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Epilogue - An End To It all

Jayden has rented an apartment in Athens, quitting his job as a manager and officially becoming an all-time worker at his café.

Aqua spent most of her time with him, both, at the café and his apartment. Their relationship was still at its starting line, but she just knew she had made the right choice when she fell in love with him.

Igujin was no longer a God. She was kicked out of her position because of her interference with the realm of the humans. She frequently visited the two, and Aqua truly realized that she was the mother she never had.

Hedjun, on the other hand, lost his life after he was released from his position, as he had been killed before he ever possessed it. He crossed over the bridge to Heaven and Aqua was there to send his soul away.

Before the two were released from their jobs as Gods, they granted Aqua her biggest wish. They took her to the underworld, to watch Ruth and Aurelia on the other side, getting swallowed by flames and left forever to be forgotten.

"Aqua, do you know where my book is?" Jayden popped his head out from behind the door to their room.

"You mean my book." The spell book. She has given it to him like she'd once promised him.

"Our book." He smiled, gesturing between the two of them.

"It's in the kitchen where you left it."

"The kitchen?" He looked taken aback. "Jayden, what the fuck is wrong with you? Who leaves books in the kitchen?" He scolded himself, his voice fading as he made his way to the kitchen.

She shook her head, smiling. She loved every part of him, and revealing all of herself to him was the best choice she's ever made.

"You liar!" He pushed the door open, tackling her on the bed. "I knew it."

She laughed, pulling the blanket down to unveil the book. "I was practicing my magic, okay?"

They laughed in unison, their faces inches away from each other. Jayden stared at her, a soft expression on his face.

He adored her.

Maybe it was her vulnerability, or her pride, but he admired who she came to be. And he trusted they would both keep changing to become the best versions of themselves.

Come on, they had an eternal life before them, it was only going to get better from here.

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