders between, but unfortunately that came to an end under the hand of...
“Excuse me?” another customer came cutting off the train of her thoughts.
“Yes? How may I help you?” she asked with a gentle smile despite the nagging need to tune the lady at the counter out and going on thinking about the stories and legends she had learnt from the books she had read, loved and admired.

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