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Chapter 26 - Plan Put To Action

"Aurelia is dead."

"She is." Igujin gave a curt nod. "She has been all along."

"What do you mean?"

"Aurelia died shortly after she had you. One of the soldiers in the castle killed her after she committed the sin of burning down his family."

"The soul of Allen Dae," Aqua continued, her voice a whisper. Suddenly, every puzzle piece created the bigger picture for her.

The day Aurelia became queen was the day she died. The day she killed Hedjun as a filthy soul, and the day the town was cursed. That explains why Jayden was unable to see her the moment she killed his mother. He's human.

"She planned it all. And unfortunately, we all granted her wishes unbeknownst." Igujin sighed.

She was too smart. After she died, she refused to just live as a filthy soul. She retaliated by killing Hedjun so they'd all receive the punishment and be able to see her, no matter human or not. They all were marionette dolls in between her hands.

"And you're saying she's back?" Aqua asked, already knowing the answer; the answer she feared the most.

"She never was gone in the first place."

"If she's here, how come I never sensed her?"

"She used a spell to hide her magic from yours. Aqua, there's a bigger plot that has been brewing behind your back. You must remain vigilant," Igujin warned, vanishing into thin air before Aqua could begin to question her.

It's forbidden for Gods to interfere with the human realm too much. And Igujin has been doing that for too long, all for Aqua's sake. But now, to maintain her position, she could only do so little to help her. Warning her was the best option. Because she trusted Aqua would be able to figure it out herself.

The first thing that came to Aqua's mind was Jayden's safety. His safety was her responsibility since the redemption pact, but more than that, she truly cared for him.

With her knowledge of the fact that both, Ruth and Aurelia, were filthy souls had her going twisted with dread. Filthy souls weren't something anybody would want to mess with. They have the ability to strike down anyone at any given time. And the idea that they were after her...

"I need to find him." She ran out of her room and made her way to the lobby, finding Jayden politely introducing himself to new guests. She took his hand within hers and dragged him away to the gardens, where they came to a stop beside the fountain.

"Though I'm mad at you, thank you for fixing the fountain," he said, arms crossed defensively over his chest.

"Hm? I never did."

"What? I literally saw your magic—"

"Fucking Aurelia," she growled, cutting him off.

"It's Golden Topaz now," Jayden corrected, clueless.

"I'm not talking about the damned hotel, Jayden, I'm talking about my mother."

"Isn't she... dead?" he asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

"There's so much that I have to tell you—"

"Jayden!" A familiar voice called out. Aqua looked over his shoulder as did he, to find Brooke waving him over. "We should prepare for the party."

"I'm coming!" He called back then turned to Aqua. "As much as I love drama, I really must go."

"Wait, what party?"

"My dad's birthday party. Gotta go."

Aqua watched him retreat and all she could do was gape at him. "Wasn't Allen's birthday the day I was supposed to kill him?" She whispered to herself, lost in thought.

The first party wasn't for his birthday? Had Aurelia given her the wrong date?

* * *

In Allen's office, Aurelia stood before the windows, watching as her daughter hit her fist onto the marble of the fountain. It cracked once more, leaving Aurelia doubled over in pain.

The hotel was a part of her. The fountain was the heart. And she's given it to Allen just so her plan would advance.

She wanted Allen to slowly lose all the people he cared for. The first to die at her hands were his parents. The next was his wife. And the third would be his son. She wanted him alone, a fish out of water.

She straightened her posture.

Of course, he never knew she was the culprit, and she planned to keep it that way. This was her revenge for having murdered her. Though she should be thankful to him, because her life only started moving forward after she'd died. But still, the taste of victory was like candy to her tongue.

Oh how great it feels, to always be the winner.

A smirk made its way to her lips, as she prepared to gift Allen his birthday present.

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