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Chapter 11 - Farewell, Aesilas

"Burn it down to ashes. The town doesn't deserve to stand. Nor does this castle."

Those words that left her mouth lifted a deadweight off of everyone's hearts.

Those words became saviors to hundreds of lives.

Never had anyone thought such actions would be made by the one and only cruel demi-God. Whether they came from her heart or not, which was likely the latter, what mattered most was the outcome.

The outcome was one thing.

Their freedom.

After being caged within the walls of the town for centuries on end, it was time to leave and start anew. Away from all the filthy souls that burdened this long dead place. Rivandia Aesilas was their home. And nobody could deny its past glimmer, how lively it was back then, or how neverending its blessings were.
It belonged to them and they grew to love it. They had no choice but to, for they were the ones who built it from the very beginning. But some things are not meant to be.

And Aesilas is one of those things.

Especially after becoming a tyrannic dungeon rather than a loving home.

It was a dead town. No more traditions, celebrations, or even memorials to those who've passed. However, its history will remain unforgettable to many. But little do they know, the only one who truly knew it was the former queen. For that, its real history may forever be kept a secret. A secret to never be told, except by one last person.

Igujin watched them from high above, her eyes fixated on Aqua like a proud mother. Even though she knew Aqua's intentions weren't exactly the clearest, in the very least, she was a bit altruistic with her decision. Something that Igujin wasn't used to from her.

Aqua wanted to continue her life far away from Rivandia, and she could've left everyone behind without a drop of guilt. But she decided to free them. It was a choice she made. An action that only she was capable of seeing how she was supposed to be the new queen.

The land itself held the curse. The curse to see and live among filthy souls, which can and do inflict harm upon the residents. As they were never allowed to leave, they remained stuck. Wallowing in fear of a new day.

"You demolish this place. Stone by stone, leave no traces of it. Rivandia's time has come. And it cannot remain any longer."

Mather was mingling with the crowd. Just as shocked, and as happy, as everyone around. His eyes met Aqua's and a smile lit up his face, making it brighter than it ever could've been.

Maybe his wishes were heard after all. Freedom wasn't out of his reach. It awaited him. With renewed hope and open arms.

"Behind those walls, behind those gates... is a true life. One that will not strip you of your glimmer. The glimmer all of you deserve, and the glimmer our monarchy had deprived you from."

Behind Aqua stood none other than the 'mortal' she'd dragged along. Simply because of her unwillingness to be pestered with the resulted pain of a failed plan that backfired. Which is something he still doesn't know yet.

Even so, the more he listened to her speech, the more bewildered he became. How someone could speak with such eloquence was beyond him. He couldn't stop staring at her in awe. Neither could anybody else.

"Farewell, Aesilas. You will be missed." Aqua bowed her head, the rest mimicking her action, before she turned her back to them. The last thing heard being their deafening cheers.

Cheers that broke out for the first time in an eternity among the residents.

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