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Chapter 29 - Sacrifices

In the underworld, Igujin stood, her hands linked behind her back. In front of her, was the man who despised Aurelia and Ruth the most. After Aqua, of course.

Hedjun leaned onto his wooden cane, walking towards her. "I hear you want my help?"

"I'm on the edge of doing something I shouldn't do." Igujin looked to the ground.

"And that is?"

"I'll save, Aqua. I know you will too." By interfering with the human realm, Igujin would have to sacrifice her position as a God, and Hedjun would lose his position as a reaper. They would simply return back to leading a mortal life. They knew the risk, but they were sure to proceed, concluding that saving Aqua was worth all losses.

"At any chance I get to save my daughter, of course, I would take it," he said, casually waving his cane. "What's your plan?"

* * *

Brooke has left, after spending most of her time with Jayden planning the funeral.

Mentally drained, he slouched in his chair, rubbing at his eyes in exhaustion. Just as he began dozing off, he caught a glimpse of an all familiar cloak. He lifted his head with great effort and rushed to his feet.

"I'm here to give you both something important," Igujin said, walking to the edge of the bed. The two remained silent, urging her to continue. "Immortality."

Aqua perked up at her words. She pushed herself up, wincing at the pain that spread all through her. Hearing this felt like a dream. She was desperate; regretful.

Jayden frowned. "Does that mean I'll be able to see...?" He glanced at Aqua, signifying her mother.

"Yes." Igujin instantly recognized what he'd meant. "I want you to be advantageous against her."

Had he been in a better mood, he would've celebrated it, chanted it even. But the atmosphere circling him has been tough on him for the last few hours, he couldn't find it in him to be happy.

"I also need you to do something for me..." Igujin seemed hesitant, she looked away then back at him. "I need the hotel on fire. Especially the fountain."

"What?" Aqua and Jayden exclaimed in unison.

"The hotel stands, she stands. The hotel is tied to her. If it's gone, she will be too."

This was a shock to Aqua. Her mother was tied to two places that she knew of now. The castle, and the hotel. The castle was brought down because of that fact. And soon the hotel would be too, meaning Aurelia was at a disadvantage.

They all were one step ahead of her.

"What about Ruth?" Jayden tightened his hands into fists after mentioning her. Ruth awfully repulsed him, her name was sour upon his tongue; unveiling within him a bitterness he never knew he could muster.

"I'm still thinking of what to do about her. She's almost impossible to locate."

"And lucky for you, I did." A voice came from behind Igujin. Looking over her shoulder, everyone was able to find its source.


"Father!" She willed herself to get off the bed, limping into his widely spread arms. She hasn't seen him once since that day. The day he died and took over the position of the Reaper, but was never allowed to travel to the human realm to meet her.

Pulling away, Hedjun smiled, holding onto Aqua's shoulders at arm's length. "Ruth and Aurelia are scheming together. If we catch Aurelia first, Ruth would be easy prey."

Jayden came from behind Aqua, sliding his hand around her waist to support her. "And how do we catch Aurelia?"

"Like I've said, burning down the hotel would weaken her." Igujin interjected. "So we should go ahead with that."

* * *

Aqua has healed with the new surge of immortality that has been casted upon her once more. They all had left the hospital and gathered in the hotel, igniting flames beneath the curtains all around the hotel grounds.

Hedjun, with a touch of his cane, has cracked up the marble surrounding the fountain; the heart. Whereas Jayden sat on the grass, after he'd evacuated the premises, zoned out and still yet registering the fact that he'd become immortal and now possessed the ability to see filthy souls.

As the curtains caught fire, and spread it everywhere within the hotel, devouring all that came in its way, the building slowly began to crumble. It didn't take long before it fell down to ashes; a ruined image of what was. It became no more than a land of debris, furniture as black as coal, embers fluttering alight and turning dull with the wind.

Aurelia has weakened, struggling to stand. The sound of thunderstorms had her dizzy, losing her balance. If there was anything she was sure of, she didn't have as much to lose as they did.

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