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Rivandia Aesilas hasn't been the same. Ever since their queen killed a God, the whole town has fallen under a curse. They lived amongst evil souls who have died painful deaths and seeked revenge. For twenty centuries, they were never met with peace. But what made it worse was how the queen didn't ever regret her choices once. Even after facing the consequences, which had her daughter cursed with doomed immortality. And for that, Aqua despised her mother, wishing upon her nothing but death. Especially at her own hands. However, the only thing that stood in her way was her mother's demand of harvesting a certain man's soul. As the sucker she is, she could never say no. More power is exactly what she craves, and what better way to receive it than killing? Especially now since she bore a soft spot for vengeance.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Magic should've never been born in the isolated Rivandia Aesilas; however, thanks to the queen, it did. And not in the perfect way someone would normally expect.

For centuries, the town has been taunted because of a supposed mistake Aurelia had made. They've been paying the price for her greed, and so has her daughter.

Aqua's immortality wasn't present from the blooming of her age, but it was casted upon her as a punishment for the things she never committed. And though some thought that living an endless life was lonely and rather depressing, Aqua didn't reciprocate their feelings. Immortality wasn't a punishment to her, it was a blessing.

Because while different eras were flying by, each one with its good and bad deeds, she stayed the same. While the people she knew were growing old and incapable, she remained imprisoned in a twenty-year-old's body, her powers strengthening in both, force and number.

More so, immortality was the only thing there for her when she was at death's door.

That's exactly what made her a duplicate of her mother.

Power hungry, vengeful, and cold.

When she's ordered to kill a certain successful man, who owned a hotel and built a reputation for himself far away from Rivandia, Aqua didn't refuse. In fact, she was, for the first time, excited.

She felt like it was an opportunity for her to leave the rusty castle and distance herself from Aurelia. So she could taste the freedom she never had.

But once settled at the hotel, awaiting the day its owner turns fifty, Aqua stumbles upon his son, who she thinks would make an amazing prey for her own egotistical needs; however, after falling into a trap designed for her by a God, Aqua realizes that the guy she wanted to traumatize for fun is the guy she's now forced to protect. Even when she's only there to kill his father.

Along the way, Aqua commits a sin, that results in her immortality being swept away, taken from the very tips of her fingers. Time was running out, and Aqua was close to death once more. That's until, she redeemed herself.

"You're strong enough now, Aqua. And I think it's time I sit back and watch you work for me."
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